我们为什么在这里, 虽然? Oh yeah that's, probably worth mentioning we're here for the AMD new Rison 4000 系列 CPU, 所以他们邀请我们出去看看他们的原因. Both of us do laptop content and yeah we'll just be answering some of the questions you guys left for me about the new CPUs. 现在,我们已经拥有了所有可用的信息应该能够回答很多. The only thing we probably won't cover in this video will be performance because, 由于此信息的 Nda, we're actually about a month in the past from when this video will be going up, 这是一个有趣的情况,到那个时候, 理论上, we'll. 可能有笔记本电脑在手测试, and those videos were probably got before this let's face. 它去得到这些数字, 所以当这出来的时候, 但所有的性能细节可能会回答反正, so we'll focus on the other things that performance, 特定 yep, 好吧, let's get into it. 因此,很多人想知道的第一个问题是这些新零件的定价, which is fair enough if you're spending a lot of money on one of these products you want to. 你想知道它是什么 gon na 定价的权利有意义 yep, so they didn't really give us any specific information around pricing, 所以一般像英特尔, 他们列出了他们拥有的部分, 以及他们在网站上像 Oms 的成本, 所以你可以得到一个粗略的想法, 像每单位成本, but with AMD they don't really do that and it's kind of hard to get.

您知道的实际定价的想法, 奥姆是贡纳, 玩这些部分是的. 即使是英特尔部件,他们也有列出的价格, but you never know what sort of bulk discounts they're getting you know. I imagine the really big OMS have fairly significant discounts when they're buying you're hundreds of thousands of these chips, so yeah it's a bit annoying that maybe Emily doesn't have the direct comparison that you can make. But it sounds like from what we're hearing that pricing will be fairly similar to the previous generation, 所以什么威瑞森 730 750 额外价格天数工作, 上升和 7 在 4000 将定价为是. 那也是我的印象, 你知道, 到这个视频可能出来的时候. They'Ll probably be a lot of laptops with detailed pricing information available and if there are models like the asou stuff series that have you know like there's, an AMD version and there's an Intel version yeah, 你也许可以粗略地比较价格, but it's also going to Depend on, 我认为, 多少说像一个苏斯或 ms. 其实我想卖那个产品, 因为, 如果它在一天结束的时候, 如果它最终表现更好, 你可以从他们的角度来看, 他们可能想提高英特尔模型之前的价格. To try and make more money on something that's doing better.

I mean it's, 不理想. 如果处理器更便宜,我们可以, 你知道得到一些储蓄, but that's just the way it is at the end of the day. 企业想赚钱. 是, it's possible as well that if there's like a unique rise in design, that's like doesn't have an intel part in it. They'Ve made it really thin to take advantage of the the power savings or whatever these HS series. 类似的东西, it's possible that single SKU could be. 你知道的, 价格非常高, 比同等的英特尔系统高得多, so that's possible, but I think in general we'll see cheaper prices than Intel or at least equivalent for a lot of this stuff yeah. 我认为他们有点需要这样做, 以及尝试, 我猜, 得到脚在门口的东西是的, because you know it's not no surprise, 但上升 3000 购买更多 Cpu. They weren't they weren't. 最好的 4000 seems like it's a good step up. So if they're trying to you know get that, 我猜市场份额, 你知道的, hopefully the prices aren't. 你知道太疯狂了. 因此,这肯定会有助于与这种情况. 我想是的. 所以下一个问题是温度, so obviously a lot of people don't want their laptops running hot sir yep. 上升是如何 4000 series CPUs compare in terms of heat there's, 一个很好的问题, but at the moment you know they didn't really go into too much detail with regards to temperatures and it kind of makes sense every laptops kind of unique in that regard.

