I wanted to do a final review of this on two in one convertible laptop that i got from walmart um, quite a while back as it is walmart’s um own brand um. I did a couple videos before and it got quite a bit of views just because i don’t think there are a lot of reviews of this computer, which is one of the reasons i filmed it to begin with, because when i was searching for this laptop, it Was so new and the brand on was so new to walmart that i couldn’t find reviews anywhere. So i was like all right. I need to make a little unboxing video and an initial review, video and now since i’ve had it for a while it’s time to go ahead and make a final review and put some closure to this um. So so far so good, i would have to say my overall impressions are good um, 你知道的, keep in mind it’s a it’s, a it was a 300 computer um, so you’re gon na get what you’re gon na get um. I was comparing it to the macbook air only because of the size um the weight i mean. Even you know the keyboard pretty much everything uh, the minimalism of it was very much a macbook air comparison and that’s. What i sold to get this mainly because i did need a windows based computer for the job that i was going for so um, 所以是的.

I wasn’t too sad about getting rid of the mac, but i knew i was going to compare pretty much everything to it. 嗯, as far as how it’s stacked up long term against that computer um, i would say pretty well um the main differences, i would have to say number one is definitely the track pad um. You know just from looking at it. 显然, like oh it’s the same thing, but if you’ve ever used a macbook of any sort and i’m by no means an apple obsessor like some people are um. I love the macbook i’m, not big on the phones personally um, but the track pad that the macbook air has is is unbeatable in my eyes, i’ve never come across any laptop. That has had a trackpad that that has. I was hoping that this one would stack up, but no no, it hasn’t, 正如你可以看到, i’m using a usb or no bluetooth, uh mouse right now, so unfortunately no but um, but it does the trick. 我的意思是, if i take it to a cafe and use it. I’Ll use it um. Now i will say the keyboard is great um. The one downfall to this keyboard versus the mac is the keys, do not light up from the back and they don’t light up on the letters like a glowing or anything like that so at night, unless your screen is, is reflecting down enough uh, 你知道的, for You to see it, it is hard to see the buttons um, 该.

If you can see here, you can actually see it really bad right now, but uh the whatever paint job. I guess you would call it on the actual computer. You can see the wear and tear there um. I actually covered it up on this side because i thought there was a little piece of dirt on it and when i went to uh to basically scratch it away, it peeled off the paint that the the silver paint. So i covered it up with my little um business uh sticker. There that’s also the book i have a little plug there. Uh love hate, hotels, it’s on the um love hate relationship working in the hotel industry, um there’s, two books in the series, but um. 是, so uh as far as performance, great man, i haven’t had any issues really um recently with my new job carnival um i’m, a sales rep for carnival booking cruises um. We are running this system called aws or amazon workspace and it’s actually handled much better than i expected um. It didn’t fit the qualifications that that the company actually wanted me to have on my laptop, but they were like as long as you can run. The amazon workspace you’re, 好, um and it’s been running it um. When we first did some of the training videos um. There were a couple days where i got the blue screen of death. You know that basically said hey. We have to restart um, not really sure why um i’m not even really sure if it was just overrunning, or maybe the computer needed to do updates, but either way it did happen a few times and i was in the middle of a you know: web training Seminar so it didn’t look great.

My computer kept shutting down. Um let’s see anything else as far as the ports i’ve had new issues um. Actually i say i have no issues, but i thought i had an issue with the with the power port at first um. The power adapter, but it turned out there was actually the adapter that was dead and not the the port. It was brand new. So i was actually surprised that i had the issue as early as i did, but on credit on, because they did send me a brand new one i’m free of charge. In the meantime, i was using that little usb type c, because you can actually charge it with that as well. Um and it’s super lightning fast uh. It seemed like it was. It was faster than the then the power ac charger, which actually is already super fast. As well but it’s good to know that you could use the uh the type c outlet to go ahead and charge the computer as well, and in fact i was doing that up until i had to do this. Little stand set up for my new job and i was actually using that usb port for um, a converter to the ethernet plug because it doesn’t have a port for ethernet. So i basically got a little converter where you can plug the ethernet cord in and it plugs into the uh type, uh type c, usb there so um, but i’ve since just been using the wi fi so over here on this side um, you know it just Has your headphone jack um, it does have a little um micro usb in there as well i’ve, never used it, and then you just got your power button and then a standard um, usb um.

I do love that it has the speaker connection, because i’ve had to use, earn up the speaker, the three millimeter for uh. You know uh microphone or headphone, because i’ve been using it for work, um and then the regular usb. Obviously you see i have that in use um, because i got a little dual monitor, 这是真棒. I’Ll put the link for this below. I believe the brand is duex picked up on amazon for like just over 200 bucks um, but this thing is sick. I mean it actually, you can take this and push it right up behind this um. You can see it actually connects to the back of my laptop um, and you can see how it’ll just slide right in there um the only issue with that was just uh. It it was supposed to attach via magnets on the back of the laptop um, but the magnets just weren’t, strong enough, which i actually read in some of the reviews. So i ended up picking up some gorilla, goo glue tape and then cutting little squares and putting them on the magnets and then pushing it up against there and it’s held ever since with zero issues. 显然, the magnets are good if you want to take that screen on and off, but um, i i just keep it on there anyway. So if i go to a cafe, i’ll just push in the dual screen close the laptop and it’s fine.

