We’Re gon na do a review about a very famous note. Taking app and the name of the app is squid. I have with me the samsung galaxy tab, s6 lite guys so let’s start. So i will open it so, first of all what you can do here, you can create as many folder as many notebooks as you want. You can see it over here. I create different folders according to my subjects. So if you want to create a notebook, you have to go over here and click this plus sign. So once you click this plus sign, you have the ability to give it any name. 例如, you can give it in a name of any name. 您可以, 例如, i give you a name of biology and then you can create it as okay and the folder will be here right at the end. So once you open it, it will be like this form and then from doing this plus sign button clicking on this plus sign button. You will be able to create a note, whichever note or style you want. We will go into this detail later uh. So this is the first thing. The second thing that i want to show you once you click long time on this um folder. You will be able to rename it. You can delete it or also you can export it, and then you can share it in any uh platform that you want to share.

好的, guys and the other thing in the menu here. You can see your recent notes. You can see your star notes and you can also see all nodes, 例如, if i click on all nodes, it will show over here all of my nodes. The second thing that is very important is you can give your favorite node a star, so it will be added to a start folder. 所以, 例如, there is a star over here so once i click it, it will be. Like my favorite note and then from here i can go here and then you can see start so it will be added into my start note, so i can easily access those nodes which are my favorite. The next thing is, you can also sort your notebooks according uh to the alphabets or according to the date. So it is very useful when you are creating your notes so guys once you created your notebook. 所以, 例如, i go here and inside you can create as many notes as you want and inside those notes. You can create as many pages as you like, 例如. I will show you here so once i click over here and i create this node and i make it standard. So this is my first node i can write here anything i want to write okay and then, if i want to add pages in this note, i can just go here and click.

This plus sign add page option and then you can see it bring a new note for me. So this is a new note and you can give it a name over here. You can give it any name, 好吧家伙, so you can give it any name over here and then so this one note is created now in the same folder. You can create more notes according according to your subject, whichever subject you are studying, or you want to take note so so this is very useful and then you can create as many page you can see you can create. This is the third page you can create as many page as you like guys, so guys if we talk about the page templates, so what you can do is here you can see this plus sign, so you can see here it gives you the ability to create Default note or note, or you can also import pdf file so guys this is not a paid version uh. This is a free version, so it does not have the. I do not have the ability to import any pdf. So simply what i can do i create a note from here. So once you go here, you can see it gives you the option of a standard uh blank page. Is the college rule a wide rule you can see here. There are different options there are. These are free options that you can use if you go for the grid option, so these are the grid options graph option as well.

So these are graph options, so there are different uh page options are over here guys. 所以, 例如, if i go for this one so once you enter into this one, you can also change the color and you can also change the size of the page. By going from here, you can see these three dots over here. Just select this one and then you can see there is option, it says, page settings, so i will go for page settings. So once i go for page setting, you can see here it is giving me the option for a background. So once i go for the background, it’s give me the option for a background. Also it give me the size option. So you can see here there are different sizes, 所以, whatever size you want, you can select the size as well guys. So this is for the page guys and if you want to change the color of this page, you can also do it simply again: go here, three dots and then select this page settings option and then you can see here it’s showing the background graph. So i select this background and and then i go for the basic one, which is blank page and once you select this blank page option, it gives you the option for the color. 例如, i go for the colors, so there are different colors over here. You can select any color, 例如, i select the black color, so it will bring back the black color here over here and then, if you want to write, you can use the white ink or the white pen to write on the black page.

So this is very important if you want to change the color the background or the size of your page. So now let’s find out what we have inside the tools option. The tools option are over here. So once you see uh you bring your pen and closer to this pen icon. So you can see the tools. Option will be here, so i will go a new page from here and i will show you the tool so, 例如, if you click over here, there is a pen option available. Then there is a selection tool and then there is a eraser tool. The other two tools which are over here they are paid. So if you want to buy them, you can buy it. So let’s start with the pen option, so the pen option, if we see over here there is a thickness option. It is giving you first. I will change the color, so you will be able to see it so thickness. Option is here so once i bring this bar up, so you can see here, the size of the pen is changed, so the maximum size it is offering is a 5 毫米. So it will be like this, so you can see here. 这是 5 mm pen option and they are different uh. You can bring it back as well. You can bring it to like, 例如, 2.3, and then you can see the thickness of the pen.

