This is a decent gimbal, so this one apparently the improved version now will give us up to 11 hours of battery life and that battery pack and it can actually be doubled up to be used as a portable power pack charging a mobile phone. You can also attach accessories now, so that means you can put on an external microphone and you can also put on those means attachments and things like that. It also works in portrait mode. So let's take a look at it. Now get this one unboxed compare it to the smooth sea and it will also go out in town and get some test footage with us to see just how well it works and if indeed it is better than the smooth sea. The retail box. Here is the Chinese one? There was no English in stock, but this didn't really bother me because I think it's pretty straightforward on how to use this okay, so it actually comes in this case, which is good like a soft case to protect it, and here we have a little strap. That must be just for the case there year, so you can sling that over your shoulder of course, and carry it around with you without need of a backpack other accessories. We have a micro, USB, cable, okay, so that's nicely packaged, and I can see that it's got a form to it, so that should give it pretty good protection enough now I can see already that the build quality actually feels definitely lighter, but it looks a little Bit more elasticy compared to my smooth, see we've got the typical joystick there.

You can see so different modes on here now. This one here is for the application, which currently I don't think is out yet at least not in English. I'Ll have to have a follow up video for the application of that, but as your focus controls for that and recording with the applications adds a power on. You can turn that on your different modes and of course, then the joystick there for your pad and tilt on lived here, there's a microUSB and that's to charge it obviously and down the bottom. There'S a quarter inch thread, so you can connect this up to a tripod. Just turn this around and you see here, is a full size USB that will be to charge your devices when you use this. Like a battery pack now here's the last gettin gimbal, which you can see, doesn't, come with a hard case, which was a slight annoyance, but it didn't really bother me too much because I normally actually just put it in this box to transport it around. But this one has the removable battery, so you always have to put the batteries into the base of this bit quality wise I'm – going to say that I think this definitely has a better build to it. I do like it because this is all mostly all metal. Apart from, you could say, yeah the joystick gear, that's plastic, and we still have the thread on the bottom, because battery capacity wise this one is just so much larger, they're, 11 hours or 12 hours.

I think it is versus around 3 to 4 on this one, and you can see this one also. You need to screw on a counterweight onto the end of this. There is no counterweight needed now for larger mobile phones on the smooth queue getting started here. You just need to slot your mobile phone and first I'm, going to try the largest I have, which is a me max. This is six point. Four inches get the slotted end screen facing towards you and whoa. That is just sitting in there. Now, if I had a case on this, that is not going to fit, you need to push that right in to the end okay, so we just had to balance it first, which i didn't do in the start, and what that involves is just adjusting this right Here so all I had to do was just slide that out and now it balanced turned it on. You can see that it's handling that just fine. This is a rather heavy large mobile phone. The Xiaomi me max and right now, it's just in that pan mode. So I can control the tilt up and down and if I hit the mode button again, I think this is the there we go the left and right pan now the slow you do that, the more you can move so that actually gives me full adjustment. Yet up and down left and right, controlling it and the next mode, I think, is the follow mode.

They call it which will lock the camera in that position, which is very handy, sin my hand, moves around sorry. This is the next mode. There we go so whatever I'm doing it keeps the camera in that same position. So if you can see my hands moving their left and right, the mobile phone is still pointing straight ahead, where I want it, no matter, if I'm walking around moving, you can see that pretty good they're, keeping that steady, okay, so now I'm, really pushing it. I'Ve put an external mic on here. This is very heavy and I doubt it's going to be able to do this, but let's test it out. Okay, that's powered on oh, no, so that's not going to work that's just that it seems as no that's just too heavy that's not going to work. So I think you remove that. You see now it's corrected itself there, so I guess with the accessories it's only going to work on certain mobiles once it aren't large and heavy like this one. This looks a bit ridiculous, but I did manage to put on the road go mech if it's, an external microphone that I showed you before on the galaxy s7. But I can only have it facing that way because of the way it is the design of the galaxy sieve and only, of course, has the port at the bottom. If the port was at the top, we might be able to get better uses with it.

