MSIs, 布拉沃 15 is one of the few all AMD gaming laptops available with both 6 core Ryzen processor and Radeon RX 5500M graphics. But there are some important issues you need to know about before. Considering it. Its got a black brushed metallic finish both on the lid and interior., Its a little cheap feeling, but no sharp corners or edges and its solid enough. MSI lists the weight as 1.96kg, though mine was under this at around 4.2lb, 然后, with the 180w power. Brick and cables were looking at under 2.7kg or 5.9lb total.. 大小是体面的 15 gaming laptop its a bit thinner than the lower specced Nitro 5. 我最近测试. 它有一个 15.6 1080p 120Hz display with a 48Hz to 120Hz FreeSync range, 但那是. The only good news for the screen. – I measured the screens average grey to grey response time at 22.3ms, not great when a 120Hz panel needs an 8.33ms response time for all transitions to occur within the refresh window., Its one of the slower results when we compare it Against other laptops, but similar to a number of other, more budget friendly gaming laptops, 我用Spyder测试了屏幕 5 并得到了 61 sRGB 43 NTSC 45 AdobeRGB 和 45 DCI P3. So not great for content creation.. 我的面板是 300 尼特在 100 亮度, 这是合理的, and the contrast ratio was over 10001, which is good.. 背光出血不是太糟糕.

In my unit I didnt notice the small imperfections down the bottom when viewing darker content, 但这会因面板而异. 微星. Also offers the Bravo 15, with a 144Hz panel, so expect different results with that. 有, a 720p camera above the display no Windows, 你好, 支持。. This is what the camera and microphone look and sound like on the MSI. 布拉沃 15.. 这就是在键盘上键入的音据, and this is what it sounds like if we set the fan to full speed. 所以你仍然能听到我. 好的风扇噪音。, The keyboard has a single zone of red backlighting, 照亮所有键和辅助键功能。. 有 3 levels of key brightness or you can turn it off with the function and page up and down keys.. I didnt personally like typing on it, but that will probably be subjective.. It just felt like there was no key travel and the key presses dont push down far heres how it sounds to give you an idea of what to expect.. The power button is at least separate from the keyboard to avoid accidental mispresses.. The precision touchpad has a smooth plastic finish and clicks down anywhere, but the front has a sort of wobble to it and can be pushed down a bit prior to actually triggering a click which was annoying at times.. Fingerprints and dirt show up extremely easily on the shiny black finish, 但作为一个光滑的表面, its easy enough to clean with a microfiber cloth.

. 重量分布感觉不错, allowing for one finger opening and the screen goes a fair bit. 返回. Theres a fair bit of keyboard flex when pushing down hard, but it felt fine during normal use and there was less lid flex than say. 奥门 15 or Legion 5. 在左边. Weve got an air exhaust vent, the power input and HDMI 2.0 output.. The right has the rest of the IO, including 3.5mm, audio combo jack, 两个 USB 3.2 第 1 代类型, 一个端口, 两个 USB 3.2 Gen1 Type C ports, 千 兆, ethernet and kensington, 锁, so a fair bit to get in the way of your mouse. If youre right, handed., The Type C ports cannot be used to charge the machine and they dont provide DisplayPort out, but the HDMI port connects directly to the 5500M graphics.. 背面有朝向角落的排气口. While the front is just some black grooved plastic.. Underneath has air ventilation holes above the M.2 slots and in the center towards the back, but there arent any intakes directly above the fans. 仍然, 虽然, more intakes compared to the ASUS TUF A15., 进入其中涉及删除 12 菲利普斯头螺钉, 然后, once inside weve got the battery down the front along with two M.2 storage slots and one for the WiFi 6 卡。. There are two memory slots, but mine, only shipped with single channel, which is unfortunate as it leaves performance on the table.. I did all my testing with dual channel for best results and I definitely suggest upgrading.

