那是 – that 15 inch convertible that was running intel’s 10th generation processor. It was running the core i7 107 0 H, 一个 45 watt cpu paired with the nvidia geforce gtx 1650 ti with max q. Now it did really well in terms of performance with that combination between cpu and gpu, but something very interesting happened in the latter part of 2020 intel released their 11th gen tiger lake processors and with that comes the intel, 虹膜, xe图形, a definite performance boost over Last year’s, 虹膜, plus graphics, this is normally reserved for the 13 inch two in one that hp offers in their spectre line. Hp now offers the spectre x360 15, with that intel 11 gen tiger lake processor, with the xe graphics, an interesting combination. The question remains, 答案是肯定的, should you buy the one with the dedicated gpu with the nvidia gpu, or should you get this one if you don’t need all that pizzazz, because the xc graphics have been really good we’re going to find out today, hey everybody, 它, andrew And this is my review of the hp spectre: x360 15 running intel’s 11th gen tiger lake processor, with integrated xc graphics, coming up, want to see more videos like this. Why not hit that subscribe button? Make sure you hit that notification bell this way, you’ll be alerted every time i upload a new video and make sure you follow me on my social media, especially twitter and instagram it’s, on those platforms i post updates and why not check out our new revamped discord.

Server it’s a great place for us to hang out and talk, tech link will be in the description below and today’s. Video is brought to you by all the members who contributed this month to the channel. If you want to become a member hit that join button below and, 答案是肯定的, in the interest of transparency and full disclosurei’m not being paid by hp i’m, not being sponsored by hp, all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own. No one is seeing this video before its release this unit it was purchased with my own money. I did not receive a review unit from hp. 现在. Pricing as of january 3rd 2021 是 1199.99. If you want to get the unit that i’m reviewing today as configured you’re going to pay 15 19.99, and of course, if you want the h series with the more beefy processor, the dedicated nvidia gpu, that is a starting price right now of 1’9.99. And if you want to get the one, i reviewed a few months back as configured like that 1569.99 i’ll put the link below for more information and where you can buy it and with specs and pricing. Out of the way let’s find out what you get inside. The box let’s open it up now inside the box, 答案是肯定的, is that premium packaging which houses the unit itself, opening that box up you’re greeted by the laptop and once again feels premium high end we’ll get to that in just a little bit.

You get some warranty information and a setup guide. You get a 135 watt barrel pin connector power adapter, along with the extension cord. 惠普, also includes the pen we’ll, get into that a little bit as well as a really nice faux leather carrying sleeve. 再来一次, a nice touch from hp now holding the unit for the first time very premium very high end, 不是最轻的 15 inch convertible, but definitely portable enough to take with you on the go. 现在. This is the nightfall black with the copper luxe accents, but for ten dollars more, you could also get it in poseidon, 蓝色, with the pale brass accents, and here it is next to the dell xps 15 9500 和, 正如你可以看到, similar footprint between the two. 但当然, one of the key differences between the two, the spectre x360is a convertible design, whereas the dell xps 15 is a shell and another key difference between the two is that the spectre x360 has a 16 至 9 oled option, whereas the dell xps 15 comes in an ips display with a 16 至 10 纵横比, and here it is next to the x360 14 that i recently reviewed and, 答案是肯定的, 正如你可以看到, 该 14 has a smaller footprint as expected and another key difference between the two. 该 16 至 9 aspect ratio of the 15 versus the 3 至 2 aspect ratio of the 14. it’s just a matter of personal preference as to which one is better now.

As far as the keyboard itself is concerned, nothing has really changed from the version that i looked at earlier this year with the dedicated gpu you get the numeric keypad, so some people are going to like that. Some people may not like that, as it moves everything over in terms of the keyboard to the left a little bit off center, but for those number crunchers accountants and people who use spreadsheets are going to really like having the numpad. 现在, as far as the fingerprint scanner it’s located right below the keyboard itself on the deck and, of course you have the power button in the corner with that gem cut design. 现在, as far as the keyboard itself, good tactile feedback, good key travel, multi stage. Backlight means you can work in dark rooms, dimly lit environments without any issues, it lit up really nicely and it gets the job done and once again, there’s a dedicated key for the hp command center, and that allows you to change the thermal profile on the fly. I really like that, and once again we get a glass touch pad that uses, 精度, 司机, very responsive, two finger, scrolling, buttery, smooth and all the windows. 10 gestures worked as advertised. They did a good job once again and, 答案是肯定的, as we always do, let’s check out the port selection we’ll start off on the left side. We’Re in the gem cut corner, you get your power button. 下一个, to that is your power port, an hdmi port, a heat vent and then your 3.

