Ive got the 9SF model, 所以有一个 8: 核心英特尔, i9, 9880H CPU Nvidia, Rtx, 2070, 最大 Q, 图形, 32GB 双通道内存, 一个 15.6 4K 60Hz screen and a 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD. 网络连接, 其得到千兆以太网, 无线, 5 和蓝牙 5.. You can find updated prices for this and other configurations linked in the description.. The P65 is very similar to MSIs GS65 gaming laptop its basically using the same design and chassis with a few differences.. The whole laptop has a matte space grey finish and is mostly made out of aluminium or aluminum. 为了我的美国朋友 – and this includes the lid interior and bottom panels, though the back and hinges have a plastic exterior. All corners and edges were smooth and the build quality felt fair. MSI list the weight at 1.9kg. 然而, mine was around 100g above this.. The power brick MSI sent to me was only 90 瓦, so this weight measurement isnt accurate its meant to have a 230 瓦功率, brick when you buy it.. I had another 230w brick from the Aero 17. So did all testing with that to avoid performance loss, but you could definitely get a smaller charger like this for travel. If you dont need max performance., The P65 is on the thinner side when you consider the 8 core i9 processor inside with decent GPU.. The smaller footprint gives us just 8mm thin screen bezels on the sides.. 该 15.

6 4K 60Hz IPS level screen has a matte finish. Good viewing angles and tilts all the way back. Should you need that. MSI note. The 4K panel has 100 of AdobeRGB coverage on their website. 然而, when I tested with the Spyder 5, it reported 91 为此 96 for sRGB, 87 NTSC 和 81 Dci. P3 coverage Id expect lower with the 1080p option. 在 100 亮度. I measured almost 350 nits with an 8801 对比度, so alright results., The colours did seem noticeably better when compared to most 1080p laptops Ive tested, they may have similar sRGB results, but the AdobeRGB range is definitely much higher here.. When I reviewed the 8th gen version of the P65 last year, they didnt have a 4K screen option, so at least they give you the choice, 这里。. 也就是说说, it would be nice to see MSI move to offering OLED options like the Gigabyte, 航空 15 or Dell XPS 15. Backlight bleed wasnt great in my unit. I could occasionally notice it when viewing darker content, but this will vary between laptops and panels. Screen flex. Wasnt too bad when intentionally trying to flex it due to the metal lid. 然而, it highlighted a different issue. The rubber feet, underneath didnt, seem to do a great job at reducing movement.. Opening with one finger was easy. It was a little back heavy but felt stable on my lap.. The 720p camera is up the top in the center, despite the bezels being on the thinner side.

. This is what the camera and microphone look and sound like on the P65. 继承人. What it sounds like when we type on the keyboardand this is what it sounds like if we set the fan to maximum speed, so you can still hear me. 好的风扇噪音。, The keyboard has no numpad and white backlighting, which lights up all keys and even secondary key functions.. The white lighting can be adjusted between three levels or turned off using the function and page up or down keys.. The lighting looked much better compared to the white keys of the 8th gen model I previously tested. As the keys are black here.. The key presses were a little shallow feeling, but had a sort of click to them. 继承人. 如何键入声音,让您了解预期内容。? There was minor keyboard flex when intentionally pushing down hard, no issues at all, using it normally though.. It seemed sturdy due to the feet on the bottom, which help offer additional support.. There are air intake vents above the keyboard to aid with cooling, and the power button is right up the back in the middle.. The precision touchpad was smooth to the touch and worked quite well., Despite being on the larger side. My palms never touched it while typing, but even when intentionally doing this, the palm rejection was good.. It clicks down almost anywhere just not the top left corner which is unusable as a touchpad.

Due to the fingerprint scanner., I found the fingerprint scanner to work fast, 虽然. Due to the silver finish: fingerprints and dirt. Werent too viewable, though it has a smooth finish and should be easy to clean, 用超纤维布. 在左边,从后面, 肯辛顿, 锁, 排气口, gigabit ethernet port, and I prefer it being this way. So you can unplug without lifting the machine two USB 3.2 第 1 代类型, A ports and 3.5mm headphone and mic jacks. On the right from the front theres a USB 3.2 第 2 代类型, 端口 USB 3.2 第 2 代 C 型端口, with both DisplayPort and Thunderbolt 3 support mini Displayport and HDMI 2.0 输出, power input and another air exhaust vent., The mini DisplayPort and HDMI ports were wired directly to the Nvidia GPU. 然而, the Type C port went via the Intel, iGPU first.. The back just has some air exhaust vents. While the front has a battery status LED towards the right. Underneath has the air intake vents towards the back.? The bottom panel was easy to remove once you take out the 15 菲利普斯头螺丝。, Like many other MSI laptops, the motherboard is upside down.. All we get access to here is the WiFi card and battery. Access to the two memory slots and two M.2 storage slots requires removal of the motherboard, which is an annoying process. If needed., The two speakers are found towards the front left and right corners, they sound alright, a little above average for a laptop, though minimal bass and the palm rest did vibrate a little.

