I think i’m going to lay it down on my desk all right ready. This is the grand opening Music, 哦,我的上帝, 它. So pretty okay, 等! I have to like flip this, so you can actually see okay. This is it um. Like i said this is the 27 inch imac, it has eight gigs of ram and it is 512 G. It is also the 2021 no like i mean 2020 version and it’s the 27 inch like i said so. This is a big computer, but i kind of wanted this just because i was tired of editing on my laptop. I love my laptop and i didn’t trade it in. I still have it and i definitely will still use it, but using final cut pro on my 11 英寸. Macbook is just like really difficult and even just like teaching on my macbook is getting kind of difficult and just like everything that i’m doing it’s it’s getting like definitely slower, and i can tell like it just can’thandle everything i’m doing on that one computer. So i really wanted to invest in a new computer and have this just like obviously stay on my desk, because it’s a desktopand hopefully this will help me a lot. This was a pretty penny. I think i paid 2200, or something like that like this is not cheap. This is extremely extremely expensive. I’Ve gone back and forth for so long, but i think it really will be worth it i’m really excited about it.

So let’s take it out of the box. I don’t even know where to start all right, so it looks like you just pulled this little tab. It was so satisfying and then i’m guessing you just open yep. 好吧. You open this there’s something in here. I think this is the keyboard. You have to kind of like pull it out like this. If it will come out yeah like that, oh it’s, so sleek, 哦, so this is the keyboard and mouse i didn’t get the trackpad. I just got the regular mouse, oh it’s, so like thin and just like sleek looking peel this off all right. This is the keyboard. It is so so sleek looking the back. Just has a little apple logo and it’s like really really thin, which i love, and then this is the little mouse. So i think maybe at some point i might upgrade to the track pad. But i wanted to try the mouse out, because obviously i have a track pad on my laptop, so i’ll just see what i like better, but this is the mouse. You can probably see the reflection, but very simple, 它, very sleek. 再次, i love how just like simple everything looks together. It just looks so nice and like cohesive. I feel like that’s, something apple does really well and then also in this box, you have this little pamphlet, which i’m guessing has like instructions. Let’S see yes, so we have instructions, some apple stickers, and then we also have what looks like a little cleaning cloth, which is nice and then the last thing in this box is just a little iphone, cable or actually yeah.

It is an iphone cable, 所以我, not sure if this is for something or if they just give you an extra cable but either way, it’s always good to have one all right now i need to figure out how to do this. 我. Not really sure let’s stand this up so in the back there’s this little pocket. That was really satisfying, which has the um cable i’m guessing for the computer, and then you have the actual computer so trying to figure out how to like. Take this off. 哦, i think you pull off the top there we go. It was very, very difficult to take off. I guess that’s good. It means it’s packaged. Well all right! This is the computer it’s, so pretty let’s flip it around. So you guys can see all right. We got ta, take this cardboard off, i mean the styrofoam, so now we have the actual macbook, and now we should yep okay. So this is the macbook. It is ginormous like it is huge, but before we do anything else, let’s take off this giant cover. There is a clear, protective film over the front, so i’m going to also peel that off all right. It is unboxed. It is so freaking pretty so now it’s just time to power it on before. I do that, though i just want to give a quick little overview of what everything looks like and things like that right. So we are on my desk.

This is what it looks like. It is clearly ginormous like i said this is what the back looks like. So we have a really large apple logo right there and then, if you come down here, there are all the plugs. We have a headphone jack, an sd card reader. I think that’s. What this is. We have four usb plugs, 这真的很好. We have two lightning ones, and then i don’t honestly know what this one is, but if you’re a tech person, then you probably know what that is. 哦, it looks like there’s something else i need to peel off, so that is where the power cable goes, and that is basically everything. 好的, now i’m actually sitting at my desk. Obviously i have it right in front of me and i’m going to power it on. I got ta say it is very, very easy to like maneuver around, 这真的很好. You would think it would be a little bit more difficult because it’s so big, but it’s pretty easy, 这是很好的. I also just realized. I have another thing to peel off now. This goes through here. 我相信, and you plug it right in there we go, sits flush right against the back. I know you couldn’t really see, but you basically just like plug it in right there. You can see it through that little hole right there. Now we need to plug this into the wall. 好的, so i just plugged it into the wall.

