So congratulations good morning, quite copter 101 here and i have another review for you today. This is the z, lr c SG 901. So what is the SG data? One? Well, as you can see here, it is another floating drone lots of these for drones coming on, but this is a toy grade folding dry. This is very inexpensive folks compared to other folding drones that you may see out there, such as brushless floating drones, but keep in mind that, with that low, this lower cost of this. This is also a beginners learn to fly. Drone. Okay, don’t expect to use this as a professional camera drone. It is not okay, you know, especially in the price range, that this one is, but the SD 901 they advertise that it records from its camera in 4k photo and 2k video resolution now. Don’T expect that to be true either it it will record in 2k resolution to your phone okay, but that video is interpolated. What that means is that video is likely stretched from a much lower resolution. Sensor. Probably 720p 1080p stretched the 2k resolution and then using that out using the app on your phone and then we’re saved onto your phone at that increased resolution. That does not improve the video and it’s still going to look the same as the original sensor, except it’s. Gon na be larger file size, a larger it’ll say you know they have the resolution of 2k, but it’ll be larger file size, but a look it’ll still look like the original what’s done.

Is the software on the in your phone. The app for this, which is the H fun app, will unlock tronic Li for storage on your phone it’s a false way actually of claiming 4k 2k. But again, this is just a toy drum okay and you’re not going to see a true 2k sensor or a 4k sensor on a drone at this price range. In fact it the camera would probably cost more than the drone itself. If that was true, so keep that bide folks, okay, what else do you get with this? It is a again a camera drone that transmits, via this video and phones via 2.4 gigahertz Wi Fi to your phone, which, where it is recorded to your phone, what that means is 2.4 gigahertz. This drone will work with just about everybody’s phone. Ok, this is not a 5g flyer or an 802.11 AC Wi Fi. This is old fashioned left eye and that what should work with most phones so don’t – you don’t, have to worry about that. But with that in mind, don’t expect great range from this drone. In terms of fpv, since 2.4 gigahertz happens to be the same frequency this transmitters operating on, so they are going to interfere with each other a bit. Reducing the effective range both of the control range of the controller and the fpv range of that you’re going to be able to see video from this I’m expecting to see video range about 70 80 meters, maximum control range I’m expecting to see about 100 meters.

Maximum. Okay, so we talked about the range us talk about others, things on this drone here’s its camera, its camera lens can’t, be swiveled up a dime up or down manually with your finger like so ok, there is no remote control option to adjust the camera lens, but You can do it yourself by just manually, raising it or lowering it before taking off now. This is powered by a three point: seven volt. This is battery three point: seven volt 2200 milli ampere our battery, which is charged two point: seven volt daughter, milli, ampere. It is charged through a micro USB port in the backyard using a regular micro, USB cable such as used to charge your phone. You can you actually use your phone charger if you’ve got one with this type of connector? Now the downside of that is this 2200 bill for our battery takes a long time to charge so it’s a it is quite a big battery for this drone it’s supposed to give it. I believe 16 minutes of flight time 1618 minutes of flight time, which is a pretty good flight time for a toy drum, but with that mind it’s going to take a while to get that full charge. Okay, I expect about 2 to 3 4, maybe even 4 hours, depending on the charger that you use. I recommend using a wall charger that’s at least 2 amps to napa wall charger to reduce that charging time if you to charges in the computer, part of your the port, USB port of your computer expect along charged.

I because those are usually about five hundred milliamps coming out of the USB ports on computers and expect maybe even eight hours to charge this, so I recommend using the watch charges of what I’m saying folks other things about this drone. It has an optical flow sensor. Okay, this enables the drone to hover in place without any input from the controller looking by looking down at the ground and maintaining its position by looking down at the ground it’s like a poor, man’s GPS. In effect, however, it doesn’t have a true return to home and landing capability like a GPS drone, so don’t expect it to be able to do that, even though it has one keeper turn which I’ll talk about shortly. That is not a true return to home. It also has very bright, LED on the front to help you with your l. Let me fire it up to help you with maintaining orientation visually using it’s light on the front there, and finally, the one other thing I want to mention about this drone is that, even though it’s as a 2k or 4k camera, there is no micro SD card Slot on this no ability to record directly to a micro SD. In effect, you are going to be record able to record only to your phone using the H fun app via the video that’s transmitted to your phone over Wi Fi as such, expect to see friend, rapping and lag and drop frames or frozen frames.