But since it's at the bottom, that's as good as I can get, it looks really ridiculous and kind of blocks the screen here. So it might be hard to actually hit the record button on my mobile phone now move the phone back now really balanced it, because I've plugged in the charger here so the charger plugged into the bottom of the grip. It is now charging my galaxy s7 here and it's still working just fine. You can see so that feature does work and that could be handy if you're running low on battery power on your phone, then you can keep shooting and keep going with this. So yes, portrait mode as possible, as you can see, we need to do – is undo the dial on the back of the mount flip it around to portrait mode and then reinsert you phone there, and it works perfectly fine, the same exact stabilization and the modes. Of course, apply so let's take a look at the wedding. This is the smooth cue, the new model, 450 grams. Remember it does have a larger battery in there and then the old model, which is three hand and 96 grams, so the newer one it's 50 grams. More heavy, but I guess because it has that extra battery in there that it's a worthwhile trade off there. So now I wanted to test out the smooth cue up against last year's versions of smooth C and I'm just going to show you quick footage here.

Walking up these stairs and I can't really honestly tell a difference between both of these. When it comes to the stability to me, they look more or less the same I'm using my galaxy s7, which of course has optical image, stabilization it's in the follow mode. Sorry, this sixth mode, so it's fixed to the same position head I'm, just walking at the moment I'm going to do a short, jog and we'll see how it handles it now I'm going to try a little left to right pan there we go too far stays In about there, just need ease back so take a lot actually to get used to how to do this, because joystick is so sensitive, as mentioned. One other way to get nicer. Looking pans, I think, is if you're not happy with that. Joystick is to simply rotate your wrist very, very slowly and see. If, then, you can get in nice and steady pan like I'm doing now and back in the fixed mode again pointing at the castle tower there I'm just walking along and get some interesting sight on shots using this fixed mode. I prefer this mode actually, because I like it faces in that same direction, allows you to do some interesting shots now, look at how it stabilizes without optical image, stabilization, because this is now the front facing camera on the galaxy s7, which doesn't have optical stabilization. Of course, because he is doing a good job, so this walking up on something at the moment going to jump off and see how it handles that didn't seem to be too bad at all.

So stability so far seems really quite good for people that want to do this healthy kind of shots walk along holding a gimbal. This looks ideal so far. Now this is being shot on. My me max it doesn't have optical image, stabilization or digital standard camera. 16. Megapixels f, 2.0 aperture and you see walking along that it's doing a reasonably good job here now. If I run a little even that doesn't seem too bad, okay, guys so that's the review there. Now the gimbal itself, I think, is better than the smooth C for various reasons. The grip feels more comfortable it's, a little bit larger, yes, it's plasticky, so it doesn't have, I wouldn't, say: quality feel to a cheaper feel to it, because the other ones metal, but we get all that extra battery life and it can handle large phones here, like My show me me max without any problems, but when I put the accessories on here put that microphone on the end, it was just too heavy causing the whole thing to slump down. So you need to bear that in mind. If you're going to use accessories, it's going to be very dependent on DeNoble find you use if you use a smaller mobile phone and it has a 3.5 millimeter port on the top, then external microphones will work. You can, of course, put your external lens clips on and whatnot to get that fish out of it. That should be fine.

With this thing now the stabilization I find to be very good. It turns out better than this smooth scene it's hard to really say looking at both of the footage they've taken on the smooth seat and then on the smooth cue here to me, both of them sing very somewhat it's hard to distinguish which one is actually better. So stability wise, I would say, they're really about the same there, but this one. Of course you can plug in USB cable to this and charge your mobile phone, something you can't do on the smooth sea. So really this is, I feel, a decent gimbal and, as you seen was the mobile phone. Like Bernie Mac said it doesn't have optical image stabilization.