Rather than skip it entirely. I thought it would still be interesting to take a look at the Intel model and see how well quad core processor stacks up in late 2020, 作为 6 cores are pretty common now, even in lower end models thanks to AMD., The laptop has a black and green Colour scheme., 盖子, is matte black with shiny green HP logo. While the interior is black too, with accented green keys., It seems to be primarily plastic, but the build quality feels decent for the most part, with no sharp corners or edges.. There was some flex to the keyboard, but not enough to be noticeable during regular use.. The lid was a bit more flexible owing to the center hinge design.. The Pavilion 15 weighs around 2.35kg or 5.2lb with a hard drive installed, or just under 3kg or 6.5lb, with the 200w power brick and cables for charging.. Given the specs and use of Max Q graphics, I expected a thinner laptop., 其, not big or anything, but Ive had full power graphics in a smaller space before.. My Pavilion 15 具有 15.6 1080p 144Hz 屏幕, no FreeSync or G Sync, and you cannot disable optimus. 有. No Max Q dynamic boost either. 伊夫, measured the screen’s average grey to grey response time at 7.9ms.. 我在描述中得到了链接. 如果您需要对这些数字进行解释。, When comparing against other gaming laptops its pretty similar to many other 144Hz panels that Ive tested, but a little below the 6.

9ms needed for transitions to occur within the refresh window., I cant say I noticed ghosting though. Ive tested The screen with the Spyder 5 并得到了 99 sRGB 70 NTSC 75 AdobeRGB 和 75 DCI P3. So decent results for a gaming, 面板. Brightness was decent too easily above 300 尼特在 100, 与 8801 对比, 比. Backlight bleed was also good. No problems with my unit, but this will vary between panels and laptops. 有, a 720p camera above the screen in the middle, 无窗口, 你好, 支持, 虽然。. This is what the camera and microphone look and sound like and heres what it sounds like to type on the keyboard.. The keyboard has green accenting, even with the lighting off., The green lighting has two levels of key brightness and all keys and secondary functions are illuminated.. At times the top row of function keys felt a little small heres. 打字的声音如何让你了解会发生什么. Typing was fine in terms of key presses. 然而, it felt a bit uncomfortable for me, 正如我认为, Ive got larger hands. The wrist rest area, isnt very long, so its difficult for me to rest. My palms while typing instead they end up resting on the edge.. The speakers are below this grill at the back above the keyboard.. I thought they sounded pretty average for a laptop tinny. Without really any bass and the latencymon results werent. Looking great.

, The power button is separate to the keyboard, just above it on the left and it lights up. 绿色. The precision touchpad clicks down anywhere and worked. 还行, 虽然, it felt a little narrow due to the aforementioned smaller space below the keyboard. 指纹和污垢. Arent too obvious on the matte black interior and theyre easy enough to clean with a microfiber cloth. 在左边, weve got HDMI 2.0 输出, Usb 3.2 第 1 代类型. A port Gigabit Ethernet, Usb 3.2 Gen2 Type C port and full sized SD card slot.. The right has a 3.5mm audio, 组合插孔, 两个更多的USB 3.2 第 1 代类型, A ports and the power input.. The Type C port does not have Thunderbolt and it cannot be used to charge the laptop.. 它确实, 然而, offer DisplayPort 1.4 输出, and both this and the HDMI port connect directly to the Nvidia graphics.. The back has a couple of air exhaust vents towards the corners and subtle Pavilion branding in the middle. 有, 前面什么都没有, not even an indent, to help opening the lid, but this didnt cause me any problems when opening.. The bottom panel is clean with just air intake vents towards the back above. 风扇. 进入需要走出去 7 菲利普斯头螺钉. The three down the front were shorter than the rest, and I found the panel a bit challenging to remove.. Once inside weve got the battery down the front, along with the single M.2 storage slot, to the right of that, 而 2.

5 drive bay is on the left.. The WiFi 5 card is just above that, and there are two memory slots towards the middle.. 不幸, the Pavilion 15 comes with one stick of memory, so its single channel.. I did all my testing in this video with dual channel for best results., Its at least advertised as one stick on the HP website, so its not misleading, like some other companies, but they could offer a nice speed boost by instead using two 8gb sticks.. Their website listing isnt all perfect, 虽然, for some reason they just list. Gtx 1660 Ti graphics without noting that its Max Qand this has already led to at least one disappointed customer.. The Pavilion 15 由 3 cell 52.5Wh battery. 我已经测试了它与键盘照明背景应用程序, 已禁用和屏幕在 50 亮度。. It lasted for about 5 Youtube 播放测试中的小时数, so not too bad for the size of the battery compared to others. 接下来让我们看看热. Undervolting is disabled and the software doesnt offer any performance modes. So theres not too much to test. Idle temperatures were cool. In my 21 程度, Celsuis ambient room. 使用 Aida64 CPU 应力测试进行了压力测试, 带应力, CPU 只选中, 天堂 Gpu 基准运行. 同时, while gaming was tested playing Watch Dogs 2., There was thermal throttling on the CPU without using the cooling pad no thermal issues for the GPU though.

