显示原因, 在这次审查中. Ive got the top end spec here with quad core ice lake, CPU 16gb of memory in dual channel and most interestingly, the latest 2020 version offers a 120Hz 13 screen and Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti Max Q graphics.. You can check out updated prices and other spec options with the links in the description. In terms of design. The Blade Stealth 13 is no different from razers larger offerings, its made of a solid aluminium unibody with a clean, matte finish.. The build quality feels amazing for a machine this size, though the front edges, could feel a little sharp. If you rub up against them, no problems during normal use, 虽然。, I weighed the Blade Stealth at 1.4kg or 3.1lb, 然后, 与 100 瓦功率, brick and cables for charging were looking at under 2kg or 4.36lb all up so quite portable.. This thing is small. Just over 1.5cm or 0.6 inches thick and the smaller footprint results in 5mm thin screen bezels on the sides., The 4K model weighs a little more as it has a glass touch screen.. This is the first 13 inch screen Ive seen with a refresh rate above 60Hz. Im guessing there just isnt that much good panel selection due to the limited number of 13 inch gaming laptops out there.. This probably explains the 29ms average grey to grey response time, with many transitions between 30 and 40ms. So not great. Theres a link in the description.

If you need an explanation of these numbers., When we look at how this compares against other laptop panels, well its one of the slowest Ive tested so far., I was able to notice some ghosting or blurriness while gaming, and I dont think Im that sensitive to it. So its definitely something to consider. 我用Spyder测试了屏幕 5 并得到了 96 sRGB 67 NTSC 72 AdobeRGB 和 72 of DCI P3.. It was just under 400 nits at full brightness, so its able to get fairly bright and the 10601 contrast ratio was good too. So it does look nice response time. Aside. I didnt have any backlight bleed. It was looking super clean in this worst case scenario, but this will vary between laptops and panels. 有, a 720p camera above the display in the middle and its got IR for Windows, 你好, 支持,运作良好。. This is what the camera and microphone look and sound like this is what it sounds like to type on the keyboard, and this is what it sounds like if we set the fan to full speed. 所以你仍然能听到我: 还行, 在球迷。, The keyboard has a single zone of RGB backlighting, so effects are limited through the software, but there are about 16 different levels of brightness available and all keys and secondary key functions are illuminated.. Typing was alright, 虽然. The keys didnt feel like they had much travel, not too surprising from a thinner machine, though heres how it sounds to give you an idea of what to expect.

. I was just happy that my wrists comfortably fit onto the machine rather than the edges, as that was the case with the 13 HP Envy x360. I recently tested.. 虽然电源按钮是键盘的一部分, an accidental press, doesnt put it to sleep, you have to hold it for a little to trigger that theres, not really much other space to put it elsewhere.. The glass precision touchpad was quite large for a 13 inch machine, its making good use of the available space.. It feels extremely smooth to the touch and is satisfying to click.. There are front facing speakers on either side of the keyboard. They werent amazing, 但绝对高于平均水平, for the size of the machine. There was a little bass and they got more than loud enough and the latencymon results were looking alright.. Unsurprisingly, the matte black finish is a huge fingerprint magnet. Even light touches show up easily, though its not too hard to clean with a microfiber cloth.. 有一些弯曲的盖子, but it felt quite rigid due to the metal build its a similar deal when pushing down hard on the keyboard, 无论哪种方式. No problems at all there during regular use., Despite the smaller design, it was easy to open up with one finger and it just feels satisfying to close the lid doesnt slam down like others. 在左边, theres a USB 3.1 第 2 代 C 型端口, Usb 3.1 第 1 代类型, A port and 3.

5mm audio combo jack.. The right has a second USB 3.1 第 1 代类型, A and and a second Type C port. This one supports Thunderbolt 3 同 4 PCIe lanes, so you could use it with an eGPU to increase performance. Both of the Type C ports can be used to charge the machine and both also support Display out, 虽然, both are wired to the Intel integrated graphics.. There appears to be nothing on the back air is exhausted underneath and that long rear rubber foot should help prevent the hot air coming straight back in. The front just has a status LED on the right and an indentation in the middle for getting your finger in To open the lid., The razer logo on the center of the lid has a glossy black finish. It can be hard to see, depending on the angle of the light you might even say. Stealthy. Underneath is also pretty clean. Just some air intake vents towards the back directly above the fans and those exhausts at the back. 进去很容易. Just take out 10 TR5 screws and the panel comes right. 离. Inside the internals look the same as last gen with the battery down the front and single M.2 storage slot and WiFi 6 card above it on the right hand, 一边, as is typically the case with smaller machines like this, the memory is soldered to the board And is not user upgradeable, 但 16 gigs in dual channel should be decent for gaming.