Like they've got different cooling solutions, 变种是的很多正是这样. 什么是是的问题之一是围绕风扇噪音, 例如,, 像某人一样, let me ask AMD about fan noise like I can't really do that, because every single machine is going to differ and there's so many variables that something like that, isn't really something I can Find out until I get this to test myself yeah, 听起来像, 虽然, that the systems are going to try and push the thermal solution as much as they possibly can there's some new technologies in these risin four thousand chips that take advantage of things like Skin temperature tracking, 例如, so they have a sensor that's attached directly to you, 像我们的钛, 外部或任何或铝为 u. s. 观众, 然后, 你知道你可以提高比它的速度高得多, 显然时钟速度的速度, 但它可以提升高于正常时间, 比正常时间长. If you're running in a really cold environment, you haven't been doing a lot of things recently, 所以, 然后提升更长的时间. 如果你来自一个更热的状态, 它可能会提高一个较短的时间, all up to that limit that they're sort of the OEM has predetermined is OK for the skin temperature. So I think that's going to be really interesting to see how that differs from REM system to OEM system.

But if that's giving people more performance, 我认为很多 om 选择也许运行他们的系统有点温暖, 让这些提升时钟更长是的. 因此,工作方式本质上是, 有人告诉我, 在笔记本电脑, 只是有所以的 Cpu 和 Vega 图形, 所以没有离散的图形, there's, 两个传感器. 所以, 除了喜欢芯片本身上的传感器, which is what they're at the moment there's like sensors on the on the chassis at different points, 所以性能真的要取决于整个系统的温度. 而不仅仅是内部, 这是一个有趣的想法, because you know you don't want your system to be too hot when you're like touching it, because that's just an unpleasant experience and yeah with the, 如果你有离散的图形, 我想他们说有三个传感器, 所以另一个额外的数据点, 以获得信息, 以决定多少不同的组件再次提升, and I think that's, really gon na it's gon na add some challenges into testing. 我认为, 因为你现在知道, it already depend that the Sony something different variables already like power limits and cooling solutions and now there's. 只是这个额外的东西, 如键盘区域是多么酷, 可以影响, 就像我的 Cinebench 分数, yeah it'll be really interested in seeing. I think it's important to mention that as well, that these aren't technologies that are designed to reduce performance it's not like they're putting these sensors on and making sure that it runs really cool for you, it's more that Amy's figured out that we can actually go higher And longer, 用这些时钟速度, 让您获得更多性能, 我们昨天看到一个演示, 排序的 Cinebench 运行与和没有这种技术实施, 并公平地说, 它是 Oem 的可选功能, so there's a choice to enable stt, which is the feature We'Ve been talking about and the Cinebench scores for are 20, which takes a fair while to run we're still very high after you know, 也许 10 15 runs they're still getting almost the performance.

他们第一次跑步就看到了, 其中, as we've seen from even Intel chips AMD chips right now is not something we really see too much of it dies off very quickly. 所以听起来像一个很酷的技术是的. 因此, 这是有趣的, 因为它能够明显保持更高的提升, 并更好地执行更长的时间, 这就是你想要的, 所以他们的演示. 不幸, we weren't able to film and realistically it's, probably not something we'll ever be able to test ourselves because they had two laptops one with this and one without so I don't know if there's gon na be any situation where, 出于某种原因, 你可以买它与和没有这似乎不太可能, 或者除非用户给选项禁用它, 也许似乎只有他们使用我参考系统. Hence why we couldn't film it because they don't want that stuff getting out. I guess but yeah imagine that there's just going to be a situation we have to test and OEM that's chosen to use it and an OEM that's chosen not to use it and from the sounds of it with stt version 2 在这些上升和 4000 过程. 更容易实现该功能, they've made it less complicated for OEM, 所以他们更有可能使用它, and I think we'll see a lot more laptops with these with really long boost durations, 这将是更好的人整体是的.

所以, 总之, 更好的性能, 但温度可能仍然会在那里, which makes sense like if you're selling, a laptop you kind of want it to perform good compared to the competition you're not going to want to kneecap it just so. 这是更凉爽的人, 你知道温度, 如果你想这样做. 您知道大多数软件,如 OEM 提供的选项, 给你选择关闭到不同的配置文件, 以限制高限制正是这样. 你可能有选择这样做, 但我认为大部分, 这是一个相当不错的, 相当不错的选择, 因为更多的性能, 更好的权利, love that more better yeah it's one of the other areas. 很多人问的是电池续航时间, 幸运的是, Amd 花了相当多的时间去了解所有事情的细节. 电池续航时间相关, 哪种有意义. 你知道笔记本电脑是便携式的. 我是说我真的用我的. 大多数时候在电源上获得良好的性能, 但他们被设计成便携式, 所以是的. 什么样的改进, 我们看到与电池哦很多东西很多很酷的演示? It sounds like we're getting benefits from really two main areas with these chips: there's. 首先, 从 Apu 本身的好处, which they're claiming around a 20 改进, 和, 答案是肯定的, that is including the extra performance that you get so it's, 不喜欢 20, 更好.

