com author and your illustrator of manga for diamonds and figure yarning for dummies. 今天, i have something so special to show you guys. I’Ve got a new item equipment that just came in and, with my offer, Music together, we’re going to try unboxing this new product. This is called the wacom cintiq 4, the wycombe cintiq pro. 这是一个 24 英寸. Uh tablet display model which just came in this is going to replace my 16 呃, no not 16., 我 13 高清, which uh the cables broke. So i had to go order one and it was gon na take about a year yeah. It was gon na. Take up no not a year uh. I know that i had to order it from japan and it’s gon na take a long time before it finally gets here so by the time it gets there. I don’t want to miss anything, so i went ahead and bought an upgrade because you never know what’s going to happen between now and let’s say the end of january. Something could happen. It could be caught up in customs uh. The postage service is really really delayed. 马上, so i figured that, with my help of your assistant uh, we can go ahead. Unboxing what’s happening so that without further ado, let’s get cracking oh well, but before we begin, we had to said if you, if you enjoy watching my videos, 继续, hit the like and subscribe button and turn those notification button on.

So you won’t miss a beat right right: 好的, let’s get cracking okay, so this is our tool. We got our razor blade, sharp and all right go ahead and try to hold it up there. We go pretty heavy isn’t it! 没有! 没有! 我! Joking, 是, watch your fingers, always safety first and by the way, 嗯. The reason why i, i think that the cables were not available is because the model was so old and when i read on reviews, it does seem to happen. Is that the cables after a subsequent period of time they do wear down when they do break uh, in which case uh? That happens, you need to order a replacement it just so happens. I would order a replacement once, but they don’t manufacture the product anymore. So let’s get open all right open that side, and what do we see? Wow it’s, you it’s another box, another box in the box. 好的, so wait a second let’s see if we can open it, you all hold the thing down. I’Ll put it up. 好的, 走! 好的, so so this is box box number two whoa, careful! 好的! 对不起: hey xavier what what do you like to draw? Yeah what’s your favorite thing: 音乐, 音乐, 嗯, not the white ones, 哦, 好吧, which is your favorite one mine right now. I have a flipping. This is one. This is what i tried to draw for you all right back to the unboxing let’s go ahead and, 好的, you know yep all right.

So this should oh this structure’s on here. 好的, so now we pull that thing up. 是, i was about to set you down: yeah there’s, another box. Oh wait here you and now i think that there’s, some parts in here – 哦,是的, it’s heavy yep. So this is what we see so far Music. So first we’re gon na start by getting the pin stand out. Okay get the pants done. It looks like a fingerprint yeah there’s a little hole in there, and that looks like a fingerprint means, like somebody put their finger in here and then melted all the metal around it, but that’s not physically possible without going okay yeah, some television remotes looks like exactly Like this, 好的, 是, hey take a look at this guys. 这个是, it seems like it’s soldered in there beyond some plastic tape, oh it’s, almost like they don’t want you to grab at it. It’S almost like, say like here’s, a treasure, but don’t use me. 音乐, 通常, this is why Music all that’s next is to take out the beanie all right right, 一, 两, three one, two three and one, two and three one, two three go wait: wait wait, wait one two three and go on one two three and then go Well, 无论哪种方式: 好的, one wait, 等! 等待! We got to make this right. Three go one! Two three go one! Two three go: 好的! Slowly, let it go! Look at the shiny, oh you’re, 死, you’re not allowed to even breathe on the screen.

No for a second don’t feel like okay, so unfortunately, with this model is, despite have to pay close to two thousand dollars for this uh. There is no stand that comes with this. From what i see on youtube, which kind of stinks, i mean you’re, paying two thousand dollars. It should come with a stand right right and the stand cost 500, which is totally nuts Music. Like you said, it’s totally nuts, there is an irvitron that’s available, uh it’s. 基本上, a swivel arm that you get attached to your table and it attaches somewhere in the back of this uh tablet, but that’s not cheap either. That still comes around for like uh, 350, 370. So all in all, you have to kind of budget around 2500. You have tax on it and everything like that. Shipping is free, 嗯, it’s about twenty seven hundred dollars and whoa. What do you have here? 有, more uh i’m. Just checking in please feel um. You know that i’m just checking in cases. It looks like there’s more because look at what’s going on oh yeah uh. It looks like four cables: yep correct there’s, 只有一个! Oh this one didn’t. How many tables did you have? 哦,那是, the power paper? Oh what’s, this so that’s part of the car what’s. This it’s a oh yeah. I got it um if you can um charge this in and it holds power, and then you plug it into here to um.

Do it while you move, if there’s, no outlet uh? 没有, you do that from what for myers said. This is not a battery sufficient thing. You have to always keep this charged. This is such a big screen um, which is another advantage. If you guys are traveling a lot and you don’t want to be confined to this big brick, 呃, 你是, probably better off using an ipad playing with ipad, which will hold your power for at least depending on what software you’re using it will hold power for a Good three or four hours before you need to probably start charging it. I happen to use clip studio paint, which is a wonderful program which is which now is available on the ipad. So if you don’t, but of course it has its own advantages, having a power port will give you 4k display, which is pretty much um a standard, even though this is not safe. 显然, it’s been around for about three years now: spoiler alert, fires, remorse you’re excited to come up with a better, better tablet. Yeah and soon you won’t be able to buy this yeah like the oh that’s old one yeah. Pretty soon this will become functionally available, but you know what can you do? I had to get it? It was an emergency uh. So anyway, the power cord was hey. Uh x men. Could you cut through and put that on? Watch watch your feet all right, so we got no no easter eggs anywhere right.

我. Not! I know what he’s cracking look a little bit suspicious, but these cracks look suspicious, but you can’t um, take this off so um, so i don’t think there’s any more easter eggs, but it looks suspicious because the um quacks looks like you take this off. Oh made me think it might be a favorite hidden compartment. So one word of advice: i will give all people who’ll purchase something this gigantic uh, always it’s good to always keep the original packaging in case you want to go ahead and sell it. So for me, 例如, i sold my old 21 ux 21 ux on ebay uh. 实际上, we also want to take sure make sure to keep this packaging too, because you never know when you’re going to need to sell it uh or if you want to go ahead and sell it to buy an upgrade like this and um here’s, a secret which You probably do not know if you call wacom, and you say you, you want to purchase an upgrade and say, 例如, in my case there was something technically wrong with my ipad. My tablet um. They will offer you a discount and then you can negotiate for a little bit more uh. They were all 45. I asked if they could do ten, they obliged so that’s. What two hundred dollars. In my that, i i was able to keep in my pocket for something else down the line so anyway uh, oh all right.

So this is what we got. You wan na go ahead and take off. You actually touched it you’re dead. You said that already all right, so look at this. This is what we have for the first time, what i think you missed a spot right now: 好的, 所以音乐, 好的! 所以, for the first time guys, this is my upgrade of a 24 inch pro from wacom to take the not so new uh model release 2021. 呃. Now there is a 2020 version that is available uh, but it is not uh. It comes with i’m. 抱歉. 22 英寸版本, which is a more of an entry level, does not have a a 4k display and, along with it, there are some significant um limitations, but downgrades features that this one has over the other one. This has a uh, excellent gamma, 呃, color gamut from adobe, and i can’t wait to deliver a full review. So where did my assistant go? Hey yo assistant? 是, come back here, i’m just going to get drink of water. 好的, my sister is back on water break. 所以, thank you so much for watching guys, uh again thanks to my assistant Music, thanks to my assistant x, men, 呃, xavier. If you see this video please subscribe and like and like and and um hit the green button to a breaks hit the notification button. So you won’t miss any new updates Music.