But how well does it actually perform in games? 我已测试 21 different games at all setting levels and compared it with other laptops to help you decide if its worth it.. My GS66 has the Intel i9 10980HK CPU Nvidia RTX 2080 Super max Q, 图形, 32GB 双通道内存. 有趣, MSI went with DDR4 2666, despite Intel 10th gen supporting 2933 and theres a 15.6 1080p 300Hz screen.. There are different specs available, though you can find updated prices for different models linked in the description., The MSI control panel software lets you select different performance modes. Ive done all testing with extreme performance for best results.. This applies the following: overclock to the GPU, and I also tested with coolerboost enabled which maxes out the fans.. The GS66 also lets us disable optimus, which will provide a further speed boost in games. So Ive used this too. 仅在此视频中介绍游戏性能. So if youre new to the channel you'll definitely want to get subscribed for the upcoming thermal testing and full review. Lets start out by going through all games at all setting levels then afterwards. Well see how the GS66 compares with some other laptops. 红色死亡救赎 2 使用内置基准工具的游戏进行测试, and these are some of the best results Ive seen so far with this game on a laptop. Ultra is still below 60 Fps, but this Is just a resource heavy game.

战场 5 在市场活动模式下测试. Ive got the results with RTX enabled shown by the green bars and RTX off shown by the purple bars. With RTX off. These are some of the best results Ive ever seen from this game. In a laptop well see the comparisons soon. 同时, RTX was actually able to hit 60 高设置的 FPS, and it played pretty well, but youd probably want to stick to RTX off for higher performance outside campaign. 模式. 在启用 RTX 的情况下,还测试了控制. 然而, 因为游戏也支持, 德尔斯 2.0 我已经在红色中测试过这个, 酒吧. Dlss 运行它在 720p 和升级它, 它看起来相当体面, while also still performing quite well at high settings very similar to with RTX completely off while looking better. DOOM Eternal Was tested with vulkan and regardless of the setting level used, the average FPS was extremely high. Low settings was still required if we wanted to take full advantage of the 300Hz screen, 但 240 FPS at max settings is still impressive.. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the built in benchmark and the results were some of the best Ive ever seen from a gaming laptop, but well compare the results in this game and others against other laptops. 很快. Apex 图例已测试,所有设置都处于最大值,或所有设置位于尽可能低的值上, 因为它没有预定义的设置预设. Even max settings was giving excellent performance, while minimum would better put the 300Hz panel to use.

使命召唤. 现代战争在战役模式测试,我也测试它与设置要么最大或最低。. 最大设置刚刚在 100 FPS 平均值, with not too much of a boost at minimum settings. It played well for me, maxed out without any issues.. 边疆 3 测试使用在基准构建的游戏, 它仍然有可能超越 60 具有此测试中最高设置预设的 FPS. 幽灵侦察断点也测试了基准工具和, 尽管是另一个资源, 沉重的游戏命中 70 FPS at ultimate Settings is a pretty good result for it, while high settings was needed to maintain above 100, Fps. Fortnite was tested with the replay feature and medium settings was enough to give us a 300 FPS 平均值. A great match up for the 300Hz panel, while low settings would give us even 1 low performance above the refresh rate of the screen. 监督, is another less demanding game and was tested in the practice. 范围. 再次, 即使与史诗设置预设. The frame rates are very high, 而 300 FPS frame cap was consistently hit at low and medium settings. So another good one for the fast 300Hz screen. CSGO 使用 Ulletical FPS 基准进行测试, and the results in this test are very good for a gaming laptop. Ive found high FPS tests like this. One greatly benefit from laptops that let you disable the Intel GPU and run directly on the Nvidia graphics, 和, combined with the higher clock speeds of the i9, which can get hit in lighter threaded tasks, is giving excellent results.