All the things that you normally see in Wi Fi, video Wi Fi, is not the best way to transmit videos. What I’m trying to say folks, but again it is a toy drone – do not expect to see cinematic perfection with this particular drone. You’Re not going to see it in this price range. Let’S go over the other things you get in this in the Box. You get a full set of prop guards. Now only install these. If you intend to fly indoors, don’t install these for outdoor flight, they do degrade. Flight performance is one reason you don’t want to put these on if you can avoid it. The other reason is these act like Christmas tree ornament hooks. So if your drone crashes into the tree I up in a tree and be there for quite some time, if you put the design while flying outdoors, so do not put these on outdoors. These are really only intended for indoor flooding. Okay, you also get a full spare propellers spare set of propellers. You get a charging cable to use with your own charger wall charger and you get a screwdriver for changing those propellers and you get a instruction manual and the manual for a structured manner for the drone and a manual further using the H, fun app, which will Go over whenever we go out flying here, I’ll describe how to use it, and you also get the controller and the controller is well labeled with the buttons.

This is great for just in the rates. This is one key returned folks. Now again, this is not a true turned on, while this does is make. When you press that button, the drone will fly in the opposite direction that it was pointed when I was taking off. That means, if you keep the drum, pointed down that direction throughout its flight, then yeah it’ll come back in your general direction when you press this button, but if it’s anywhere else it’s probably going to fly away from you. So this is really not a good idea to depend on that folks. These buttons here is for starting and stopping video. This one here is for taking a photo. This is your onoff button and you can see the LCD screen down here. I think if I can adjust this so it doesn’t blow out, but we got reception. Is that receptive to reception power, I don’t think so. I’M, not sure what this work for bars lights, because we’re not connected to the drum but tells you we’re in mode one. I believe and pressing this button here rates the right button, change well, we’re not connected so it’s, not working, but the 50 down here tells you what rate you’re in and how fast the drone can actually go and the transmitter battery power is shown here so that’s. The trace mineral got to mention on the back here. This does are the adjustments for putting your phone.

You put your phone in here and there’s the antenna, although I think this uses fake antennas. I think these are not real antennas. Folks depend on these. The real intent is installed inside the controller and finally, on the back here, there’s two more buttons. This is for headless mode, and this is for takeoff. You press this for automatic takeoff and landing and I’ll demonstrate that in the field too. Now I mentioned this comes with using the H fun app. The H final app will give you the ability to record video and ability also to view real time, video on your phone, while it’s flying. It also has possibility of Follow Me. Gesture control and waypoints I’ll demonstrate those in the field, but the follow me is an optical. Follow me: okay, where it’s looking at you and using optics to guide itself toward you but it’s, using your phone’s processor using Wi Fi to guide it now, if you either have poor Wi Fi or if you have a poor processor on your phone that’s, not gon Na work very well I’m gon na try it with. I got a newer phone today that I’m gon na try. My older phone never worked very well with optical. Follow me, but we’ll see if this newer one was a better processors of will and if it doesn’t, then keep that in mind that it’s, not a good idea to depend on follow me either with these toy grade drones and finally, before we go out fly and I forgot to mention that this comes with a very nice carrying case.

Ok for you putting your drum and it’s options, optional feature, and maybe extra batteries throw up. Your also have space for extra batteries right here and the drum goes here and your controller goes there. So really nice carrying case I’ll, give you that for the price you’re getting this so let’s take the Zorc SG 901 out into the few and see how high so. I hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101 here and we are at it. One of my favorite flying fields – actually, this field – I use mainly for the toy grade drones it’s a great place to fly those grades in small airplanes to come here, but we’re ready to go here. To set this up. You first need to open up the arms. Honest and you want to open up the back arms first then, once it have these sticks on the front of it or actually these. I guess these are the front arms first, bringing them out like so and then open up the back arms like so and to to connect this to your controller. You place it on a flat level surface and hold down this button for about three seconds. That turns on the drum, and then you turn on the controller like so and move the left stick up and down to bind it to the drone. Now, before you take off, you always should do a cup of scale, not a cup of calibration of gyro calibration with it on a flat level surface by bringing both sticks down and out like so for about one second and that will calibrate the gyros okay.

