Today the samsung galaxy tab. A this step is basically made for everyday use, whether it be streaming videos or checking out your photos and documents etc, and please note that it doesn’t have bells and whistles for your heavy gaming purposes or video editing or photo editing. So in case you are looking for a tablet which can fulfill your purpose of heavy gaming, video editing or photo editing. This is obviously not for you, so without further ado, let’s get started with the unboxing, so this is the box from outside. We find a tablet photo in the front, the tab, a written on it, nothing much from the site just the same name, written on the back. We find some features written on it all those price tags, 等等, 等等. We will come up on this let’s. First unbox the device the box opens exactly like the apple products, in fact who doesn’t copy apple today. 所以, in the first glance, we find a main device in a protective velvet kind of bag, so let’s get back to it in a while and see what all other things available. In the box we get a phone travel adapter. It looks like a normal phone adapter, 这是一个 5 volt, 1.5 ampere, obviously not a power charger, a normal cable, which is type c that’s a good thing and at the end, the normal boring paper works. 哦, we get the same ejector tool yeah. 显然, since we cannot open up the back panel, like the 90s phones here’s, the sim tray ejecting tool too let’s keep this aside and check out the main device from the front.

平板电脑有 10.1 inch screen size with a pixel resolution of 1920 across 1200 像素. At the top we find 3.5 mm headphone jack port and a microphone hole, while the left side is empty. On the right side, we find the power button, the volume buttons and the sim ejection tray below. We find the type c charger port and two of the speakers. The back is quite simple too, with the samsung written and the camera. 答案是肯定的, this has got a 8 megapixel primary camera and 5 百万像素前置摄像头, though i personally didn’t find both the cameras very good, but it’s manageable anyway. I don’t think people would use a tab to click good pictures. This device runs on a pre loaded, 安卓 9.0 operating system with 1.8 gigahertz of exynos 64 bit octa core processor. It has got 2gb of ram with 32 gigabytes internal storage, which is expandable up to 5 12 G b, now that’s a huge number good to store movies and files for your entertainment purposes. 来到电池. It has a massive 6150 mah 电池, which means more fun and less brakes for your entertainment. Talking about the entertainment, this steps comes with a superb sound quality with dual stereo speakers with dolby 3d atmos surround sound to provide good experience like trader. The design of the tab is quite impressive. 这 10.1 inch tablet is portable and comfortable too, with full metal unibody design, giving it a stylish look comes with three classic colors, that is black silver and gold.

So last, but not the least, coming to its price point, the price written in the box is 21. 500 卢比, but you will find it in much cheaper rates like less than 20 nineteen thousand in amazon, flipkart, 等等. So this is all for this beautiful, looking galaxy tab, a which can fulfill your daily entertainment needs. I hope you like this video.