因此, 它运行如何运行在游戏? 我已测试 20 different games at all settings and compared it against some other laptops to find out.. My 7i has some nice specs inside, but it is available with different options. 您可以在说明中找到链接的示例和更新的价格。. 联想Vantage软件允许您在不同性能模式之间进行选择. Ive used the highest performance mode for best results.. The software also lets you disable optimus for G Sync, which will give us a performance boost. 默认情况下. 最大 Q, Dynamic Boost is enabled meaning the GPU should be able to boost higher when the CPU doesnt need. The power. 只涵盖游戏性能. 在此视频中, so if youre new then get subscribed for the upcoming thermal testing and full review, 视频. Let's start out by going through all 20 games at all setting levels then afterwards well see how other laptops, 比较. 红色死亡救赎 2 被测试. Using the games built in benchmark tool were just able to pass 60 FPS with the high setting preset max settings seems to be too much for all, but the highest specced laptops. 战场 5 在市场活动模式下测试. No problems playing at ultra settings just a little under 100 Fps, so a good result and well see how other laptops compare in this game. A bit later. 在未启用 RTX 的情况下测试了控制. 我得到了结果与 Rtx 关闭在紫色 Rtx 在绿色酒吧, which was much worse.

Comparatively then RTX on with DLSS enabled, 如红色条形图所示, which was running much better while also looking good. 古墓丽影的阴影用内置的基准测试, and these are great results from a 2070 Max Q laptop but again well. Compare with some other laptops, 很快. Apex 图例已测试,所有设置都采用最大值,或者所有设置位于尽可能低的值上,因为它没有预定义的设置预设。. It was running fine at max settings, though we could get the 1 屏幕上方的低. Refresh rate at minimum. 使命召唤, 出于同样的原因, 现代战争在运动模式下测试了最大值或最小设置, and although the frame rates are lower compared to Apex, it was still playing without any issues at max settings. Fortnite was tested with the Replay feature and the 1 low results from high settings were close to the screens refresh rate with way higher possible at lower levels if thats, what youre, 后. CSGO 已使用 ulletical Fps 基准进行测试, and this game sees big improvements with optimus disabled compared to other Laptops that are stuck with it. 多塔 2 wasnt much different compared to far lower specced laptops, but either way still great results at max. 设置. 监督是另一个要求较低的游戏, 并在练习范围内测试. No issues hitting the 300 FPS frame cap at low and medium settings, 而甚至 1 low at epic settings was at the screens refresh rate.

彩虹六围攻测试与内置基准使用 Vulkan. There wasnt much difference in average, FPS between high and ultra settings and even the 1 low at very high was near the refresh rate of the screen. 地铁出埃及记是使用内置基准测试的. 游戏的大部分部分都比这好一点. 因此,不要把这些结果看作是整个游戏所期待的一个很好的指示,它更坏。. 该司 2 was also tested with the built in benchmark.. Ultra settings was above 60 FPS and we could more than double this. At low. 怪物猎人世界被测试运行通过主镇, and I had no issues with the highest setting preset. It felt quite smooth, but again we could basically double frame rate at low settings. If thats the priority. 边疆 3 was tested using the games built in benchmark again quite good results. Max settings was basically on 60 Fps, which is good for this test. While medium was able to surpass 100 Fps。, 使用基准工具也测试了幽灵重头突破点. 再次, good results compared to other laptops tested above 60 FPS at ultimate is a good result and is likely thanks to the option of dynamic boost more on that soon. 刺客. Creed Odyssey is another that was tested with the games benchmark and the results were fairly good. Here not quite 60 最大 Fps, but thats generally difficult to achieve.

, Far Cry New Dawn was also tested with the games benchmark and the results werent, really that different when compared to many others tested, perhaps a little better as a result of the 8 core processor.. 巫师 3 was playing fine at ultra settings, 但, as is typically the case with all laptops, 我测试, we can get nice gains, stepping back just one level to high, while still looking good., F1 2019 测试与基准工具,并看到类似的行为, while Minimum settings would push the 1 屏幕上方的低. 刷新率. Now lets take a look at how the Lenovo Legion 7i, with these specs, 与其他笔记本电脑相比, 使用这些结果作为粗略的指南, 只有当他们在不同的时间测试与不同的驱动程序. 在战场上 5 我得到了 7i 突出显示在红色. Its Giving a great result for a 2070 最大 Q, 最有可能是由于更高的功率限制和, 答案是肯定的, 也看到从禁用优化的能力的提升。. 这些是远哭的结果 5 内置基准的超设置。. 7i 现在在堆栈中高一点, 这是有道理的, 由于此测试更依赖于处理器电源, 并且有. 一个 8 核心 16 thread chip here. Its not without its issues, though Ill discuss. Some thermal issues in the upcoming thermal testing video. 墓丽影, was also tested with the games benchmark tool and the results were quite decent here too, 与 2070 最大 Q, 给良好的结果, 挂在那里与更高的层选项.

Overall gaming performance From the Lenovo Legion 7i with these specs was great, and this is due to the combination of Nvidias new dynamic boost, the option of disabling Optimus and the fact that the 7i runs the memory at DDR4, 3200. Ive tested one game with and without dynamic boost. Just to get an idea of the difference it makes. With it enabled the default. 该 2070 Max Q would run up to 105 watts in a GPU only load and with it off, it would run up to 90 瓦, which is more typical for this tier of GPU in a laptop. 不管怎么说, dynamic boost was definitely giving an improvement compared to not Using it and Ill compare this in depth in a future video. Here are the screen response. Time results for the 1080p 144Hz screen in my unit., The average grey to grey response time was 7.6ms and when we look at how this stacks up against others, its around the middle of the pack., The Vantage software has an option for enabling or disabling overdrive. But I found no change to response time by toggling this, 所以不确定. If its a bug. I didnt see overshoot or undershoot, so my best guess is overdrive is not enabled.. Let me know what you thought of the gaming performance from the Lenovo Legion 7i. Gaming laptop down in the comments and if youre new then get subscribed for the upcoming videos where Ill test out thermals in depth and, 答案是肯定的, the detailed full review where Ill show you everything.