We are almost ready to go I’m going to need to connect the drone to the Wi Fi of my phone here, and then we should be good to go so well now, folks, while I do that okay, this is the H phone app available on Google Play And iTunes, and also available via Chinese site pgy, ear comm. I recommend using the Chinese website to to download this app. I used the Google Play version and it was corrupted it did not. Work with this drone would cause my phone to crash, but the Chinese version seemed to work fine, so keep that mind folks downloaded from the Chinese website. Now for this you are going notice. We up in the right corner upper right corner, we have flight mode and master mode, select master mode. Flight mode is, if you’re, going to use your phone to fly this your fly with your controller. You want to put it in master mode and then before we hit start let’s go up and they left upper left corner the Settings icon that gear icon and double check what we have set here right now, we got English video setting is set to 720p recording To your phone, so maybe this is a 720p sensor, but we’re going to select okay since it’s supposed to record video in 2k. I am right now: we’ve got capture setting for 4k photos we’ll leave that, as is so, you can see the 4k photos distortion correction.

I got turned off: okay, I’m, not sure what that’s for I’m not going to use it we’re going to turn that off, because that’ll probably delay create lag. Okay, I’m, gon na hit start and then air into the app and make sure that we got video recording. We have video connection adapting to mobile phones, performance and hitting submit I’m, not sure what that does. Folks. Now I want to raise my make sure my camera is raised up all the way and it is, I don’t think we’ll see props because I’ve flown it up. All the ready, with all the way up, that it didn’t show the props, so I want to get maximum view so the takeoff this drone you bring bow sticks down. Actually, we all we need to do is hit this automatic takeoff button, which is in the back here let’s see or before. We do that let’s hit record on the video start to video recording, recording, has started and then press that take off button now and let’s see how well its optical flow sensor works and stabilizing it. It took off drifted a little bit to the left and then stopped itself right there, so that’s using its optical flow I’m, showing you that I’m not flying it, it’s flying itself hovering itself and each one app has stopped odd folks, okay, yep crashed on me. I restarted at the app and it seems to be working now. I start the video recording by hitting the app see if that crashes, the app no it’s running.

So I start the motors again. This time must do a manual takeoff sticks down and out. You know, sticks down to the left sticks down. Then I guess you have to do a manual or automatic takeoff. Always with this didn’t students start the motors, so automatic takeoff button has drifted quite a bit to the right here before stopping itself a little bit of a wind to my left folks. So, okay, the app didn’t crash this time. Let’S. Let us sit, you know that will an optical flow is working seems to be working, let’s, go up a bit higher and say I like my shirt today. Folks, okay, now I’m sticking up the kid, but I always do this by moving my hands in that and I’m noticing a little bit of lag but five seconds of lag, but we are synched up now. The first thing I want to do is let’s see what type of range we can get well actually let’s see the key, so the camera let’s go up higher, going up into the wind a bit right about there. Now these Wi Fi Flyers, 2.4 gigahertz Wi Fi Flyers – do the exact you don’t want to fly these too far away because it just messes up your video you’re gon na see video lag in the video corruption. So again, this is a towards o mint for a beginner flyers to learn to fly and even with that camera pointed all the way up, I’m noticing I’m seeing a lot of ground folks.