It is a little heavy um, but as long as you’re careful with it it’s fine but uh can’t complain with that. Um let’s see let’s, see anything else with this computer um again i mean as far as going from a macbook air to this computer it’s. I don’t want to say it’s a huge downgrade. I mean it’s been almost equal, i mean the only only only thing i would say: that’s a big difference is just the trackpad i mean, and obviously the wear and tear on the uh. You know where i’m putting my palms, but the keyboard awesome wish it had. The back lighting, but it is what it is i mean. How often am i using it in pitch black anyway um the track pad yeah sucks that it’s not as perfect at the macbook air, but i was expecting that um, so i’ll just get myself a little bluetooth mouse, which is okay with me, 它, actually more comfortable In your hand, to use anyway um, 正如你可以看到, i also did get a little um. This little pretty sweet little stand that kind of raised the laptop up a little bit um. I did get the bigger size for what it was supposed to be, for the laptop main reason is because this dual screen here is supposed to sit on a flat surface, so i got the bigger one, so it was a little longer, so it can actually sit On there, so it ended up being literally the perfect size.

I’Ll put the link for that below um as well, but uh but yeah. I mean overall good experience. I mean dude, i didn’t even pay 300 dollars for this thing brand spanking new. So i really cannot complain it’s a good looking laptop um. You know the fact that it can even attach this dual monitor and handle it handle the weight and it’s run perfectly smooth. I mean again i’m not sitting on here playing games or anything too crazy. I do do a lot of um. I do use a lot of programs, though i mean i you know i’ll get on. You know some of the photo editing apps. You know to edit photos and whatnot, for you know my own company or whatever else, and have no issues. I mean i don’t mess too much with video editing on here i mean, if i do i’ll always do it on my phone uh. 所以, if you’re really into the gaming, if you’re really into the videos and video editing i’m, not so sure, i can’t give you a review on that i’m sure somebody maybe will one day i’m on this computer. But speaking for myself, the on two in one convertible laptop so far has been a success, 特别是对于价格, and i haven’t even showed you the feature i mean you can see it in the pictures and and other videos. But the fact that i can technically flip this computer, you know the screen all the way over.

I mean once i put this dual monitor on now that i kind of use it like a desktop. I mean i’m not really going to be doing that feature, but i can, if i want to um that just comes to show you how much i really didn’t use that feature. I didn’t really use it like a tablet, um kind of as advertised now i will say i do use the touch screen a lot, not so much right now when i have it as a desktop, but if i take it off and i’m using it as like. A laptop i’m always on here clicking buttons. 我是说, just quicker and easier when you can actually select something you know i don’t know it’s just quicker and easier rather than using a mouse um. You know your choice, 显然, but just even like scrolling, you know what i mean it’s like i’d. Much rather use my finger than use the trackpad or use the mouse. Um you’ll obviously go back and forth, but the touchpad has been awesome. I haven’t had any complaints with that at all, but a cool little feature again: 300 雄鹿. I mean i think you can get some other brands now like lenovo, might even have a computer that’s around 300 那是, actually a convertible laptop um. If it was the same, and i had a choice between this one and that lenova, i probably would have gone for that, just because lenovo is a well known brand and they’re keep keyboards tend to be pretty well known as being a super soft awesome keyboard.

But i have any issues with this one. So again i can’t complain um, given my experience with it so far, um trying to think if there’s anything else, 我的意思是, if you guys got any questions, definitely leave them in the comment. Sections and i’ll try to answer them. The best of my ability, please don’t, ask me any simple spec questions that you can look up right on walmart, where you buy the laptop. I know last time i posted a video. I had people asking me how many usb ports it has or how much ram is it. I mean just look that up. I mean i’m, not gon na answer. Questions like that that are obvious. Just you know ask me something that that might be a little out of the ordinary that’s, not on the spec sheet, um and that’s about it guys that’s the on two in one convertible laptop from walmart, 嗯, 让我们, just say the on brand has done well. For me so far, they responded good with the with the issue that i had with the adapter and um. You know i would definitely consider buying another computer or any other products from them. I had actually thought about getting their surround sound system for my tv setup and then even possibly getting a tv. I know they had a huge, 我认为, 喜欢 70 inch tv, that was less than 400 and it was a 4k tv which is absolutely insanely priced uh.

It was like 50 lower than the tcl 70 英寸, which is already you know. Super low and i’ve had nothing but great experiences with my tcl and upon reading the reviews of the uh on 70 inch tv from walmart. They were. I think it was five out of five stars um, so maybe on is the uh. Is the future uh? You know if you don’t mind, buying things a little bit cheaper and hoping that they survive and maybe getting a little wear and tear. Maybe not you know your your thousand dollar laptop or your zillion dollar tv, but at least it uh plays the part and uh you know saves us of uh spending our whole lot on on pieces of electronics. So anyways guys just want to give you that little update and uh, you know i wouldn’t hesitate to buy it, but definitely do your research first and see what else is out there and um. But you have my my stamp of approval for this particular product.