So this is about the thickness and then you can see here. The other tool is the selection tool. So the selection tools give you the ability, 例如, i can select this whole area, so i will be able to select it. So you can see here and then from here i can also edit it. I can change the color, i can cut it, i can copy it, i can delete it, so there are other option as well. The other option that we’re gon na talk about is the eraser option. So once you go here, you can see the third option is eraser option. So you just select this eraser option and then you can see there is a different thickness of the eraser as well. So if i bring it to maximum, so i just what i have to doi just bring my pen and closer to the handwriting and then you can see here i can erase it uh by the whole area. So you can see here if i bring it here, it will erase the whole area. So this these are the three tools that squid is giving for free. The other option you can see here is about the colors so it’s up to you, whichever color you like, 例如, if you like the this red color, so you can see here. This is the red color and there are different colors option available over here as well. The other option that um squid is giving is about adding the image.

所以你可以看到这里. This is the image option, so you can take a picture or you can choose the image. 所以, 例如, if i go for choose image option, it will bring me to the gallery option, so you can select from here any image. 例如, i select this image. It will bring here this image and then you can resize this image as well. According to your need, and then there is option of edit this image you can see here there is a crop option. So once you select the crop option, it will take you to a new window where you can have more option of, 例如, if you want to rotate it and if you want to detect any face. If it is a like a picture, and then you can finish it, you can also make it small as well. You can see here, you can make it small and then you can press ok and then this will be like this and then you can also copy it and you can also duplicate it. 例如, i select this duplicate option, so you can see here. There are two images are now: it duplicate the images as well, so it is really helpful while you are taking your notes guys, so this will be really helpful. The other feature that we are going to talk about is, if you select these three dots so here there are different option. You can do the export so, 例如, i select the export option, so it will give you the option of entire node, or only this page you want to export and then the file format which is pdf, png or jpg.

So it’s up to you, whichever format you guys like so most of the time i use the pdf for myself, so i go for the pdf option. The other option over here is print option. You can also print it and then we have the page actions option. So once we go into the page actions option, you can select, give you the option of clear page duplicate the page or you can insert page. You can also insert pdf, but this is not the paid version. This is a free variant, so it does not have the ability to insert pdf or you can also delete page. 所以, 例如, i select the clear page, so it will clear the whole page. You can see it over here. Other thing is, which is really really important, and i want to mention here is you can have multiple type of pages in one notebook, so i will show you, 例如, if i go here and then i want to select the page settings. Okay and i go here and then i select a different background, i can do it. I can make a different size as well. I can make it landscape portrait and then i apply so this page will be like this and then i go to the next page and you can see here. I go here from the next page and then for this page. I can have a different layout by going into the page setting, 例如, this time i select the standard one i go for the black color and i change the style, so i apply it and you can see here.

This is a different page, so in one notebook you have different type of pages, multiple type of pages, so this is really helpful while you are taking to while you are taking your notes. So if i go here into the settings of the squid, so i open the settings for you from here so once you open the settings from here, you see the first option here here is node editor and the uh. The option here is display, first page as thumbnail, so whichever page is first in your notes, it will be s thumbnail. So what i do i can make a new note. 呃., 例如, i make a default note. 好的 – and i give it a name of the subject, 例如, i give it a name of biology, 好吧家伙, so this page will be the thumbnail of my you can see here. This page will be thumbnail of my note, so it will be very easy for me. I can just see okay, this is the subject uh that i have to study or that i have to make note, so i just open it and then start making notes over it. The other settings over here is disable a back button, so it will not exit. When you are editing your note, the other thing is keep screen on so, 例如, it will prevent the device from going to sleep. You can also enable those option as well. So if we go to the input methods, so input method is all about s pen and finger.

例如, i want to uh. I will go here primary input method. It gives you the option, you want to use a finger or you want to use the s pen. So obviously i am using the tablet, so i will go for the s pen option so it’s. This second option is about finger action, so finger action. There are a lot of options. It is giving you i select the stroke, eraser tool, so what it will do. I will show you so, 例如, i open this note and i write anything over here. Okay and then i use any of my finger and this finger is, will be used as a eraser, so i already set it into my setting tool, as i already show you, so you can also change it. 例如, if you want to uh change this input method, and then you go finger direction, you can also change it to a pen tool, highlighter tool, selection tool, so it’s up to you. Whichever tool you want to select this finger option and then there is a primary side button option and then eraser butter option as well. Then you you can change the settings for and then there is a note default option i’m, not going to change any of these, because this is you know these settings are good enough. So the very important thing here is backup and restore. So for the cloud backup you have to buy it because it is a premium option and the local backup is free.

You can create a backup or you can um, you can create a backup and you can restore the backup. So this is really important if you are backing up your nodes, so guys this is all for this squid overall, i have a very good experience, taking notes in this note taking app and so guys, please do like my video and please do subscribe to my channel Guys.