So this camera mainly is for pointing at the ground. So you can see yourself on the ground like so so. Let’S bring this back over to board B we’re gon na increase the rates to ok. This second rate, is there a third rate there’s a third rate and we’re gon na bring it down, bring it back down flying it back toward me, okay, bring it back to where me it’s, picking up a little bit of a drift going up higher okay. Well, let go the sticks, it doesn’t really stop itself I’m coming out of this third rate. This third rate is weird: go back to beginner rate that yeah. That third rate was not right. That’S fact let’s stop this right. There stop the video to throttle down to shut it down, so it picked up. Our drift is what I’m trying to say. Folks, it was drifting with the wind. I got a bit of a wind coming from my right here and it was quite a bit of drift, so ok that again, I’m verifying that the camera is pointed up all the way, because the next thing we’re gon na try here is – I might try. These features, or actually we got to take a photo first, so let’s take go back into the air okay. I can’t start it that way. I have to take off by pressing a pickoff LAN button and it doesn’t want to do that. So maybe I need to rebind a controller again, all our folks.

Okay, we are reconnected to the controller and connected to the app now let’s hit that or you know automatic takeoff button one more time now, each and every time you connect to this tour, you want to do that binding or I forgot to mention you – bring both Sticks down and then board to calibrate the gyros going up and next thing I’m gon na do is show the photos, so let’s take a photo and then take it takes a while to download that photo. Just keep that in mind. This is a 4k photo going up higher we’ll, take another one and wait a second there we go and one more after let’s. Let it download download the photo one more and then it downloads the photo and there we go photos are being downloaded. Now we were in flight mode right now now what I want to try next is we’re gon na go to master mode by pressing the flight mode and submit and see that blue blocks. That’S first follow me capability, let’s press that and see what happens. Does it follow me, it turns red, but is it going to follow me? I got to feel it’s not. I think I really need to to get this to work. I need to be flying the drone with the phone. Only okay, these never seem to work when you’re, using a controller with this, the optical flow press it against started, see just doesn’t.

Do it, so these advanced features do not work with when you’re using the controller. Okay, you have to be flying is strictly with the phone so before we do that, though, let’s go up one more time, so the camera or one more time on the record video start to video recorder. The other quarters started and let’s go. Do a small flight around the field to show the camera one more time and I’m noticing a lot of ground so I’m gon na do folks is I’m gon na go up higher a bit then we’re gon na fly backwards, so you can see. Oh there we go now I’m. Finally, seeing local area a bit, let me turn the cam or turn the camera around slow rotate. If I can show the camera so that’s, its camera will go up even a little bit higher. Now this is recording supposedly in 2k, but again I got a feeling it’s, not a real choose to case that’s. It will find that in post production, though that’s, where you’ll see it, I know it’ll be recording it too right. You’Ll get 2k resolution in the file, but you know you can actually tell the difference between the 2k and 4k 2k and a 720p sensor it’s, pretty obvious when you see it in post production, so let’s bring it down here and what I’m gon na do. Next. Folks is, I am going to land it and we’re gon na switch to flying it with the controller.

Only okay syncing up one more time up a bit. Now again, we are gon na be flying using controller only so that we can demonstrate these advanced rates. They do not work when you’re flying with the controller you can you can’t, do things like follow me and the waypoints feature it’s just think it’ll work, but there is one thing I could demonstrate it: real, quick that’s, his headless mode, which we haven’t done so let’s Press headless mode on the back here this button here and pushing forward okay that’s the headless mode direction so pushing forward and doing it up in a way using headless mode let’s bring it back in again, pull it back, that’s about that. What the guy use headless mode a lot for is up little ways and Kevin. I have headless mode and since we do know, that’s the headless mode direction, let’s fly back over there and it’ll try the one key return, one up at the higher rate going off in that direction, and this will be the one key return. This only works. This only works if you pointed down that headless mode direction, which is that way there, okay I’m, losing the signal, I think a bit what’s the land and there’s no reason for it to be went in the lab, but this is one key return. One key return. Folks – and it keeps on going so do not depend on that for return home say if you’re over here – and this is not that in this mode Direction down that way, you press that one key to turn and there it goes flying away from you.