It took me a minute because i have to kind of run like an extension cord. This is what we have going on right now, i’m about to turn it on. You can see right. There is the power button. This is on the back of the computer, and now it is turning on it’s actually going really fast, so that’s exciting, but we’re gon na just wait for it to turn on and then we’ll start configuring everything and setting everything up. 好的. So this is what everything it looks like right now. It told me to turn my mouse on and then same thing for the keyboard. This is at the top, so i’m gon na switch. 那, 希望, this angle is enough for you guys to be able to see actually, but the mouse is now working that i turned it on and all right. So we got language english, but we got united states continue. 哦, i got ta connect to my wi fi. 哦, this keyboard is very smooth to write on it’s very, like i don’t know, it just feels really really nice now i’m signing in with my apple id okay, i just zoomed you in a little bit more. I hope that this angle is a little bit better, but i figured you would want to see more of what’s happening on the actual computer, so it’s just having me agree to the terms and conditions. Now i am just creating my own account and i’m also choosing a little picture which that is so creepy i don’t know who would choose that let’s do they’re all kind of weird i’ll do the zebra, because why not? Oh now, it’s having me set up siri to recognize my voice.

Hey siri, open the documents folder now it is having me choose my look, so i personally like the light that’s just what i like, but of course people can do whatever they want. It gives you the option, which is nice and now it is setting up. 哦, that was pretty quick. 实际上, it kind of logged me straight in which i wasn’t expecting. I heard again that it takes a lot longer. This screen is so big i’m used to my 11 inch macbook, which actually, let me grab it and you can see the size difference. So this is my macbook, so it really is about a quarter of the entire screen, which is just insane. Even if i open it up, it really is about a quarter of the entire screen. So this is like four times what i’m used to, which is just insane. 我喜欢它. I love having a large screen it’s. Just definitely gon na be a big adjustment to get used to kind of like actually looking around my screen, instead of just looking in one area and kind of being able to see the whole screen. If that makes any sense at all, let’s see if i open up my contacts, if anything’s there yeah okay, so nothing’s there, oh i’m, slowly starting to get contacts, they all just all started to load in. I like to use chrome instead of safari it’s. Just what i prefer, 哦, i have to download it wow.

I forgot that you have to do that. 哇. That is so big. It is crazy, 让我们, 下载, 铬. I actually think i’m going to take a little bit of time. Customize it get everything kind of to how i want it and then i’ll come back and show you what everything looks like how everything’s working and things like that. But if i just do this all on camera it’ll take forever, and this will be a very long. Video so i’m gon na go through customize everything, and then i will update you with everything that i did. 好的. It has been such a long time, but i wanted to give a just quick little update of everything that i’ve done. So i made this background um. Just so i can kind of like organize everything that i want to put on here. I know this probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but i think it’ll just help me stay organized, so i got this computer mainly for like youtube and for like editing and things like that, just because i think it’ll be nicer, so i have a giant um area Right here for all my files for youtube, i have school and you can actually customize the um like colors or whatever you want the image of each folder to be so. I just made it like a dark gray. It kind of looks black in this lighting, but it is definitely a dark gray and then i have just like an other little area over here.

In case i have other random files. I did go ahead and download word powerpoint in excel, just because i use those for school well, not really excel, but word and powerpoint i definitely use for school. I also downloaded chrome, 正如你所看到的, 就在这里, that’s just my personal preferred browser. If my camera will focus um, so i downloaded that which did take a while, but the reason it took a while is because i was downloading final cut pro. I was able to get all of my like sound effects: 音乐. All of that onto this computer by using this hard drive. So if you download everything from final cut pro to a folder, then you can actually just put it right onto a hard drive and then plug this hard drive into your computer and you’ll. Have everything onto your computer? I also downloaded zoom, as you can see right there because that’s what i use all the time i got my apple id all set up, so i have all my messages. Everything like that also facetime is working. I did try facetiming my boyfriend, just because i wanted to see how the camera was and it’s really really nice. I don’t know if you’ll be able to tell in this um video or not like through the camera, but it is like so clear compared to my macbook it’s, really really nice, so i’m really happy about that for like zoom and stuff it’ll be really helpful.

But i think i’m going to end off this video here. I don’t want this video to be super long. I want it to be strictly just about unboxing this imac. So if you enjoyed this, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe i’m really excited about this. Imac, it was definitely an investment like i said, but i think it’ll really really help me in the long run and i’m really excited about it. It was my own money i saved up and it’s something that i really wanted so i’m very excited about it. Before i go real quick, i did want to give you the exact specs of the one i got there’s like a sticker on the box. So let me show you this: is it right here so in case you were wondering exactly which one i got. This is the one i got i purchased this from best buy. I also did get apple care with it, just because, if i’m spending this much money on a piece of technology, then i want to be able to repair it. If i need to without really having to worry about it, so i did get applecare i’m someone who gets applecare on like pretty much all apple products, 所以,这是, just what i did. If you have any questions about imax i’m, not the most knowledgeable person in the world, my boyfriend’s definitely the more techy person, but i can answer any questions or i can get him to answer any questions so leave them down below um.