Today we are going to unbox this lenovo flex 5, so let’s see over here. This one has reason: 3, 4, 300, 4 演出拉姆 128 ssd 14 英寸. Full hd touch screen, okay on the windows 10 and s mode, and you can switch out of s mode. So this color graphic gray, it’s a idea: pet flex, 514 ar e05 model name. 81X2. 好的, so comes like this lenovo lenovo seal over here and one circle black one over here, then it only has 40 gram right, so it’s uh, not really enough. I mean if you don’t, open too many windows, it’s kind of okay, so it’s it’s, 4 giga gram is not so great. Cpu is good, but ram is not so good. 存储. 128 ssd. You probably don’t, want to store much so it’s. You know just to browse the internet and, like maybe have a couple of pictures or something okay, 所以 4 演出拉姆. Unfortunately you cannot upgrade it. You you’re stuck with only for geek storage. Is it uses m2 ssd? You can upgrade this to two more, so we can compare this cpu with the intel i310s gen, so these are competing cpus. 所以, 正如你可以看到, this one is about 20 20 更快. So this reason is faster than this, and this cpu is is pretty good for, like browsing like you know, daily usage, so this one is even better so this this cpu is pretty good inside so over.

Here we have charger like this. This one is a 65 瓦特, not bad pretty good should charge fast, okay and then let’s. Take it out. Let’S take it out, so i had this papers over here. I don’t know if anybody reads them and we have it’s like this, pretty good packaging. Actually so let’s open. 这是 14 英寸笔记本电脑. This one was uh 3 30 on sale by the way, so it’s not bad for that and on the papers, 那是, how it looks, 想法, pet flex, 5 and reason 3. This is nice on touch. This is kind of cheaper plastic over here. It feels different a little bit buttons like pretty average okay, so we have a webcam over here, 好的, so this is how it looks in the back and we have charging port over. Here i have hdmi usbc headphone jack turn on button over here sd card slot and two usbs usb 3.1, and this is flex 5. So we can do like this, 所以它的 360.. You can use it like a tablet. It’S a nice computer. I wish it had more ram, yeah and that’s pretty much it. Thank you very much for watching.