I just watched a video. I was inspired by brett from oz tablet, review so i’m going to show you his youtube page here. This is brett oz, tablet, pc and uh. He has really great content if you guys, if you’re not subscribed to him yet on youtube. I highly recommend it: um brent does a really good job, focusing on a lot of the same content that that i do on this channel. A lot of tablet based information, that’s going to be useful to you so subscribe to brett and like his videos. So in that video i talked about using the artist pad and the pen tool to turn your screen, uh transparent, so that you can take notes while you’re looking at whatever it is that they are showing on the zoom or in your zoom meeting or your video Conference meeting, you can do a couple different levels of transparency here, all the way through and then back to completely opaque. So this is a really good way for you to consume the video and take the notes. But as far as interacting back with your zoom meeting, how do you do that in a way where you’re not recording the top portion of your face only which i i won’t do i’d, rather just turn my video off, but right now what i’m doing is i’m Using my iphone, i have an iphone 11 pro iphone. I have an iphone 12 pro and i’m, using an app on there to record this video.

Now that i use almost the exact same process to do video conferencing and what i do is i install something a little program called droid cam, droid, cam let’s go ahead and open this up right here: droid cam client. If i click on this, this will open up a little tiny window and we are not going to start it so you’re going to get your device ip from the app on your iphone go to dev47apps.com. This link is also inside of the droid cam app on ios and i’m, not sure if they have an android version or not. I would assume, with the name droid cam come on all right, but droid cam, client download right there. The install is very, very simple and it’s very small, make sure your device ip. This will change from session to session. Sometimes so pay attention to this you’re going to click start. You can adjust these different settings and then, when you’re inside of a zoom call when you’re selecting which camera so you can choose front camera or back camera. This works with skype. It works with teams; it works with anything that allows you to choose between the front and back camera. Droid cam client will basically run a virtualized camera and allow you to choose that. So i can have my wireless phone in front on a just: a phone holder, a tablet stand or whatever i’m using to hold my phone and have that take a quality video of my face at a decent angle as opposed to up my nostrils and can do My meeting that way that way, i can take notes if i’m watching, because i can’t see anything i’m.

Looking at the back side of my camera, the back side of my phone, i can’t see the screen and i can’t see the other person. So here, droid cam is recording me and let’s go over here and let’s select one of brett’s videos: okay, we’re just going to play this one as a small business owner it’s, easy to feel alone, sometimes we’re going to mute. Okay, so let’s pretend i’m talking to brett hi. I, like your computer whisper shirt, actually is pretty cool. I like seeing brett’s legs. I don’t know why it’s awkward that he’s in like a polo shirt with buttons and shorts. I don’t know okay, so here we’re going to make this full screen and we’re having a zoom meeting, and i have the artist pad up here and i can see what he’s doing i can watch the screen. If i want again, i can make this more transparent and i can take my notes and when i want to talk back with him instead of looking down here. If this is on a desk or somewhere else, i can actually look directly into the camera here in front and have a normal conversation at correct angles. While using just my surface pro or whatever device you’re using at the angle, that’s most comfortable here and not worry about the angle, that’s most comfortable for my camera setup, all right, you guys that’s it i’m sure you will have questions the two different ones i use For obs studio i use obs camera or i use droid cam, which is a wireless solution.

Um quality slightly down, but it does a good job, for this type of thing does a really good job.