与上一代性能水平相同, 这是里森的全部表现, 4000 加 20 额外的电池寿命. 因此,这两件事情相结合肯定是非常令人印象深刻的,然后, 最重要的是, Amy's made a big commitment to working with OMS to use low power components outside of the APU. So whether that's, 你知道一个什么显示或低功率 Ssds 是一件大事. They were talking about really optimizing all the components so that you don't just get the 20 从 Apu. 但你可能知道另一个 20 从使用低功耗显示, 低功耗内存, 低功耗, 固态硬盘, 所以是的. 这些都是两个主要领域,我认为是的,有几个其他或相当多的, 其实很多不同的东西. They talked about so there's other things like just with the new 4000 系列. 处理器, 比如较低的怠速温度, it's faster to like swap to see CPU off states. 基本上, 所有这些事情加起来, 以提高电池寿命, 我认为这是伟大的看到. 我的意思是. 显然, 你需要等待和测试它们, 并做一些电池寿命测试, but sounding like it's, pretty good and they've, 考虑到它是的, 特别是对于. U 系列, 我认为 3000 系列也许有点低调. 因此, 电池寿命. 你们很多人看到用户抱怨, 并没有真正得到他们的影响. 同时, 我认为很多人遭受那些你严重的部分在低端产品, 往往使用更多, 就像你一样 30 至 40.

我们一流的电池, 而不是你的保费, 笔记本电脑有 60 加上是, so that's hurt them, but it sounds like they they've really been laser focused on this area as a really key concern for them and the numbers that we've seen comparing you know. 4800. 您与隔离, 看起来很不错, 至少从阿姆德说是的, 所以我们当然要用一粒盐来拿他们的数字, 但再次性能细节可能会与的时候, 你看到这个反正, that's right, 所以我得到的其他问题之一是: 我们将看到这些 Amd Cpu 与更高层的 Gpu 配对, 这是一个很好的问题, 因为现在, 至少在二月 2 月再次, 在过去的时刻, 谁知道在 Ces 上事情会如何改变? 至少我们在 Nvidia 一侧看到的最高层图形是阿苏 · 塞普里斯 g14, 有 Rt x 2060 最大在这里, 相当一口有 yep, 然后在 Nvidia 侧. 当然恩维迪亚一边. 我是 D 一边与拉德翁. They'Ve got the 5600 戴尔 g5 特别版中的 M, 所以他们也宣布 5700 m. But at the moment I haven't personally seen that listed with any laptop, so I'm, 不确定在哪里, when we'll see that or what products it'll be in, 但哦, 是的, so are we gon na see any better GPUs than that what's the deal? 好, it sounds like there's, 无实际限制, so it's not like Amy's going.

You can't put a 20 80 超过 20 70 与这些零件或超级产品, 当他们在未来出来. So yeah they're just saying that they'll be possible, 但据我们了解, Oems 可能正在研究它, but they haven't actually been announced in February. 在这一点上, 但是是的, sir it'll probably happen, 但我的猜测是. You know if there's new NVIDIA Super Max q, 无论什么名字安吉拉的东西是 Tx 汤和 Sq 产品嗯是的, 假设类似的东西在未来出来. It would make sense for them to hold off maybe like a month or two until there's a new new product available. 否则, 你进入这个奇怪的情况, 你知道你可能会启动一个 Rt X, 2070 笔记本电脑, 然后, 就像一个月后, 你得到超级最大 Q, Tmg 强制特别版, 然后该产品是什么样的, doesn't sell or you know, it's Just an awkward situation, 所以我认为为高端, GPU, 假设有新的东西不太远, 它可能是有道理的, 只是推迟一点. I think yeah that's right and it sounded like at least from the short term aim. 这些 OEM 在主流卷的排序上工作更多. They'Ve been putting a lot of emphasis on making sure that they hit the mainstream segments, 作为, 你知道, Mdd 倾向于瞄准你.

