. This is the successor or the next model. Up from that particular model. This is the iplay 40.. Now all cube sent this out to me in exchange for this video. That is why i have it a little bit earlier because it’s currently under what they call like a pre release, sale at the moment, so we’ll be selling for around about 180 us dollars or about 145 欧元. We have a 2k screen on this particular model, 这是 10.4 英寸,这是. 一个非常好的屏幕, 它, not as bright as the iplay 30s, which is a crazy 600 plus nits. This one i am measuring with whites about 318, its maximum brightness. The good thing about this particular screen is the resolution is quite high, 所以它的, 2 000 X 1200 delivering a sharp, bright vibrant display that is fully laminated touch. Response is very good on the screen. I haven’t had any problems with it now in the time i’ve been using this tablet and we have a full lot of settings in there as well in the settings menu for the display. So we can adjust the white balance if you wanted to do so. The scaling as well can be adjusted. There is a reading mode and there’s also the eye care mode as well. Removing the blue light on it, so it’s got everything there, but one thing is missing, 虽然: we don’t have full screen gestures for some reason, with the particular firmware on this one so great display.

Now it has quad speakers as well, four of them to either sideand this does add, definitely quite a bit of depth when playing back media when gaming on itand here is a sample of those speakers at 100 volume and then what about the tablet bill? 2, so this one they say, has a magnesium alloy frame in it in the inside of it, but the outside framethis is plastic. It’S rounded. It feels very good in hand. It’S high quality, the backing material. This is made out of plastic, so it doesn’t, even though it’s plastic, it doesn’t really feel cheap to me and giving it a bit of a flex it doesn’t creak or move about the chassis on this one. Now the weight of it is about 480 grams and it’s about 8.5 毫米. The thickness of this tablet so very good weight, very good thickness, 6 000 milliamp hour battery and it is powered by the uni unisock. It is the t 618, so that’s an octa core, and it also has the g52 mallee graphics in there. So graphics, performance i’ll, get on to later on in this in depth, review i’ll show you a few games and just how it does perform as well as a bit of a comment too on the thermals if it gets hot or anything like that. So eight gigabytes of gram great to have on this 128 千兆字节的存储空间. It does have wi fi ac.

蓝牙 5 is on board with this one as well, and it is missing a 3.5 毫米耳机插孔. 可悲, now i would have loved to have had this on my tablet and i’m used to flagship phones just lacking that port completely. I still love my analog audio out and sadly, not here type c for charging. Now this type c port doesn’t support display out. I wouldn’t expect it to either this price range and category of tablet, but sad to be missing that i really wish we’d had micro hd makes it come back and tablets, but sadly not there operating system is android 10. That is on this tablet. 我们有一个 5 megapixel front facing camera and an 8 megapixel one that does protrude a little bit and it also has a flash with it, which we don’t normally get with tablets and, 说实话, we probably don’t actually need either but hey. It is there. If you need it to use for a torch or something, the cameras are not so great, just like there are other tablets too, but here is a sample of the camera here in these studio lighting conditions, which is probably going to favor. These well kind of poor cameras, so the webcam is 720p only so an hd webcam. The microphone you are listening to, 答案是肯定的, is the inbuilt mic, just mono single channel there, and at least we have this option to use the front facing 5 megapixel camera or the rear, but i certainly wouldn’t be using this myself.

I would probably use my mobile phone, which i’m sure your mobile phone would have better video quality than what is on offer here in the iplay 40. and on the right hand, side of the tablet. We do have a volume up and down and the power button. These are made out of plastic, but they’re solid. They feel good, they don’t rattle around and they don’t have a cheap feedback to them when you click them in which is good and then on the left side upper left hand side of this tablet. We have a dual sim tray, so this takes two nano sims or a micro sd card up to two terabytes. They claim i’ve tested 128 gigabytes with no problems. Now inside the box, you’ll find the tablet it does come with a pre applied screen protector to protect it in transit. We have a type c, two usb cable, which is not that long and the charge is only 10 瓦. It will take about two and a half hours to fully charge. This tablet very plain box, plain packaging that comes in two as well, so this tablet is running android 10 and it has a security update from september. So that’s not right up to date and hopefully with the next updates. They do release. They will be adding this. So we have your typical navigation keys right here and sadly in the settings. Looking for full screen gestures is missing. I can’t see it there anywhere and i’m unable to set the full screen gestures.