5 millimeter audio jack. Moving over to the right side is your micro sd card slot for storage expansion, a heat vent, the kill switch for the webcam, 一个USB, 端口? One of your two thunderbolt 4 ports and in that corner is your second thunderbolt 4.. They both support data charge and display out and, 答案是肯定的, one of the best parts of the laptop is its display it’s, absolutely gorgeous. I have the amoled option, but of course you could also get it with the ips now. What we’re looking at here is a 4k uhd resolution, 那是 3840 通过 2160 它, a very bright display coming in at 420 尼特. It also has the extreme deep, blacks, the very vibrant colors, which are the hallmarks of an oled display. It also has really excellent contrast and it has pretty good color accuracy and it really covers the color gamut extremely well. 100 Srgb 99 adobe rgb 94 of the dci, p3 wide color gamut and 94 ntsc, making this an excellent choice for content creators who do lightroom, photoshop and, 答案是肯定的, 视频编辑, and even though this is a glossy display, i didn’t have any issues in terms of Glare or reflections they used a pretty good coating on it and as far as the display is concerned, when you compare it to the 8 series processor, with the same 4k amoled display, i reviewed a few months back pretty much the same in terms of the metrics.

Pretty much the same in terms of the overall experience now these of course have the same exterior all the changes, you’re going to notice, 答案是肯定的, are going to be under the hood. So this is the front facing camera on the hp spectre x, 360 15. T running the intel 11 gen tiger lake processor, with intel iris, xc, 图形, 呃, 720p, 30 frames per second webcam. There is a kill, switch a physical kill, switch on the laptop, as i showed you in the ports uh good for zoom good for skype. I want to know what you think. Let me know in the comment section below and this being a two in one convertible means you can put it into the different modes, giving it a lot of versatility. Here you see tent mode. You also see stand mode. Both are great for consuming media. Both are great for recipes in the kitchen. 答案是肯定的, you can always put it into the tablet mode great for use with the pen. 现在, as far as the pen itself is concerned, we’re looking at 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity, uses the microsoft pen, protocol 2.0 or mpp 2.0, which is based on the entry standard same as the surface pen and it’s good for taking notes sketching out artwork, and i Love the fact that it charges via usbc so no hunting for any quadruple, a batteries nice and as far as user upgradeability is concerned, i had a bit of a problem opening this up.

One of the screws just wouldn’t cooperate, but if it’s any indication like the eight series that we looked at a few months back, the user will only be able to upgrade the ssd. Although you get some excellent reads and writes with my one gigabyte, nvme ssd drive, as you see here, the ram unfortunately soldered into the motherboard. You won’t be able to upgrade that so 16 gigabytes will be the maximum and, as far as wireless is concerned, we’re looking at wi fi 6 with a bluetooth, 5 combo. Everything worked well in terms of range and reception, 好吧, let’s talk about performance and what this is running is intel’s 11 gen tiger lake processor it’s, 核心 i7 1165 g7 paired with the integrated graphics, which are known as the intel iris, xe, 图形, we’ve, seen It before, on the 14 inch we’ve seen it before in other brands as well, really good performance boost in terms of graphics over last year’s intel, 虹膜, plus graphics, but not quite as good, 答案是肯定的, as a dedicated gpu. As we saw with the eight series running that gtx 1650 ti max q, 正如你可以看到, you get a little bit more horsepower when it comes to graphics performance. So if you’re doing things such as 4k, video editing high end graphics, work definitely go with the dedicated nvidia gpu option. If you’re going to do basic tasks such as microsoft, 办公室, 电子邮件, web, browsing consuming, media, xe graphics did perfectly fine, and when it comes to gaming, you can definitely game with the xe.