. 这些是相同测试的时钟速度。. We see an improvement with the cooling pad in use, as it helps ease the thermal throttling. 有, a bigger difference with and without the cooling pad. Seen in the stress test, which implies this test is causing heavier throttling than my choice of game. 3.9GHz was the best. I could get in these tests not able to reach the full 4.2GHz all core turbo boost of the 10300H.. The power limits of the processor are dynamic, based on cooling., 例如, in the stress test, PL1 was set to around 31 瓦, though it would change, 然后, 带冷却垫, PL1 was set to 41 瓦, so its not static, meaning performance should improve the more You can improve cooling, so better results with a thermal paste change could be possible. 继承人. How CPU only performance looks in Cinebench with the GPU now idle.. This is the only time Ive had the 10300H for testing and the multicore score was actually a little below the 8th gen i5, just ahead of it. In my Lenovo Y530 granted the single core with the 10th gen chip was 7 高。. When idling, the keyboard was a little below the 30 摄氏度. Point that I typically see. With the stress tests running its in the high 40s in the center of the keyboard. Warm but not hot. 让我们听听风扇噪音。. The fans sounded silent to me at idle.

, Even with the stress tests running, it was quieter than many other gaming laptops that Ive tested too bad theres no way to manually boost the fans higher. Should we want to given thermals were a limitation to processor performance under heavy CPU plus GPU workloads.? This is an option. Their higher tier Omen 15 报价. So it seems the Pavilion misses out. Now lets check out how well the Pavilion 15 在游戏中表演, 看看它与其他笔记本电脑相比. 我已经测试过战场 5 在超设置下处于市场活动模式, and the Pavilion is highlighted in red. Its doing well for 1660. Ti 最大 Q, 图形, ahead of the other Max Q laptops Ive tested like the Dell G3 or ASUS GA502., Its even beating the higher wattage 2060 Max Q in the ASUS G15 just below it. But as we saw in my recent video, the Zephyrus is subject to thermal throttling in games.. 这些是远哭的结果 5 内置基准的超设置。. The results are still good relative to other options, something I wasnt expecting as this test. Typically depends more on CPU power, but the quad core i5 seems to be handling it well. 足够。. 也就是说说, the Pavilion 15 is now behind the 2060 Max Q in the G15 and G14. Now so those 8 core Ryzen chips are likely. Whats changed that. 古墓丽影的阴影也测试与游戏基准工具与最高的设置预设.

The position of the Pavilion 15 doesnt change here, relative to the same other laptops and again its the best result. Ive had from a 1660 Ti Max Q based gaming laptop., The throttling G15 with higher tier GPU, is now behind again and interestingly, the Pavilion is beating the full 80 瓦特 1660 Ti in the older ASUS FX505DU, which I think goes to show the limits of the Older Ryzen 3000 系列, as all the other 1660 Ti non max q laptops are doing much better. Ive also tested the Pavilion 15 在 21 游戏在所有. Setting levels check the card in the top right or link in the description. If you want more gaming benchmarks., Just as a recap, the last time I compared a quad core i5 to 6 core i7 in games, there was little difference when looking at the average results over 15 游戏 – and it still seems to be the case that 4 cores Holds up well enough today for gaming laptops, though this could of course change in future, depending on the requirements of future titles.. 现在,对于基准工具, 我已测试, 天堂谷和叠加从Unigine, 以及火击和时间间谍从3DMark只是暂停. 视频, 如果你想详细看看这些结果. 伊夫, 使用Adobe首映出口. 我的笔记本电脑评论之一. 视频在 4K 。, Lower times are better here and despite the lower overall specs. The Pavilion 15 is still able to do well here due to the Intel processor, as this test benefits from quicksync.

我也测试过首映, but with the Puget systems benchmark and this tests. For more things like live playback rather than just export, 时. Higher scores are better now and the Pavilion isnt doing as well. This time more in line with what Id expect from the hardware. Adobe Photoshop is a bit different. This one typically depends more on single core performance, and the i5 10300H does still have a 4.5GHz single core turbo boost speed. So this result isnt too surprising. 达文西解决更 Gpu 重, so the score is fairly in line with where the 1660 Ti Max Q would sit out of this selection of laptops.. So despite the quad core processor, its scoring close to higher core count, 选项. 我还测试了SPECviewperf, 测试各种专业 3D 工作负载. Ive used Crystal disk mark to test storage. The 256gb NVMe M.2 SSD was doing quite well.. The 1TB hard drive was doing how wed expect from spinning rust and the SD card slot wasnt too bad. The card clicks in and sits most of the way into the machine.. Finally lets discuss price. You can check the links in the description for updated prices, as these will change over time. At the time of recording the exact same configuration Ive tested here is 1100 USD on the HP website, but there are a few different options available, including AMD Ryzen, again links In the description for different options. 真, it doesnt seem like great value when you can pick up an 8 核心瑞森 7 4800H in the Lenovo Legion 5.

That has GTX 1660 Ti graphics too, but theyre not Max Q and its also 100 少。. The Legion also has FreeSync better battery life and lower temperatures.. 现在, 是公平的, the Ryzen Pavilion does seem to be priced a little more competitively, but thats been out of stock for some time due to the popularity of Ryzen.. The Pavilion 15 does at least perform a bit better than other 1660 Ti max q, 笔记本 电脑, 到目前为止, 我已经测试过, and at least in gaming it does still seem that 4 cores gets the job done today, 虽然, with even gaming laptops under 700. 最近, having 6 核心处理器, I wouldnt be at all surprised if future games start taking advantage of that. Its also worth considering that my testing was after a dual channel, upgrade for the 1100 价钱. Single channel memory is a bit of a tough pill to swallow compared to alternatives. Id want a nice sale before considering this one.