I do hope, if cube is watching this or the cube that they add these settings in here. So we’ve got our typical android settings here, and this is a completely stock rom. The performance of the rom is very good, 它, 一点也不坏, and i think it’s helped and definitely aided by the fact that it has the eight gigabytes of ram and you typically have around six free at the moment. I’Ve got a few things open. 你可以看到 5.4 gigabytes of the eight is available here, so the touch input already mentioned that before is very good. The touch response i do have yeah things going on in the background right there, as you can see i’m just testing out gps before and everything. I find that it’s quite smooth and fluid here, as you can see for our multitasking and swapping over different apps. I don’t really have too much of a problem at all with it, 和整体, the wrong performance is probably the best i have seen out of these cheaper tablets at least the last three or four that i have reviewed. I think it’s down to that 12 nanometer octa core chip with the mali, g52 graphics and the 8 gigabytes of ram really does aid in the performance here of this rom. So when you first power up this tablet, you are greeted with no bloatware. This is great. I am a big fan of just using stock android, especially on lower spec tablets and phones, 否则, the heavy launchers tramming in all this bloatware that you’re probably never going to actually use or need, or have to uninstall, spend 10 minutes uninstalling.

All that junk. You probably don’t want don’t have to do here, which is good aids to the speed of the rom 2 以及. 绝对, 我认为, and storage. So we do get over 100 gigabytes free with this one. It does support micro, sd cards, i’ve tested my 128 gigabyte card without any problems better life test here. So this is a fixed looped benchmark to get the score as soon as it goes from 100 calibrated screen to 20 抱歉, 200 nets of brightness, and once it reaches 20, it then ends, and it took 8 小时和 10 分钟. Do that this considering the resolution of 2000 通过 1200 非常好, so the battery life, if you’re doing something very light, and you just keep going until you reach, say five percent. I believe nine hours is possible out of this tablet. Light use gaming you’re only looking about four hours, four and a half it really does chew through the battery gaming benchmark score here is good it’s, very decent for the spec of tablet. We have for the price range as well so we’re getting over 200 000 with the antutu score. This is a very similar score to the aldo cube. 抱歉, the teclast m40 has the same chipset. 然而, this one feels just faster, better optimized to rom. The extra two gigabytes of ram, 我相信, is helping with the rom fluidity and performance, and the touch response just seems a lot better than teclast’s screen which, by the way that tablet the m40 has a terrible screen in it very dull, not fully laminated.

This one is internal storage, 速度, 好的, 那是, maybe an area of weakness they’re not actually too bad it’s, not really going to cause too much of a problem. I haven’t noticed any huge installation delays of heavy applications, which i will get on too soon, with some heavy gaming and things, 这是, of course the achilles heel of all of these chinese tablets i’m reviewing none of them, none of them absolutely none of them Have the wide vine level one cert which we need? If you want to view amazon, prime video at anything above standard definition, so netflix standard definition stuck in it. 不幸, until we get a level one cert, then that would allow full hd and hd resolutions disney, plus that actually does work on this tablet. I’Ve installed it it does work, and that is great to see. Gps is not amazing, but at least we do have it on board here. So this gps doesn’t support a hardware compass, 好的, so i don’t know if you need that, probably not i wouldn’t be using gps on this tablet to my phone. You know that falls the gap there, my phone definitely wireless speedsare reasonable for the price. I was expecting these kind of results, so normally around 200 is the maximum i can get, but i did manage to get 162 megabits per second away from the router, where the signal drops down the point that i test with all of my tech we’re.

Getting over 100 – and that is my absolute bare minimum, so it’s still decent there and remember that this is on wireless 5g. 好的, 所以 2.4 g wouldn’t probably be as fast, but you have slightly better range. 通常, 那是, and there’s 4g support with band 20 28 jilson lt support here. One thing to point out too, before i said that we had fm radio on board uh. 抱歉, we don’t actually i’m getting confused, because the last tablet with this chipset did have the fm radio. But here, 正如你可以看到, it is missing. There is no fm radio enabled, although it should actually be there with the chipset, but they just maybe they haven’t included the app for the fm radio, pdf files and ebooks now. So these files do look good on this. This is a pdf it’s, quite a heavy one that i intentionally always test out and the performance is reasonable, so it’s not going to be an ipad pro. 绝对不是. There is the occasional a little bit of lag. If you skip ahead, 你可以看到, but very very good to catch up, as you can see when i’m skipping ahead or skipping back and going forth, it’s very quick. This is probably one of the best so far i’ve seen for reading these heavy pdf files. Considering the price of this tablet, 答案是肯定的, 下 200 us dollars double tapping, bringing that in to read the text, look a little bit closer, no problems and because it’s such a nice sharp resolution, 这 10.