. The two speakers are on the left and right sides towards the front. They didnt sound as bad compared to other budget friendly MSI laptops, Ive tested in the past Id say theyre above average, with a little bass and the latencymon results were looking decent.. 布拉沃 15 由 3 电池 51Wh 电池. 我已经测试了它与键盘照明背景应用程序, 已禁用和屏幕在 50 亮度。. 有趣, the battery life was actually more than half an hour longer than the Legion 5. With larger battery in the YouTube playback test., The game was only able to run at 24 FPS on battery and it dipped to unusable levels with 9 charge left.. 您还可以在软件中设置费用阈值. 接下来让我们看看热. The MSI Dragon Center software lets you pick between three performance modes, 其中, 从低到高, 是沉默的, balanced and extreme. 性能. Youve got to select user mode. If you want to enable cooler boost to max out the fan speed, otherwise you can also pick advanced and get some customization.. 闲置的温度是良好的与 21 摄氏度, 房间压力测试通过 Aida64 CPU 压力测试完成, 带应力, CPU 只选中, 天堂 Gpu 基准运行. 同时, 而游戏被测试玩, 看门狗, 2. Temperatures were on the hotter side, with the stress test going thermal throttling in balanced and extreme modes at around 94 度, 摄氏.

Maxing, the fan out with cooler boost lowered the gaming temps a bit but Made no difference to the CPU in the stress test, then using a cooling pad helped a bit more.. 这些是相同测试的时钟速度. The GPU speeds in silent mode were super low, and this made playing games unusable, so I dont suggest using it. If you need to use the 5500M graphics., The speeds were otherwise not too different. In balanced and extreme modes, the CPU performance rose a bit as cooling improved as thermals were the limit in balanced mode.. Despite the throttling, 虽然, were not too far behind the 4.0GHz boost clock of the 4600H., The power level from the 5500M in green seemed to vary. 有趣, it was lower when actually running the game and it seemed to drop with the stress tests running as the processor power increased. 继承人. Cpu 在 Cinebench 中仅性能的外观, GPU 现在处于空闲状态, so not really a noteworthy difference to single core performance, but multicore performance was affected and Ryzen controller only gave less than a 1 提高. It’s not doing great when compared to other 4600H laptops the single Core result is about the same, but the multicore score is below the other options, 但嘿. It is still beating more expensive Intel laptops. 当空转键盘围绕低 30 摄氏度点,这是很正常的. With the stress tests running in the lowest silent mode, its only a little warmer.

But if you recall, GPU performance is very low.: Balanced mode gets to the mid 40s in the center. 很暖和, but not hot.. Extreme mode was similar. The left side feels hotter than the right as the left has the side. Air exhaust. Coolerboost lowered the temps. A little the hottest point is up the back, but you dont need to touch there.. 让我们听听风扇噪音。. I wasnt able to hear the fans when idling in silent mode and its still quiet in silent mode with the stress tests running but again, not usable in GPU. Heavy tasks due to power, limits., Balanced and extreme modes were about the same and similar to many other gaming laptops. Then you might want some headphones for coolerboost. Now lets check out how well the Bravo 15 在游戏中表演, 看看它与其他笔记本电脑相比. 我已测试, 战场 5 在超设置下处于市场活动模式, and the Bravo 15 is highlighted in red.. This is only the second 5500M laptop Ive ever tested and despite the GPU reporting as running at a lower power limit compared to MSIs Alpha 15. The Bravo is a fair bit ahead of the Alpha, probably due to the CPU difference. As we know, the newer Zen2 options obliterate the older 3750H., Either way the 5500M still seems to sit in between the 1650 和 1660 Ti options on the Nvidia side.. 这些是远哭的结果 5 内置基准的超设置.