你知道进入这些系统与你的 Gt x 的主流价格点, 系列 Gpu 而不是 r tx, so it sounds like they're still working on that quite heavily, but there's definitely still going to be high end systems from the sounds of it. So yeah it's not like it's gon na, be just the cheapo options like we've seen from maybe the 3000 series yeah they're going to be targeting all sorts of things yeah, which makes perfect sense like if you're coming into this market. 您想要. 您想要制作产品, I suppose that more people are likely to buy and you know realistically most people are going mid range rather than high end it's. 只是它的方式是 gon na 成本是的. 所以会有一些. We just don't know when, 希望你已经学会了更多的时候, 是的, 你可能会视频的家伙, you might know more than us yeah it's. 我被问到的另一个问题是: 是 4908 your thing because that's C? 是, 我想他们只提到 4800 H 和 4800 房 协. 这是 4900 H of room or or what's going on with that well lucky for us, we did get that and actually announced for real at the event we've seen, 我认为, 当这个视频出来的时候. 可能很多人谁看过公告, 因为 Nba 会解除, 但可以肯定的是,他们会提供你知道另一个 8 核心 16 螺纹零件仍然相同 8 核心 16 胎面设计, 但我认为, 到现在开始, we don't Know the final specs of the H model.

我们做 Hs 规格, but it's, looking like they're going to be was unlocking one of the say used to go from 7 至 8 然后颠簸时钟片听起来像情况. 是, 时钟速度是 100 兆赫高在基地和提升与 Hs, 这是有趣的,因为 4900 Hs 是一个 35 对于部分, 而 4800 H 是 45. 什么部分? 是, they're somehow they're achieving those higher clock, 速度和国际象棋模型在 HTML, 这表明某种贝恩是的, 所以你知道, 我仍然需要测试这些东西, 这可能是现在完成, but yeah it's it's really interesting, 因为在理论上权力更少, 但更多的性能, 所以是的, 有点暗示, 必须有一些投标过程, 以获得那些表现最好的芯片. 如四十九四千九百系列, 似乎, 像米迪, 具有此能力, based on what we've seen with the desktop parts, '00 X versus don't, 知道 50 X, 例如, 你得到一个额外的四个核心, 大约相同的功耗水平相同的情况, 在线程开膛手, so it will be a bit different because it's, a monolithic die so it'd be really interesting to see exactly how the bidding goes in that larger chip, where there's more or less variants yeah. 所以, 如果你谁, 谁真正知道在这个阶段, but it sounds like that's how they're able to achieve that sort of part which yeah interesting gives better benefits for consumers again, it'll also be interesting to see how the what the 4900 H is ends up being Expected because we weren't, given those specs at the moment and that's a 45 瓦特部分, 所以 10 瓦以上 Hs 和正如我之前说的, Hs 就像 100 兆赫高于 10 瓦特更高 4800 H.

所以,如果你有 4900 H 在同一权力像谁知道什么假设, 你可以, but maybe they don't even know what's possible that's, why they couldn't yeah ever locked it down yet the cantos yeah. I think as well that it's we're, 不只是去时钟速度与 Hs 更多, 我发现真的很有趣的听到, 是,你知道在视频做很多验证的部分,如 4900 Hs 和 4800 HS to make Sure that you know consumers getting really high quality systems with high quarry components yeah. So that was something that I also wasn't aware of going into. This was with the HS CPUs at C. 是, they basically only seemed to pop up in the G 14 and at the time it was basically just like oh it's, 10 watt slower, but it's still a 4800, so still 8 cause 16 线程, and it was kind of implied at that point that it was Just a lower power limit because you know the G 14 is a thinner, lighter 14 inch machine, 哪种有意义. You can't go too crazy. Yeah you got to keep it fairly moderate, but apparently it's there's a bit more to it than that. Sir yeah. It sounds like it's going through, like your screen again it's like what we were talking about previously with you know, AMD choosing to work close more closely with these OEMs on battery life by improving components throughout the system.