这里. 多塔 2 was tested playing in the middle lane and although the results were a little above average here, realistically, they arent too much different when compared to other lower specced and cheaper gaming laptops. It just really doesnt take much to run this well. 彩虹. 六次围攻测试与内置基准, but using Vulkan once more, the frame rates were quite impressive for a gaming laptop with low settings being not too far behind the 300Hz panel. Its another title that is going to offer an extremely smooth, 经验. 地铁出埃及记是使用内置基准测试的. 游戏的大部分部分都比这好一点. So dont take these results as a good indication of what to expect throughout the entire game its more of a worst case but again, like most other games tested, the results were notably higher due to the higher end specs in my GS66., 该司 2 was also Tested with the built in benchmark and the results here are quite good., 该 1 lows arent too different to many others, but the average FPS, especially at lower settings, was much increased, which matches what we saw in many other titles again, possibly a result of the 10th Gen i9. PUBG was tested using the replay feature and ultra settings was still running well with above 100 Fps, even for the 1 低, while very low settings was running, smooth and easily passing 200 FPS for the average.

刺客, Creed Odyssey was tested with the built in Benchmark, 有趣, 在最大设置下, the performance was close to the Aero 17. I tested recently its got the 8 核心, 10875H processor and 2070 超级最大 Q 图形. 然而, at lower settings the GS66 offered a nice lead. Let me know if youd be interested in a comparison between the i7 and i9 in a dedicated video., Far Cry New Dawn was also tested with the games benchmark and the results were also higher than what I usually see in this test. Due to the increased CPU power, granted the improvements arent by a huge margin., 巫师 3 was playing great with max settings, its been a while since Ive seen above 100 FPS from a laptop there. 然而, it was easy to boost the performance just by stepping down to high, 在那里,甚至 1 low was near. The averages of ultra. F1 2019 was tested using the games benchmark tool and although the average FPS was higher than the Aero 17, with slightly lower specs, 如预期, 该 1 lows at higher settings were actually lower. Perhaps an instance of the slower memory in the GS66 resulting in lower performance Lets also take a look at how this config of the MSI GS66 gaming laptop, compares with other laptops use these results as a rough guide only as they were tested at different times with Different drivers. 在战场上 5 我得到了GS66在类似斑点机器附近以红色突出显示.

. 在此测试中. 该 1 低是这个选择的笔记本电脑最好的之一, 而平均FPS是第二最好的在这里。, 它非常接近特里顿 500. Just below it, 虽然, 虽然那有非超级 2080 最大 Q 图形, it does gain a benefit by being the 90 瓦特变型. The GS66 runs the GPU at 80 瓦。. 这些是远哭的结果 5 内置基准的超设置. 这一次,平均FPS仅落后更强大的一点点 180 瓦特 2080 在特里顿 900, 就在它上面, 但有趣的是,也有点背后 2080 最大 Q 和 i7 在特里顿 500., 该 1 与大多数其他笔记本电脑相比,低点仍然更高。. 这仍然是笔记本电脑的最佳结果之一, 我覆盖了。. 这些是古墓丽影的阴影的结果, 在最高设置下内置基准。. 这一次,GS66 的性能超过了更高的功率 2080 特里顿中的最大 Q 500. 再次, 然而, 它仍然约 10 FPS 背后 180 瓦特 2080 在特里顿 900 above it either way, though still one of the best results for a gaming laptop Ive tested in this game.. 总体, the gaming performance from the MSI GS66 is quite impressive, 尤其是当我们认为它有一个较低的动力 80 瓦特. Rtx 2080 超级最大 Q, 而不是说 90 其他人将具有的瓦特限制.

请记住,我的 GS66 中提供了最高的 CPU 和 GPU 选项, so expect lower results with lower specced models. 这是最好的情况。. 也就是说说, MSI told me all versions of the GS66 should allow you to disable optimus. So there will be a nice speed boost in many games as a result of that.. It may be possible that upgrading to DDR4 2933 memory from the default 2666 that MSI are shipping the GS66 with could offer further improvement. Let me know if youd be interested in seeing a comparison. 如果是这样, I could look at redoing the testing with faster memory to see how much it matters., Even with these killer specs. The GS66 is only really able to take full advantage of that 300Hz panel in esports titles, but when those high frame rates were being hit, it did look. Super smooth. Ive seen a comparison of 240Hz and 300Hz side by side and in games like CSGO, where youre actually hitting high frame rates. It does make a difference. You can actually see. Ill cover the thermals in depth in an upcoming video and theres. Still the full review yet to come.