. The Blade Stealth is powered by a 53Wh battery same as last gen. 我已经测试了它与键盘照明背景应用程序, 已禁用和屏幕在 50 亮度。. It lasted longer than the older Stealth in gaming, but didnt last as long in the YouTube playback test, which I suspect is due to the higher refresh rate screen. We could save some battery if we manually set it to 60Hz. 接下来,让我们查看热电热。, The Razer Synapse software has different performance modes. Ive focussed my testing on balanced and gaming, and both of these also let you leave the fan on auto or you can manually adjust it.. 这些模式都没有将任何超频应用于 GPU, though CPU undervolting did not appear to be locked, but I had to use Throttlestop as XTU wasnt, supported. Ive tested with a 21 摄氏度. 环境室, 温度. 空闲结果降低. 底部很好. Above that are the worst case, 压力测试, which were done by running Aida64, with only Stress CPU, checked and with the Heaven GPU benchmark running. 同时, 而游戏测试与看看狗 2, as I find it to use a good combination of CPU and GPU. Youll notice that temperatures arent getting too hot at all, I wasnt even seeing above 80 degrees Celsius in these long term, 测试. The Specs arent, exactly high powered but hey its still good to see and the cooling pad was able to give a nice drop to temps.

. These are the clock speeds from the same tests. 刚刚显示。, Going from balanced mode to gaming mode, 提高. Cpu clock speeds a fair bit, then undervolting gives the next boost.. 有趣, the cooling pad further helped raise speeds here, and this was despite thermal, throttling not being reported by software, so not sure what the deal is there. Razer might actually be setting a lower thermal cap.. These are the power limits reported. 该 1650 Ti Max Q was able to run at its 35 瓦特限制没有问题, regardless of the modes being used and the workloads being run.. The CPU power limit seems to be capped to 15 watts in balanced mode. Then it raises up to 25 watts in gaming mode, though we only see it increase as we improve cooling so more evidence that perhaps there was a low thermal cap in place.. We can see these same limits when looking at a CPU only workload with the GPU. Now idle. 它的价值, noting that this is a nice improvement over the last gen Blade Stealth by default, 该 2019 model with same CPU capped the CPU power limit to 15 瓦. It was only possible to boost to 25 watts by disabling the Nvidia GPU in device manager, but now the 2020 model can boost to 25 watts in gaming mode without doing this.. This test results in a 2.5GHz speed over all 4 cores at stock. Then the small undervolt almost boosts it. By 200MHz.

I tried a 0.1v value, but it crashed. Again the temperatures arent bad at all. Setting max fan speed dropped 4, 度. 继承人. What were looking at in a CPU only test Cinebench R20.. Now the last gen blade stealth is a little ahead, but thats because I was able to undervolt it a little better. Its luck of the draw.. I also had its Nvidia graphics disabled to hit that score. 否则, it would do much worse due to the lower power limit as just discussed.. The keyboard was in the mid 30s when idling the metal wrist rest felt warmer than most other plastic machines, as it better conducts heat., With the stress test going its just a little. Warm in the middle with balanced mode, stepping up to gaming mode with the fan still on auto mode is a little warmer makes sense, 由于这提高了 CPU 功率限制. With the fan at full speed. 其类似, perhaps just a touch cooler lets, have a listen to the fan noise.. It sounded silent to me at idle.. It was still on the quieter side, with the stress tests running and gaming mode only rose by a couple of decibels over the default balanced mode.. Full fan speed was then a further 3 decibels higher still, though far quieter, when compared to most 15 inch gaming laptops out there as those more powerful specs, presumably need more cooling.. Now lets check out how the 2020 blade stealth actually performs in games and compares against other laptops.