It sounds like for the HS chips. That is a that. The only they're only going to give HS of alle Dacian to OEMs that are using high end components and high and efficient components so that you get the benefit of both the you know, better binge trip at 35 瓦, plus you know the efficient SSDs efficient displays And you know Amy's going through and choosing a whole bunch of parts that fit that sort of program. It'Ll be interesting to see how that goes. How well AMD chooses these components, whether they're making the right choices they'll be hard to see until we get more om devices. But it was really interesting to hear about that, something that we hadn't seen before. Yeah it's like pretty much almost as if it's like going to be its own ecosystem like there are other considerations as well like they want to make sure the thermals are in check before allowing you know NHS ship to go into one of these machines. So there's. Just like all of these nice features that you would want as someone buying a laptop though it looks lease it sounds like AMD, are kind of enforcing. If companies want to actually use this chip, I think part of those, because we've seen AMD get burned a lot with the OEM interactions that you know an OEM just buys a Rison chip, like maybe a rise in 3u series part they put it in like a Really crappy design and then suddenly people have this bad opinion of the horizon products and maybe they're not as in incentivized, 升级到像里辛 5 地平线 7 模型在未来, because they've bought this really crappy OEM system.

所以听起来像是跨越. You know HS for sort of your gaming products and then the integrations that they're doing with the user is stuff that they're trying to snap that out as much as they can and we'll see a lot more closely worked designs for these things, which Intel already does They already do a lot of that and I think Amy's now sort of stepping up with that sort of thing yeah and with the so with the 4900 H, 2 Hs 和 4800 H they're all 8 核心 16 部分. So three and that's quite interesting because on the Intel side we only have the I nines with eight cores 16 threads at the moment and they're all 45 瓦特零件. So you know that I've only ever seen those in much thicker more expensive machines, 是啊. What the muscle books is looks I don't think. I'Ve ever actually said that name so yeah it's a shot guy, yeah let's go back to everything that one doesn't exist, but yeah it's, it's, it's, 真的很有趣, 特别是像我猜, it's, 可能摆脱原来的问题, 现在, 但像你的系列, 但与仍然 8 核心, 16 线程, 但 15 瓦特, 所以能够得到什么传统上在过去只可用, 在那些再次说, 肌肉书在更薄的机器真的很有趣是的. I think you know it's unlikely that the 15, what part is going to perform as well as Intel's 45, 什么 8 核心部件, but from the numbers that we've seen it sounds like even in 15 的, 同 8 cause they're able to get up to the eight Series type performance that Intel's providing we say, 你知道你 97, 58 years I mean it's, 基于像 Cinebench 分数之类的东西, 这是如何代表性的是,在整个工作负载范围, but certainly the performance they've been showing is much higher from There eight core 15, 什么部分, compared to anything until it's been able to offer it even they're.

就像六核一样, 喜欢十十七十十新闻, 十七十你在舞台上的家伙为 Amd 是钉那些英特尔产品名称. 好, 你知道谁保持研究是的, 我知道他练习了谁. 我得到木材沙拉. 每次我们记录它. 你伟大的名字在那里反正是的, 所以简而言之, 4900 汉普关闭与另一个即将到来的 yep. I said Jared's past off the question asking to me for this: 一, 这是有点乐趣, apparently got a bunch of questions about under vaulting in from right and sort of how that's gon na go with rise to 4000. 所以你做到了. 你在我们的一些会议上问了很多关于这个问题的问题. 那么你有什么信息杰瑞德? 是, 显然猜猜你对此感兴趣, 因为它是一个非常高的上传评论, 所以是的, 在过去? 你们很多人知道, 我在我测试的笔记本电脑上用螺栓固定, 其中大部分是基于英特尔的机器. 所以,你知道你要么使用英特尔, XTU 或节气门停止以降低电压, 你知道通常有助于提高性能或温度, 有时两者. 所以你知道, as an enthusiast it's nice, 有这些选项. 如果你想早点获得一些额外的性能. 机器偶尔像 Cinebench aa 20 it's, 很常见的看到 200 至 400 多核中的额外点, 这是重大改进, 真的很喜欢超频, 笔记本电脑只是以稍微不同的方式做一年的头脑.

