I’m gon na register my copy of WinRAR., Yes WinRAR., The file compression and decompression utility that’s, arguably most famous for being the program that no one ever registers. It’s been around since the mid 90s. In various forms. And for years I’d, say probably till around 2003 要么 4. It was my go to file archiving program simply because it handled the most compression formats and it was free to use. Effectively anyway., Because WinRAR’s whole thing was that it started you off with a 40 day free trial that, after that was over, you were expected to Pay for it. The thing is once the 40 days passed, it still lets you use it forever.. All you had to do was wait for the nag screen to let you through, and that was that.. So it earned this reputation as the paid program that no one ever paid for., Even more so than competitors like WinZip, which was more restrictive after its trial period ended.. 因此, WinRAR’s infinite 40 day trial has been continuously discussed in various articles, forums, subreddits and YouTube videos over the years with folks wondering how RAR Lab could possibly profit as a business from such a weird sales strategy or lack of sales. I guess Now the short answer is: enterprise users are still expected to pay for it., So a majority of RAR Lab’s cashflow comes from large group licenses.. The other reason that they did it. This way is as a kind of anti piracy measure where the idea is hey.

Why would anyone bother to pirate the full version when the trial version of WinRAR remains usable forever, with only a nag screen getting in the way? I think perhaps they underestimate the sheer pettiness and free time of software pirates. But that’s beside the point, because the fact remains that practically no home user of WinRAR ever had much reason to pony up the cash and register the program., Including myself until today doing it. For the clicks. So yeah my goal with this video is pretty simple.. I just wan na register a copy of WinRAR and see what that’s like after 25 要么, however many years of using it off and on. And we’re. Also gon na try it out on some different older operating systems as well, because it’s, LGR and that’s what I do. I’m curious if the current registration information, whatever that is still applies to old versions of WinRAR., So I guess we will see. Yeah let’s just go Ahead and do that. See what happens with some WinRAR registration. RARrerrr. 它的, a weird word. Alrighty bout to register WinRAR like a mad man., So let’s see. We do have a couple of different links here for WinRAR, and that would be the WinRAR.com website and then RARlab.com, which was what I remember from back in the day.. I think this other one here is just the publisher, Win.RAR GmbH., Whereas RARLab this is like the official website and it’s been like this pretty much as long as I can remember.

. Both of them eventually go through the same checkout thing: CleverBridge., So screw that. We’re gon na go with the OG website, because it makes me happy and look how simple it still is. 2002 至 2021., 所以是的. I guess this one’s been here since 2002.. I guess there was actually a new version of it in December of 2020 那是, the latest one. Yeah.. I honestly haven’t used WinRAR in so many years. 你知道的, as my normal archiver. I’ve, been using 7 Zip since, like the mid 2000’s., So I’m kind of curious. What the new one even is: like., But yeah quotbuy, WinRAR archiver.quot, So check this out.. We can go with one user or multi user licenses. 获取 1000 copies, WinRAR No we’re, just gon na go with the regular one here, and here we go. Online storefront. Same as the other one., Pretty much we’re going through the same CleverBridge company. And it’s 29. For the standard electronic delivery version. Again the same as it’s been since forever. As far as I can remember. And also a quotphysical delivery on CDquot option., I meanI’ve got ta, do that. chuckles in optical media I’m. Sure it’s gon na be some garbage CD R. With a horrible label, but who knows We’ll, 看到. Alrighty., Just gon na go in and enter in my crap. Skip ahead here: cuz you know., quotBuy, now.quot Ooh, no going back. All right And there we go., quotDownload and install your WinRAR key.

quot Got some troubleshooting and I Got a physical delivery on the way. Yeah.. I will do a follow up video about that on my LGR Blerbs channel. We’ll see what that is, but for now lets download and install it. Ooh such uncharted. Territory. Look at this. quotHow to register.quot, So pretty simple.. You get a key to download. 它的, a key file. Interesting., Not a serial or anything.. So that does make me wonder if it will work with any older ones.. I don’t know.. I guess I’ve never registered this., So cool.. I guess we’ll download it.! 哦不! Cant open the page., Huh Okay., So Chrome works but Safari doesn’t., Whatever that’s. What I get for trying to capture with a Mac. I guess All right. Let’s move over to a windows PC and install WinRAR with my brand new 30 registration key thatI bought. So you don’t have to. Okay.. I got the rarkey.rar RAR RAR RAR. And we can open it up in 7, Zip ironically., So we’ve got a key file and a readme. Let’s see here. Thanks for registering WinRAR. You’re welcome., Better late than never.. 你知道的. So I do have WinRAR 6 installed and I skipped ahead the time past the 40 天。. So this is what you get when the trial runs out and then we can just click off and you can still use it without registering.. You just get that nag screen at the beginning and that’s it., So we’ll do that.