. This test depends more on the processor, which probably explains why the Alpha 15, with the same 5500M graphics, is further below now.. 有趣, the 5600M in the Dell G5 SE was just above it with the same processor. 我想, due to the GPU mattering a bit less in this test. 再次, 虽然, the Bravo 15s 5500M is in between the Nvidia, 1650 和 1660 Ti 选项. 古墓丽影的阴影也测试与游戏基准工具与最高的设置预设. The 5600M. In the G5 is now 27 ahead of the 5500M, as this is a heavier GPU test. Let me know if youd be interested in a video comparing those two graphics options.. The Bravo was just three frames ahead of the Alpha with the same GPU, so that CPU difference matters a bit less here compared to Far Cry 5, at least at these higher setting, 水平. Ive also tested the Bravo 15 在 20 游戏在所有. Setting levels check the card in the top right or link in the description. If you want more benchmarks. 现在,对于基准工具, 我已测试, 天堂谷和叠加从Unigine, 以及火击和时间间谍从3DMark只是暂停. 视频, 如果你想详细看看这些结果. 伊夫, 使用 Adobe Premiere 导出我的笔记本电脑评论视频之一在 4k 。. This is one of the slowest results out of all laptops tested, only a little faster than MSIs alpha 15, with the same 5500M GPU, but weaker processor.

, Based on the 5600M in the G5 being the next in line. It seems that Premiere, isnt well optimized for Radeon graphics., 我也测试过首映, 但与普吉特系统基准. 在这些测试中, a higher score is better and again. The Bravo is on the lower side, though it was interesting that its ahead of the G5 SE with the same CPU but higher GPU., 在 Adobe Photoshop 中的结果类似. 这往往更多的是 CPU 焦点测试, 虽然, compared to many Nvidia options. With the same 4600H, the Bravo 15 is still on. The lower side. DaVinci Resolve is more GPU heavy and was again on the lower side and below the Nvidia GTX 1650 选项, despite the 5500M doing better in gaming, so yeah for content, creator workloads, the Radeon graphics dont appear to do as well at the moment. 伊夫. Also tested SPECviewperf, 测试各种专业 3D 工作负载. Ive used Crystal disk mark to test the 512gb NVMe M.2 SSD and the speeds were fair but not amazing. 有关更新的价格,请检查描述中的链接,因为价格会随着时间而变化. At the time of Recording in the US its available for around 950 USD lets summarise the good and the bad parts of the Bravo 15 to help you decide if this is worth it.. The 5500M in the Bravo performs in between Nvidia GTX, 1650 和 1660 Ti graphics in games. So medium to high settings in AAA games is needed for 60 FPS at 1080p.

. The 5500M wasnt great outside of gaming in content. 创建者工作负载, 虽然, and the screen was also subpar in that regard with low colour, 域. Screen response time was also low, which results in some ghosting, though brightness was average. Contrast was good and it does have FreeSync to remove tearing between 48Hz and 120Hz.. Cpu. Only performance was also a little weaker compared to other 4600H laptops out there, and this was all while running on the hotter side, with some thermal throttling under worst case stress test. But at least the clock speeds being reached were still decent. 所以, 在我的情况下, the workloads tested werent throttling lots.. The touchpad has the issue noted with the clicks. The keyboard didnt have enough travel for me, but wasnt that bad and the battery life was quite good, considering the size of the battery.. 真, if it was my money, Id save up an extra 50 and get the Lenovo Legion 5 with 4800H and 1660 钛, it blows the Bravo 15 away in pretty much every regard, except for battery life for just 5 更多的钱. But let me know what models you want to see me. Compare the Bravo with in future. 现在有关我们赞助商广场空间的信息. 到现在, 我敢肯定. 你们都知道,Squarespace 是创建网站的强大在线平台, 但你知道你也可以购买域名与免费的 Whois 隐私和一个美丽的停车页面太? Squarespace also gives you easy to use analytics to see where visitors are coming from what devices they’re browsing with and more useful pageview trends.

. You can even create a community on your Squarespace site with the integrated comments system which supports threaded replies and likes., 转到方形空间.