我的意思是, 有些人确实提到螺栓下超频. 我是说我觉得有点脏, but I understand you're getting a better performance, so it's similar. 因此, AMD 过去在做什么? 你可能知道, 地平线 3000 系列在螺栓支撑下提供, so it wasn't something we could do previously, but with this generation it sounds like so it's, 有趣的是, so there's, 好消息和坏消息. 好消息是,技术上, 在螺栓下将是可能的与里森 4000 系列 CPU, so I was told that they'll be offering the hooks available to developers in order to make these changes. The bad news is AMD isn't, 提供像一个 Xtu 风格的实用程序, 只是让你进去, 并做到这一点自己, 所以没有上升和大师, 例如, then you're opening that up in the utilities that have no desktop at least not at the moment. 也许, if there's more pressure so in the comments get on them, get on that maybe there's more pressure, 他们可能会这样做, 但听起来好像他们希望 OEM 提供这种选择. So maybe in like you're, 苏斯军械库, 箱箱软件或 MSI 龙中心软件类型的东西以及超频设置, 也许可能有一个金库下设置. 这将是由他们来实现的, 是的. 我猜第三方喜欢说, 开发油门停止的家伙. 有人可能会一起来为 Amd 做类似的事情, whether or not that'll happen yet to be seen but yeah.

此刻, it doesn't seem like AMD you're, going to be offering that support and it's kind of makes sense based on how they explained it. 所以, 就像 Amd 的典型一样, if you've seen like Radeon, 图形或其他 Cpu 评论任何时间, 你尝试和超频这些位, they're really go too much further than stock, so yeah that's right, they're kind of like already pushing it to the limit, which i think Is pretty good because you know I don't want to buy something and have to go in and tune it? 我是说你知道有些人喜欢那个基本盒子. I think it's great to have it out of the box. 我是说为什么要自己做? 如果他们已经能以最好的方式提供, that's yeah that's great, especially for people that don't know any better they're going to be getting extra performance that they otherwise wouldn't have been able to tap into yeah. 这当然听起来像他们. 有了这些新芯片. They'Re running the voltage limits much tighter to the sort of specifications, then you might get with an intel parts there's not as much Headroom there and sound like it was right that they test every single chip and then make its own voltage frequency curve. 如果我猜允许他们把不同的零件放在产品堆栈的不同地方和不同部分, 但也真的删除了伏特头空间下, so they're, 所以他们.

To begin with, giving you that good performance out of the box and allowing things like precision boost and stab them and stt all those you know boost technologies that they've got to really push up as far as they can go, let it run for as long as Possible, I think all that's gon na help with that yeah. So it sounds like it's, probably going to be quite good out of the box, but potentially maybe for the h series. Only there might be some software utilities that allow this or maybe it might be implemented in the BIOS on some machines. Yeah I'm gon na really have to wait and see, but it doesn't sound too good, but at least it does sound like there is some progress compared to 3000 series yeah it's kind of interesting, because you we don't, really see under vaulting available through those software. To these, on until platforms, do we it's, mostly just you, click it and like overclocks it? So will we really see under vaulting in these utilities, on ambi I'm, pretty doubtful yeah it's, pretty uncommon, like I've only had a very small handful of machines actually have it unlocked in the BIOS by default, 但是的. 显然, anyone can install exterior, but a lot of people don't know about it realistically. I'M sure a very small number of people actually go in and under bolt to get the performance, so I think by AMD doing it, as you say, out of the box, I think it'sprobably a better move anyway.

So with the new CPUs, we've still got Vega graphics inside. So is that any different to the previous generation? Because I had Vega right so the same yeah it's, interesting it's been assuming a very heavily upvoted question that you've got because lots of people were sort of myself included. I was sort of expecting. Maybe our DNA will be in these parts, but nope vague is still in there, but it isn't the same Vega. It sounds like again where I was speaking to David from a and B he sort of was suggesting that at the time they were developing these rise in 4000 部分. They had the choice to go. Do they push down the Vega path or do they push down? Our DNA and it sounded like the optimizations they were able to do. You know they have to optimize either one of those pathsand it sounded like the Vega optionwas the path that would give the results better. Give better results. Do it sooner I'm, 不确定? Whatever they decided, they've they've decided to optimize Vega, so it isn't the same, and one of the main things they've been able to is obviously just put on seven nanometers. So in doing that, they're able to get higher clock speeds, which means that even though they reduced the compute unit count down from 11 至 8 they're able to push the clock speeds higher, which gives a significant performance advantage. 然后, 最重要的是, it sounds like there's been a bunch of just your standard power like optimization techniques, that they sort of it sounded like they'd learnt a few things from Navi.