Definitely with 1080p low settings, you’ll get playable frame rates and they found that the thermals were better than the 14 inch because of its bigger size. 现在, when it comes to the thermals, when i ran my stress test with the prime95, it would start off with a cpu clock. 速度 4.6 吉加赫兹 95 degree core temperature. It maintained that core temperature under heavy load dropped down to around anywhere from three gigahertz to 3.6 吉加赫兹, maintaining 95 摄氏度, and although it stayed pretty warm it didn’t thermal throttle too much, which is pretty good. Now you will notice, the fans will kick in to try to keep it cool and you will notice them, although not too loud, not too annoying and as far as battery life is concerned. This has a 6 细胞 72.9 watt hour battery and it did 7 小时和 45 minutes on my continuous web surfing test, which is a little bit better than the spectre x360. We looked at a few months back with a dedicated gpu and that eight series, six core processor and if you do need to plug in they do supply you with 135 watt power adapter with the barrel, 引脚连接器, and it takes less than two hours for a Full charge and it also charges via usbc, so for those that are wondering you have that option now. Sound is really good. On this version of the spectre x360, it has quad speakers, meaning there’s, four and they’re banging olfson tuned in terms of the sound good mids good volume, decent bass and fills up a room pretty nicely.

They did a great job when it comes to the audio okay. Let’S bring it all home. Can i recommend the hp spectre? X360. 15T running the 11th gen tiger lake processor, with the integrated xe graphics here for early 2021, and the answer is yes. I can recommend it, but keep in mind if you need extra horsepower to do things like 4k video, 编辑, higher end video game playing and so forth. Go with the 8 series processor it’s, 一个 45 watt cpu with a dedicated nvidia gpu you’ll, get a little bit more horsepower out of it again a little bit more expensive. But if you want to save a few bucks, this is a good version to get, especially because you’re getting pretty much all the benefits in terms of the exterior the display and everything else. We’Ve talked about with slightly better battery life and that’s. Why i’m going to recommend the hp spectre, x360 15t, with the tiger lake processor here for 2021, as we start 2021, and it still retains my editor’s choice for this category. So what do you think about the spectre? X360. 15. I like it with the intel 11 gen processor, the tiger lake xe, 图形, 呃. The question remains, 答案是肯定的, should you get this or should you get the one with the h series, 处理器, 它, 一个 45 watt processor with six cores with the nvidia gpu, 该 1650 钛, and the question remains: is which one should you get and it all depends On what you’re looking for this is a good value.

If you like to have just simple tasks, you don’t need to do high end video editing. You can still game on this. 答案是肯定的, 1080p low settings with the intel, 虹膜, xc, graphics uh, definitely worth it it’s, not the thinnest or lightest uh two in one it definitely has a little bit of half. I showed you the weight and the dimensions, but definitely something to look at beautiful. Oled display we’ve seen before 4k resolution 3840 通过 2160. 答案是肯定的, that’s a 16 至 9 纵横比. I’Ve been getting a lot of questions in the comments. When are they gon na move to a three to two aspect? Ratio like they did with the 14 inch variant. We just reviewed and that’s a good question we might see it later on. The question remains, 虽然, is there any supply chain for a three to two oled display i’m? Not aware of it maybe they’re out there? Maybe they’re going to be coming uh that might be the biggest uh hold hold up on that as far as seeing a three to two oled display on this uh really nice overall, especially when you’re getting this with the 11th gen tiger lake with the xc graphics. Definitely gets the job done it just the question remains: do you need to get this, or do you want to wait for 11 gen refresh of the 8 series processor to get a little bit more oomph or if you needed that dedicated gpu from nvidia the 1650 Ti so that’s going to be the question that everybody has to answer for themselves again, i can’t answer it for you because i’m, a really big fan of the 11th gen tiger lake processor, xc graphics, are a definite improvement over iris plus graphics, 它, just not going To rise to the level of something like the nvidia geforce, Gtx 1650 钛, so please hit the like button.

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