4 inch ips screen, does look very, very good for this kind Of use for your pdf files, let’s have a look at ebooks now, not really too bad at all. 它, not i wouldn’t really call this lagging behind and it shouldn’t with an e book that’s very good and zooming into the text. Again text is looking great. You can use it in portrait. Not just landscape depends on how you want to hold it remember. The tablet weight is about 480 克, which is not bad and it’s thin, so it is comfortable to use as an ebook and pdf reader. What about youtube playback? So this is one of my reviews of a mini pc that i reviewed in the channel with the gtx 1650 and it’s running at 1080p. I’Ll just show you that see right here, 1080p 60. good looks really nice on the screen. The only thing is, we do get the borders top and bottom because it’s not a 16 by nine aspect, 比率屏幕, you can see just a little bit of a border there and if i was to skip ahead depending on your internet connection, that is just move. This along it doesn’t take too long to cache that and be up and running. So this tablet is perfect for youtube now on to gaming performance. So this title here is jin shin impact and it is very demanding it’s a console port. You can also get this game on pc, playstation, 4 and ios very, very demanding and i’mreally quite surprised at how this is performing.

So when i first load the game up, there are some definite noticeable lags frame dips right now. This performance is it’s, actually really quite good. So when i go into the menu, this often does lag a little bit. You’Ll see here with the settings. What i’ve done is graphics. I have that set to well it’s custom it’s showing, but it really is the lowest default preset and i’ve just changed it from 30 每秒帧数到 60, just trying to make that a little bit quicker and smoother and i’ll go to an area where there Should be a few enemies around, i think it’s just up here, i can’t seem to find it now now here we go and overall yeah it’s really performing quite well all right, there’s one enemy up there, so just go over to i’ll change the character over to Amber see if this is going to lag out on me now this can be tricky on other tablets. I wouldn’t even bother like their tech, lasts m40. You can still play this game with a similar kind of performance, but it just didn’t seem as smooth as this and the audio cube i play 30 will not be this smooth either quite laggy, so really decent, surprising performance so far out of playing this game i’m. So surprised to see how playable it is and another popular title here, this one is call of duty mobile and i have it set on the last possible settings which still looks reasonably good and the highest frame rate option.

So it does feel quite smooth, 非常好, 事实上, and i would has have to say definitely the best. I have seen this game run on a 200 sub 200 us dollar tablet. This is very, very smooth and fluid. So i’ve looked down the scope here. I do need to adjust the sensitivity in the settings. This is great. This is really really quite good and, 正如你可以看到, i have two kills already and there we go. I’Ve got someone shooting at me, no idea where they are whoever they are. There must be a really bad aim. This has to be a bot. I should be dead already. Oh there he is okay, i got lucky, but we are outside of the zone now, so it doesn’t look good for me, so great gaming performance on the iplay 40. This has to be the best i have seen this game run on a cheap tablet, so all up. I think this is a very good tablet here from cube, considering this is at the time of this video and probably going to drop in price later on. 未来, 它 180 us dollars currently on pre order or about 145 euros for that i think it’s, fantastic value for money, 你是, getting a very nice fully laminated ips screen with a great sharp resolution 2000 通过 1200, and the brighton has about 380 370 nits It’S still very decent, not bad at all good touch response, quad speakers they actually sound pretty good, because normally the cheaper tablets have terrible speakers we’re.

最后, getting up there, 然而, we are losing well. We don’t have a 3.5 毫米耳机插孔, 这是一个耻辱. I still like to have that, especially on tablets for media consumption, just great to plug them in bluetooth. Five is on board with this one and that’s okay, and then the battery life 6000 milliamp hour battery with this particular 12 nanometer chip with the melee g52 graphics. Does go for around eight hours to maybe even 10 hours if it’s, just simple movies, you are watching with this one at a lower brightness. If you’re gaming, then you’re looking around just four hours, or so it really does chew through the battery gaming on it. The performance of the rom smooth, it’s fluid the eight gigabytes of ram clearly to me is helping and the fact that it’s a stock rom and it does seem a little bit better optimized than the likes of their competition. That are also running this particular chipset in it. These guys, 这里, audio cube, seem to have got the optimization down a little bit. Better seems to be just slightly more fluid to me, so the webcams not good on them, so the front facing camera, the rear camera, not exactly amazing quality, so you would use your mobile phone anyway. You wouldn’t be using this particular tablet. It comes down to then the widevine level. One suit is a big one. 给我的, such a nice screen it’s just a huge shame that we cannot enjoy it watching netflix or amazon.

Prime video in full hd would be great on this tablet, but i’m stuck in standard definition sandy with this now disney plus, if you’re getting this for your kids disney plus, is in the play, store it installs, 它确实工作, so that is at least one thing That it does do here so overall for the price it’s selling for we’ve got another decent tablet and out of the last three tablets i have reviewed in the channel, this one has the best build and overall, 我认为, it’s the best. 如果, 答案是肯定的, you can live with those minor cons that i have listed and i’m explaining to in this video, so thank you so much for watching this video.