So if it's, not an avi GPU, but they've learnt things from that ship that they're able to bring back to Vega for this generation and then the third thing that allows them to get more performs, as well as the shifter lpddr4 X memory. There'S. A lot of talk throughout the event about these ap use our bandwidth constraints significantly on the memory they can't use, like ug, DDR series memory that we see from actual GPUs, so they're stuck with DDR stuff, which kind of sucks like ddr4 2400 that we saw with Rise in previous generations, far too slow, 是, big difference. So by putting lpddr4 X in which gives you more than a 2x, I think it may be, maybe slightly less than 2x and Loras managed. Maybe it was like 70 80 that's huge and also allows Vania to perform better than it did previously. So we do see the CEOs get cut down. That was a space constraint, apparently could get that die small, but we still should be seeing substantial performance gain before you seriously buy 15 watts same architect, but maybe slight differences to the architecture and they gain 20 至 30 percent more performance, not bad yeah. That sounds pretty good. I'Ll have to test it out and compare it with like Intel, iris, graphics and yeah last gen Vega, it's kind of hard for me to test that stuff. 不幸, because I guess I mostly get gaming laptop, so you know top of the line.

Discrete graphics, it's really uncommon that I actually get one that's just got like Vega or Intel, but yeah the performance they showed had. Quite it was quite a lot better than like the ice Lake options. Yeah that's right. They obviously have spent a lot of time. Comparing these chips to you know the 1065 g7 in particular, which is the fully unlocked version of you, 知道: they're ice Lake parts, and you know I mean it's fair to say that, with the rise in 3000 series parts, the current GPU that they've got already is Quite competitive with ice lake, so anything that we're going to be giving with this generation is just going to be pushing them ahead and it sounds like they're not just pushing ahead by a little bit, but actually a substantial amount over ice lake which will help them Out when tiger lake comes out early, not earlier this year, much later this year, so when that comes out, it sounds like they're doing a lot that your XC graphics should be in that ship. So when that comes out, we'll expect more performance, and these chips should be still very competitive with that, given what we've, seen and it's only using vago, so it's pretty impressive yeah, it seems like there's a lot of change going on in the integrated graphics space, like Even the iris graphics was a nice step up over what Intel had before, but of course nero vega is still open, least according to AMD's numbers at this time, a fair bit better.

So it could be interesting that will get. You know a lot of a lot more thin and light machines that are actually capable of doing some lightweight gaming yeah. I think it will say: oh you never know for sure, but there should be fewer options out there. That will opt for the MX series, 图形, because yeah aim, you spent a whole bunch of time saying, 就像你知道的, we we didn't, extend the size of our die because making these chips bigger is a significant burden on OMS. So if they can offer like MX, 250 Mx, 330 type graphics in the single integrated chip that solves a whole bunch of OEM problems, because it suddenly, they don't need to add that second low power, discrete GPU in there should be more battery efficient. And you know, while previous generation mobile wasn't quite at the level of sort of your MX series chips, that was still got a bit bit more performance out of an MX 250 是啊, it sounds like this should be very competitive. 再次, I was a bit surprised. They didn't compare that in any of the numbers that we've seen so we haven't seen we haven't seen like I select, plus your MX series. We haven't seen like comic like plus MX yeah, but I would expect performance to be similar, which would be very impressive yeah. So it's looking pretty good there, so one of the other questions, a lot of people really wanted to know is how do these new mobile CPUs from AMD? Compare to the Intel competition? I mean obviously that's a very good question, but a lot of people are going to want to know because Intel is currently the Dominator in the laptop space yeah yeah it's, interesting that Emily felt confident enough to not just talk about like the flagship parts.