在战场上 5 我已经把刀片用红色突出显示了。. For some reason the performance was down when compared to the last gen of Stealth 13. 我之前测试过我真的不知道为什么, 正如我在游戏的同一部分测试。, 我平均采取了 5 测试在这里运行. 其中几个类似于旧刀片, 但是的, 大多数是较低的, 这是平均结果。. 这些是远哭的结果 5, 内置基准的超设置. 这一次. 较新的刀片 13 至少领先于其前身, though not by a large margin Id call the performance fairly equivalent all things considered.. If you recall earlier, I noted that the new blade stealth runs with a higher CPU power limit over that older model. This is more of a CPU heavy test, so it may explain why the new one is ahead, but I would have expected it to win in battlefield 5 太. 古墓丽影的阴影也测试与游戏基准工具与最高的设置预设。. 较新的刀片隐身是 1 Fps 再次落后于上一代, 不知道为什么, 正如我们所期待的 1650 Ti 做的比 1650, but thats not the case in these tests. Ive also tested the Blade Stealth in 15 游戏在所有. Setting levels at both 720p and 1080p resolutions check the card in the top right or link in the description for the results.

. These are the scores from 3DMark, FireStrike and TimeSpy. Let me know if you still find these useful. I can stop doing them if no one cares. 我使用 Adobe Premiere 导出. One of my laptop review videos at 4K and the blade stealth was one of the slower results. 如预期的那样, 虽然, it was still beating three larger machines with higher wattage GPUs. 我也测试过首映, 但与普吉特系统基准, 这也包括实时播放, 而不仅仅是导出时间。. The blade stealth received the second lowest score out of all machines. 测试. 在 Adobe Photoshop 中, the blade stealth was the lowest now, probably as this is a CPU heavy test, and when paired with that 35w GPU its just not doing as good as others, 虽然, the Surface Book 3 does have the same processor.. It was tied for last place with the Alpha 15 in DaVinci resolve. 这更像是 Gpu 重测试, so it was interesting that the higher wattage 5500M was scoring. 一样. Ive used Crystal Disk Mark to test the 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD and the results were excellent. 有关更新的价格,请检查描述中的链接,因为价格会随着时间而变化. 在美国录制时. Razer are selling this configuration for 1700 USD on sale, though theres, currently a better sale for 1500 USD at Amazon. So look around.. 有趣, this puts it cheaper than the 60Hz model I havent tested that panel, but it would be interesting if the response time is better.

同时, 这里在澳大利亚看 3750 澳元, so yeah a huge price premium for a lower specced machine. High end specs in a smaller footprint, always costs more money, thats just the way it works and Razer are cramming some impressive specs into this 13 inch machine. So a higher price is going to be expected.. I would absolutely love to use this machine when travelling, but as I only did that once a month back when we were allowed, it made more sense for me to buy something cheaper., You could easily pay less money and get a slightly larger laptop that will easily Outperform it even Razers own base model blade with 6 core i7 and 1660 Ti is in a similar price bracket, and it will run way better in games.. Based on these factors, I think the key thing to consider is how much you value portability.. If you are willing to prioritize a smaller and thinner machine for on the go use, but still need some level of reasonable GPU power for gaming or other tasks, then this is one of your. Only options at the moment. Youve also got the option of attaching an external GPU when docked at home for extra performance. In terms of actual game performance youll either need to run at 1080p low settings in most games or 720p will. Let you boost the settings a bit and still get higher frame rates and, 真, I didnt think 720p looked too bad at this smaller 13 英寸大小.

. The 120Hz screen sounds nice on paper, but due to the low response time, ghosting is an issue that even I noticed, and I dont think Im particularly that sensitive to it., 不幸, Im not sure how the 60Hz option compares as I havent had one to test since Buying the response, time measuring tools. Pretty much everything else about the Blade Stealth 13 screams premium its easily the best 13 inch laptop Ive ever tested all things considered, but it is also probably the most expensive too so youll have to decide how much you value that Portability. Its also worth considering that Razer are likely to refresh this thing with the new Intel 11th gen processors its. Yet to be seen how much of an improvement that will offer.. Let me know what you thought about the Razer Blade Stealth 13 游戏笔记本电脑在评论和, 如果你的新频道, get subscribed for future laptop reviews and tech.