Open with this, which I just installed. And yeah there we go. It’s been successfully registered so., 看啊. Registered it to me. How exciting. Single PC usage, 许可证. Fancy.. 好, now to see if this functions with older versions as well. I’m gon na go back to I don’t know, 视窗, XP and then we’re gon na try like Windows, 95 和 3.1.. I don’t know., Just we’ll keep going until it doesn’t work.. It might not work on anything older than this.. 好, 我不知道. We’ll, see you in a sec. Let’s, go ahead and find out. jazz, music fades Windows, XP, startup, 声音, 好的, Got Windows, XP going here and some things on a USB drive., So we’re gon na start with WinRAR 4.0., A couple of versions back From I guess, 2011. 好的. It’s a little newer than I thought, but we’ll try, 它. 好吧. There’s that. quotPlease purchase WinRAR note that it is not free. 后 40 day trial. You must either buy a license or remove it from your computer.quot Or not Let’s, see if we can register it using the same key file., bloop Eh, Hey so that still works. All right.. So this one is registered to me as well. 4.0. Let’s go back to 3.0 and see if that works. 视窗, 98 startup sound All right.. Moving on down to Windows, 98. Second edition. Let’s see what we can do: 这里. Yay floppy, disks., That’s that’s more, like it.

. Look at that classic logo. 疯狂. This was still 2002. Seems older than that somehow., And here we go. 40 day trial period ended with the time set forward on the computer, clock and we’ll see what happens. Well all right.. So it still works on the 2002 版. WinRAR 3.0. registered to me once again, 与 2021 关键. Let’s go back to 2.0. 视窗, 95 startup sound, 哦,是的, 视窗, 95. We’ll see what we can do with WinRAR 2. Mmm gettinolder. WinRAR is 32 位. Windows version of RAR., So we’ve gone 32 bit from 16 位. 视窗 3.1. Got different interface options. It looks like we can go with both 3.1 interface and 95. 好的. Different libraries program groups, all the typical stuff in terms of associations. Mmkay, 让我们, open up the 95 版, 这里. Not seeing any nag screen., And I have moved the time forward past the evaluation period. 哦. Now this is different.. You got a straight up registration code and some other stuff., So this might be the limit. Here’s, 该 3.1 style interface right here.. This one doesn’t have a nag screen, 要么. It doesn’t seem. 是啊. 有, no mention of the 40 day thing.. I mean it’s totally described in the license section of the help: file. quotAnyone that used this software during a test period of 40 天. Following this, he must register.quot, But it doesn’t seem like it’s gon na bother you if you don’t., 哇. That’s, even more generous.

, Just curious though.. We got ta, try and see if somehow it recognizes that key file. But I have my doubts at this point.. It is opening it., 哇. 不。. It sees that the files are there but that’s it., So it technically doesn’t even open this RAR file., So something definitely changed quite a bit between 2.0 和 3.0. In terms of the way, it reads: RAR files – 我想 – And also by the way that registration is taken care, 的. Interesting., I didn’tknow that. I’veactually never used a version of it that old. Aight. Just out of curiosity I’m, going to look in that key File see if maybe there’s a registration code in there and then just type in my name., 我不知道. 是啊, definitely not. It’s this gigantic string of numbers and letters that goes well beyond this field of the registration code, area. So that totally doesn’t work.. There is definitely a hard cutoff. 话虽如此, I’m willing to bet it’s pretty easy to find one of these old serials online. 仍然, Let me just look one up. I’m justcurious. 是的. One came up pretty easily., So let’s just see here. light chuckle. 好, That answers that., So yeah it’s, just a straight up name and serial number. 是啊. 它的, now registered. chuckles, Not that there was really anything in the way of anything. 完全。, Like I said, there was no nag screen on this version. Totally registered the 16 bit version as well.

Look at that., So ancient serial number from some ancient website still totally works. I’m assuming that’s, why they changed it between going from 16 bit versions over To 32, 位。, 3.0 and onward are gon na rely on that key file and it still totally works.. It is valid from the current way of registering WinRAR on the modern website. 所以. Ahh y’know. I dunnowhat we learned here, but we learned something., Probably not useful, but whatever. That’s, pretty much it for this video.. I hope that you enjoyed seeing this kind of silliness.. I just like messing around with things like this every so often. And I was kind of hoping that we’d get a Windows, 3.1 version working with the modern key as well., But hey I’m kind of surprised. It went back as far as it did period. So anyway. It’S back to working on the other videos that I had going and didn’t quite get finished., Yeah., That’s kind of why I did this is I didn’t have enough time to complete the project that I was working on for today., So we got this instead.. I hope that you enjoyed it regardless and stick around for other LGR things each week here on this very channel.