喜欢 4800. 你 4880 actually went through and said here's how Verizon 5 performs here's our rise and three performs, and I think at this point we probably will have actual benchmark numbers for at least like the 4800. You from the sounds of things, but as far as the AMD numbers are concerned for say: you've rise in five versus Core i5 it's, looking pretty promising yeah, they had again a number of different games and like realistic content, creator workloads that type of thing looked like Some pretty good improvements there, sir being good to see it sounds like even in some of those situations, 上升 5 与. choir 5. Is they able to offer even more performance than say at Rison 7 versus core i7 yeah, because you think about it like? If you go from 6 cores to 8 核心, it's less of a percentage gaining cause than going from 4 cores to 6 核心, which is what they're offering sort of your core i5 versus versus Rison 5. So I think across the lineup it looks like especially those low end. Chips are going to be very, very impressive and really provide a lot more performance and sort of those entry level to mid range systems yeah and with the new stuff comparing to rise in 3000. An interesting comment that I brought up was with regards to the 3758 先生, as you may know, prior to rising 4000, that was essentially their top of the line CPU for gaming, which was four cores.

Eight threads performed a bit worse than the 8th gen. 一世 580 300 H. So obviously an i7 with extra calls is just gon na come along and you know iterated it yeah that's, be honest, yes yeah, then let's then there's also the i9 with 8 核心. But you know Amy doesn't even want to talk about that comparison, yeah so yeah. With regards to the 3758, I found it interesting that AMD actually noted that that was basically and it was. It was an opportunity that they had in the market to move into. So it sounds like they just had the 3700 year and they realized they could essentially boost the power limit and clock speeds and then hey we've suddenly got this CPU that we can sell in some gaming laptops yeah. 所以, rather than spending any sort of major development effort, it did sound like it was a quick fix, as opposed to with these Rison 4000 shippers, where it sounds like they put a lot more effort into the H series that sort of Gaunt. Oh look actually people by the gaming laptop so now we've got a you know in let's, actually make a CH series really compelling and really good. So I think we'll see a situation with this generation that certainly the H series parts will be providing a significant performance gain and really start challenging. You know the entirety of Intel's lineup, basically yeah and if it's doing that, then it's essentially making the 3000 系列.

Just look a lot lower, comparatively yeah and I think we'll see even the risin 5 是一个 4600 H. I think that will be much faster than 3750 H. 哦,是的, because I mean 6 核心, so that immediately gives you a benefit and then it's Zen too. So I think there won't be really any chip in AMD's, like maybe you series that will be equivalent 2058. You have to go quite far down the stack to get that level of performance yeah, which is fine with me. 是啊. Get rid of that pretend that one didn't happen yeah, I guess it's, probably good from like a it sounds like they've learnt a lot from it like it's kind of, like I guess, getting your foot in the door kind of thing into that market, yeah and now They'Ve got a lot more information with to go ahead with 4000 系列, so those were the top uploaded questions left by you guys for risin 4000. I hope it was interesting hope you got some of the answers, if not they'll definitely be a lot of videos coming from both myself and Tim hardware unboxed over next, probably a few weeks, probably even prior to this yep, so yeah make sure you subscribe to both That channels will definitely have a lot of content on these machines coming in the future. I'M sure yeah it'll, be, 我认为, you'll be a bit of a process over the next few months to get a lot of different SKUs in, because you know we've heard here at the event that AMD is providing at least a 4800 you system to begin with It sounds like the 4800 H 或 4900 X, not quite sure, he's also gon na be available, but might be a bit later and yeah as we've seen from a lot of the even with Intel stuff.

Core i5s are hard to come by for testing at least units. You still never had one. 所以你知道, I've found a difficult outside of you series to get like a 90 300h and you've found impossible, basically yeah, so whether yeah, hopefully we can get some systems over the next few months, that sort of address all the different markets and have some really Good numbers and what do any of comparisons I've been telling you a different. You me nothing like you got to smash out those comparisons. Yeah I'll, probably end up just buying a bunch of machines just to get it done if I can't get AMD yeah yeah. So if you got any other questions about risin 4000, I guess let me know in the comments I'll see what I can do to answer. 是啊. You still reply to every single comment on my first it's very impressive. You know I've been talking to Jared who, at this event, is like yo I've got to go back to the hotel. We'Ve got to answer your respond to all these comments. I'M, 喜欢. How do you have time for this? I just make time yeah cut out that sleep don't here just are based with your comments, so yeah you'll be he'll, be in there, respond to anything so get in there yeah.