So flying away, but by so turn that off and pushing forward on headless boat and 30 headless boat off now we don’t need that so let’s switch to using we’re gon na switch to using so it’s still in headless mode. There we go not a headless boat. Let’S switch to using the phone to control it and see how that works out so folks, I’m gon na land, it we’ll put it back on the pad and we’ll switch to the phone. So, okay, I haven’t connected to the phone, but before we fly, let’s go back out and hit I’m gon na hit that calibrate button before we fly. You always should do this with this particular drone. We’Re also will drift when you take off so hidden, calibrate calibrating the drone calibrating finished I’m double checking my settings again. We want to be in a rocker mode and 720p. I went to K. You know for K, photos, distortion, correction, this time, imma turn it on. Just out of curiosity see what it does and then coming out and then going into flight mode, actually master mode light mode and then hitting start okay. Now we are in flight mode. The features available where this should be gesture, control, waypoints and we’re, also going to see if we can do follow me, I’m gon na have to switch the master mode to do that, but hitting automatic takeoff and seeing if it’ll stop its drift, it does.

Okay, again, I’m flying this with my phone now going up higher getting into the video and they record syncing up the video recording and right now, I’m, seeing a huge in my leg. Sorry, the program is abnormal and then it stops so we’re gon na have to land it closed app and it lands itself. When the app is closed, so I am going to turn off that distortion correction. I think that was the issue so we’re going to keep that off this time. Okay, reopen the app hitting calibrate one more time before we take off and this time I’m turning off distortion, correction off and it’s, going back to 2k and 4k, because this is supposed to be able to record in 2k and 4k and then coming out of that. And this time, let’s hit start and starters and it started let’s hit the recording and the app closed keeps crashing on me. I don’t know why. Okay, it kept crashing this time, I’m gon na go into settings and we are going to lower this 4k down to two megapixel instead of 4k we’re gon na leave it in 720p and we’re going to leave distortion correction off and see if that helps us fly. This with that crashing the app so hitting start okay and then hitting video recording and then hitting automatic takeoff when the stepping back okay, the app is not crashed, so I turned it down to 720p that’s a piece of grass stuck there.

So uh let’s go up a bit higher and turn it to the left using the app controller on the app. Now I am going to go from flight mode into master mode, it’s submit and there I am can actually climb. Can I still have control of this drunk not really but let’s, hit, follow me and hitting that but blocks trying to turn it red nice let’s go back to flight mode, so I can go up higher right back there, okay and then going back into master mode, Submit now see the blue blocks let’s hit that one time with my finger, see if we can change it to red, and is it following yeah does not well let’s see your turn, not really so. Okay, keep in mind this phone is it’s, got a better sensor on it, a better processor it’s still having problems with optical. Follow me. I have to go. Follow me just really works. Folks, I put the automatic video. Can I stop the video by going up and by hand let’s go into flight mode, see if that shows up like mode no about taking a photo? No wait about three that worked. It took a photo, but video control and it’s kind of iffy seems to be fun and as a control but I’m not getting started, taking one more photo. So the photo feature does work, but the follow me does not let’s try with the waypoints real quick. While we still have battery power Waypoint feature and to do this, all we need to do is draw four line and it goes on its way.

Point mission, which is very short, try that again pushing forward and that’s about it folks, so the Waypoint feature is kinda. Iffy too, so with that in mind, you know these advanced features that supposedly have just really our iffy. In my opinion, okay, just for control submit let’s come out of waypoints. How come wait. Points is still on certain waypoints up and hand control. Gesture control is on let’s, get in to see what happens. Does that start I’m, not even showing up over there we go. There is a lot of lag folks, a lot of lag going up. Okay, how about going back into this submit? I want to try one more time, pressing that blue box, changing it red I’m gon na step back, and will it follow its it followed me for a bit there and then it lots of me. Okay, if I get a little closer than it does. Okay, follow me he’s. Actually, looking now it’s going away from me, it won’t come back. To would be it since that I was getting closer, let’s land it right there, folks, because I think I can. I think it might be working I’m gon na try. One more thing: what we’re gon na do stop the video recording is I’m going to point the camera down 45 degrees, okay about 45 degrees down and then try that follow me again: okay, it’s not going to see anything except me on the ground and with that 45 degrees, so okay, yeah starting the video camera, an automatic takeoff, okay and going up higher higher and is the box showing up let’s go into master mode, so it makes get that box to show up and then hitting their blue box change to get red.