. They get loud enough at maximum volume and the Latencymon results. 并不理想, The P65 is powered by a 4 细胞 82 瓦特小时, 电池. 我测试了屏幕亮度 50 背景应用, 禁用和关闭键盘照明。, 而只是看YouTube视频, 它持续了 5 小时和 27 分钟. A mid range result for this test and it was using the Intel, integrated graphics due to Nvidia Optimus. When playing the Witcher 3 具有中等设置和 Nvidias 电池增压设置为 30 Fps. 电池持续一小时, 6 minutes before the frame rate dipped to 12 FPS,不再可用, 然而, including this state. 它持续了一个小时, 37 minutes total., Given the P65 is targeted towards creators. 我还测试了 Adobe Premiere, video exporting.. This is the first time Ive ever tested a 9880H laptop and the results stacked up quite well compared to most others. 有趣, it was just slightly ahead of the newer 10th gen 8 core and Super GPU in the Aero 17, just above it which costs more money. 以及. Lets move onto the thermal testing. 它的价值, noting that weve got two extra heatpipes in this 9th gen model compared to the older 8th gen, so that should help with thermals. The MSI Creator Center software lets you manage the system. We can swap between eco Comfort and sport modes, which control performance change the fan, speed or enable coolerboost mode which maxes it out.

热测试在环境室完成. 温度 21 摄氏度,所以期待在不同的环境中产生不同的结果。. It was actually quite cool at idle, given the specs. 最坏情况, 压力测试是用 Aida64 CPU 压力测试完成的, CPU 只选中,并且在最大设置下使用天堂基准. 同时,游戏也进行了与手表狗测试 2, 因为我发现它使用处理器和图形的良好组合. Straight away. I want to note that any time the CPU shown by the blue bar is at 95 摄氏度, 其热限制, and we can see this was happening in a lot of the tests.. The GPU was also throttling at 87 度. 然而, that was only happening with the stress tests in ECO mode, as that runs the fans quieter, as youll hear soon. As we run with higher performance modes max out the fans undervolt and add a cooling pad thermals improve with the GPU. 然而, we only see the CPU thermal throttle barely remove with the cooling pad or undervolt. 它的价值, remembering we do have an 8 core i9 processor in a machine thats under 1.8cm thick. So this is kind of expected.. 这些是相同测试的平均时钟速度. 刚刚显示。. The performance in Eco mode is low due to harsh power limit caps. Otherwise the GPU improves slightly as cooling gets better.. The CPU speeds see a larger improvement as cooling improves, as thermal throttling is the primary limitation until we add in the cooling pad or for the game.

Just the undervolt was enough, 然而, were still a little under the full 4.1GHz. All core turbo boost speed of the 9880H as power limit throttling is our next enemy.. 这些是这些相同测试期间硬件信息报告的平均 TDP 值。, Despite PL1 being set to 55 watts by default in software, while under combined CPU and GPU workloads like these, the CPU doesnt actually pass 45 瓦。. This seems like a reasonable choice, given how we were thermal throttling prior to undervolting and using a cooling pad anyway, but it does mean I wasnt able to change this to boost performance further, once we remove thermal throttling. As for CPU, only performance heres. What were seeing with Cinebench. By applying the same undervolt as before it was possible to achieve an 11 higher multicore score in this test, as this helped reduce the thermal throttling that was still taking place during the PL2 boost period. Once PL2 ends, though thermal throttling goes Away and were instead hitting the 55 watt PL1 limit, so the undervolting helps there too. Heres how the Cinebench scores stack up against other 8 core laptops that Ive tested in the past. This is my first time with the 9880H, so not sure whats best case for it without thermal or power limits.. 至于外部温度, 在那里,你实际上会把你的手在空闲, it was barely getting to 30 度, which is pretty standard with most laptops.. 随着压力测试进入生态模式, it does get quite warm in the center.

The fans are quieter in this mode and its thermal throttling. Things cool down just slightly in sport and turbo mode. 然而, as we saw performance is much better now.. 最后, with the fans maxed out its now, a few degrees cooler, but at the expense of higher fan noise lets have a listen.. The fan was just audible at idle, with the lowest eco profile enabled., With the stress tests going in the same eco mode. It doesnt get much louder., Comfort and sport modes are about the same for fan noise and, at this point its a little quieter when compared to most other laptops, 我已测试. 然而, once we max it out, it does get quite loud.. 个人, 我认为这是一个优势, as the user has control of the fan speed, I think its better to at least have the choice to run louder and cooler. 如果需要帮助,. 接下来,让我们, take a look at some gaming benchmarks., While not explicitly advertised as a gaming laptop given its got an i9 processor and RTX 2070 最大 Q, 图形, its definitely going to be capable of playing modern games. If you want to so lets, give it a go. 在战场上, 5 Ive got the P65 highlighted in red near similarly specced machines.. The average FPS is quite similar to other 2070 Max Q laptops. 然而, despite the i9 9880H processor, 该 1 low results were lower than the others. Perhaps the lower 80 watt GPU power limit is the limitation.

有. 以下是远哭的结果 5 内置基准的超设置. 再次, the average FPS is similar to the two machines below it with more powerful 90 瓦特 2070 最大 Q, 图形. 但是 1 low is better this time likely, as this test tends to favour CPU power., 该 100 watt blade pro 17 just above. It is a fair bit higher, 虽然, 然而, that is also undervolted and overclocked by default. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was also tested with the games benchmark and this time the P65 was a little ahead of the two 90 watt machines underneath it, but again it cant Keep up with the more powerful, but also larger blade pro 17, with same GPU.. 现实, 虽然, were just a few FPS behind some of the 115 瓦特, 2070 machines so were able to get some nice gaming performance from the P65.. Ive also tested this game with the different performance modes, just to show you what to expect. 生态模式不是, really offering a playable experience. So I wouldnt expect to be able to play much while running quieter and we could boost average FPS by around 7, with the CPU undervolt and GPU overclocks.. 现在, 基准测试工具, 我已测试, 天堂谷和叠加从Unigine, 以及火打击时间间谍和皇家港从3DMark只是暂停. 视频, 如果你想详细看看这些结果. 伊夫, used Crystal Disk Mark to test the 1TB NVMe M.

2 SSD and the speeds were quite nice but expect different results with different storage. 选项. 对于更新的定价,请检查说明中的链接, 随着价格随时间而变化. 在录制时. The configuration of the P65 Creator Ive covered here goes for 2700 美元. 然而, there are much cheaper options if you dont require the 8 core i9 or a powerful GPU. 在澳大利亚这里. It looks like this configuration goes for 5200 澳元. 然而, you can get the i7 model with 2060, which will still be quite a powerful combination for half this amount. Bit strange that a creator laptop has a 240Hz screen, 但我们在这里. 考虑到这一切. Lets conclude by looking at the good and bad aspects of the 9th gen P65 laptop. 总体, its a decent laptop but Ive just got to say up front that a laptop for content creators without any sort of SD card slot seems like a bit of an oversight In my opinion., You could of course use a USB dongle, but Id prefer just having it built in, like others do. That aside, the build quality was fair, though not as good as others like say, the slightly higher priced Aero 17.. The 4K screen does look nice. The colours just appear to pop instantly due to the higher colour gamuts when compared to the 1080p gaming laptops. I usually test so its good that this is an option with the 9th gen P65 for creators that want it as it wasnt available last gen.

. The performance under worst case stress tests, was decent. Once you boost the fan speed, though it was a fair bit louder in that state and undervolting, and using a cooling pad was able to help out significantly as thermal throttling was the key limitation under worst case workloads.. This is expected, 在我看来, given this configuration has the 8 core i9 in a machine less than 1.8cm thin Id expect cooler with the i7 or lower GPU.. 也就是说说, even without the cooling pad or undervolting, the Adobe Premiere result was one of the best out of all laptops, 我试过. So for the task, its actually designed for content creation, it is performing nicely.. The 9880H gets beaten by the new Ryzen 9 4900房 协. In the smaller ASUS G14, but at the moment there arent any higher end laptops for content creation with Ryzen processors, so were stuck with Intel options for now.. Its also worth noting MSI will have the new 10th gen creator, 15 和 17 laptops coming out soon and Ill be covering those on the channel too.. Let me know what you thought about MSIs P65 Creator laptop down in the comments. If you create content, is this a machine youd be interested in? Why or why not, 让我知道, and if youre new to the channel get subscribed for future laptop reviews and tech.