Okay, I was there for a second. Then it lost me again: it’s trying to change it red again. It doesn’t want to change back to red, so I’m gon na give up by this, follow these lugs and I’m gon na stop the camera real and and go back into flying it with the controller controller seems to be much more effective than trying playing this with The the app and on top of that you know you have better control flying with the app these advanced features are really iffy on this. The follow me and circle me and all that they just don’t seem to work to tell your truth: don’t work properly. But what do you expect for a 50 60 drone so again, it’s a toy drone, not the best toy drone and the world, but a toy drum. So, okay, let me hook it up again and we’ll finish out. Flying with the controller. Okay, you have the reconnecting A to Z, controller we’re, going to fly it using the controller only and doing a compass calibration again, not a compass gyro calibration again by down and out starting the video camera and again going from flight mode to master mode to get Rid of the rocker images on my screen: yeah, we are recording automatic takeoff drifted a bit with the wind and eventually stops itself again. The wind is coming from my right here. Okay, so let’s fly it around just show the camera we’re gon na finish it out.

Just showing the camera I’m going to higher rate actually picked up a bit of a drift trying to fight this wind and going up higher let’s, see here, let go to stick. Let it drift with the wind for a bit let’s see how well it holds this position in his holding. His position descended a bit there I’m, not sure. Why kind of money out of your way right now, but let’s see here I’m in back at the picture. Again, syncing up the video camera, so we are going to see how well this video is actually coming out in post production. But I got a feeling: we’re gon na have lots of lag and lots of dropped frames, but again it’s to be expected in this price range. Folks, this type of drone, the 50 60 drone – is not going to be top of the line. Okay meant for beginner flyers, a cheap drum for beginner Flyers to learn to fly with, to learn the basics that’s more or less. What this is. Okay, I’m gon na go up the highest rate again, actually let’s go to lowest rate and let’s see how far we can climb before we actually lose control before it actually starts to drift with the wind. Again, I got a width of about three to five knots behind my back it’s holding this position. I am about a height of about ten feet right now and we’re, just gon na go up a little bit about two feet at a time before we, it starts to drift still holding its position still holding its position up there.

We are about fifteen feet up I’m curious. Can I get as high as the what’s my call it’s yeah I’m gon na point it toward them. There we go let’s drift away. I turned it number gon na get down lower, so it stops drifting but bring it back toward me too. I go to a higher rate to get it to come back to come back toward me, because it’s it’s picks up a drift. Doesn’T want to move very much because that optical flow. Now, if I let go the stick, is it gon na stop? Okay, it stopped now, if I turn and bring it back toward me, what I want to do is point it toward the lights. I want to see the lights: okay, we’re there let’s go up higher again we’re about about 15 20 feet up. Is it holding its position? It’S holding its position I’m gon na go under it to make sure it don’t lose signal going up higher yeah. I still got that one behind my back: okay, going up higher we’re about 25 feet up almost almost the height of the lights, almost okay, you know, I see the lights yet, not yet almost those lights, I believe it’s 30 feet or so. Okay. We are right about the height of the lights: I’m, not gon na go any higher because I’m stir and it’s starting to drift, no it’s, not drifting. Yet there we go, find the lights and it’s holding its position.

Folks, surprisingly, it’s holding its position up there, even with the wind at the height of the lights, so I’ve been coming back, died I’m, just coming straight down I’m, not gon na move it forward or backward just reducing throttle, reducing throttle coming straight down and there we Are and it’s lights are flashing, meaning that’s the end of its flight time. Let’S see if I can get any more flight time. So if I can tweak a little more out of it automatic takeoff, no that’s, it then we’re flight, so that’s its battery power and let’s. Stop that video camera. While we can photo video video stopped, so that is the SG 901 again a beginners drone buggy features with the app the app sky 2 buggy. I could not get those advanced features to work very well. I did record a 2k and 4k. It did record with distortion correction on or off I don’t know if that’s going to make a difference. But again I expect to see usually Wi Fi lag in frame, dropping I’m sure that’s gon na be in there. So again a beginner’s drone at a beginners price. So hope you enjoyed this flight, this quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again, hey, if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it’s real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that Bell button right.

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