Show you why its worth considering in this review. Theres some nice specs for a gaming laptop inside including 8 core AMD, 赖曾, 7, 4800H 处理器, Nvidia, Gtx, 1660, Ti graphics and 16gb of memory in dual channel with 144Hz screen.. You can check out other configs and updated prices in the video description. Overall build quality is decent with some caveats., The lid is plastic, the interior is aluminium and the whole thing has a silver finish.. The front edge felt a little sharp if you brush up against it, but I never noticed it during everyday use.. There was quite a bit of flex to the lid when trying to move it. I first noticed it when I went to brush something off the screen.. A lot of people seem to have concerns about this, but it doesnt look like its that big of a deal you can check out this video by Code, Husky for more information. 有, also some keyboard flex when intentionally pushing down hard, but it felt sturdy enough during Normal use. No issues opening it up with one finger and the screen goes the full 180 degrees back.. I noticed some of the keyboard lighting leaks onto the plastic below the screen, its not really an issue, but something I havent really seen. 以前. My config weighed in at 4.6lb or 2.1kg, and with the 200w power brick and cables for charging, were looking at 6lb or 2.7kg all up., Its not too large for a 15 inch gaming laptop about average thickness and overall, quite portable.

. The smaller footprint results in 6.5mm thin screen bezels on the sides, but with a thicker bottom chin. Mine has a 15.6 1080p 144Hz 屏幕. 不幸, theres no FreeSync G, Sync or option to disable optimus.. I measured the screen’s average grey to grey response time at just under 8ms theres, a link in the description. 如果您需要对这些数字进行解释。, Its somewhat similar when compared to other 144Hz panels, 但在同一时间, nowhere near as bad as other Ryzen options like the ASUS TUF A15 or Dell G5 SE. 伊夫, 测量色域与 Spyder 5 并得到了 96 sRGB, 66 NTSC, 72 AdobeRGB 和 71 DCI P3. 在 100 brightness were looking at 327 nits and a 710 至 1 对比度. 所以, overall some fair results for a gaming panel bit lower on the contrast. 虽然. 背光出血不是太糟糕. 在我的单位, the glow patches werent bright enough to notice during normal use, but this will vary between laptops and panels. 有, a 720p camera above the display in the middle no Windows, 你好, 支持, 虽然。. This is what the camera and microphone look and sound like on the HP Omen: 15. 继承人. 在键盘上键入的听起来像什么 – 这就是它听起来像如果我们设置风扇到最大速度. 所以你仍然能听到我: ok over the fans., My keyboard only has white backlighting, which can either be turned on or off without any further adjustment, but there is also a 4 zone RGB option if you prefer.

All keys and secondary key functions, are illuminated and Although theres no numpad, we still get some extra keys to the right, so the arrows have plenty of space.. I dont personally use the numpad, so it didnt really bother me., No N key rollover, though HP specifically notes 26 key rollover, which I guess is probably enough. 继承人, 打字的声音如何让你知道会发生什么. 电源按钮是键盘的一部分, so you might want to change the default behaviour in Windows, incase of an accidental press, which is to put it to sleep.. There also appears to be small air ventilation, holes up the back above the keyboard.. The precision touchpad clicks down anywhere and works fine without any issues, although its smooth at the same time also feels a little textured and not quite as smooth as others.. Although fingerprints arent as obvious as on a black finish, they do show but theyre easy to clean off the smooth surface, 用超纤维布. 在左边,从后面, 电源输入, 千兆以太网, Usb 3.1 第 1 代类型, 端口 HDMI, 2.0a output, 3.5mm audio Combo jack and full size SD card slot. On the right from the front theres a USB 3.1 第 1 代 C 型端口,带显示端口 1.4 support no Thunderbolt here and the laptop cannot be charged over Type C. Mini DisplayPort air exhaust vent on this side and two more USB 3.1 第 1 代类型, 一个端口.

All three display outputs connect directly to the Nvidia graphics, bypassing the Radeon, 图形, so good to go for VR.. The back is just air exhaust vents and, although theres nothing on the front, not even an indentation, to get your finger into, I had no issues opening the lid.. The lid logo is a sort of reflective, blueish purple diamond in the center, with Omen text underneath., Underneath the back half of the machine appears to be air intake vents. But if we look at the bottom panel, some of the space is covered regardless still far better intake compared to the TUF A15.. Getting inside involved taking out 8 phillips head screws and inside weve got the battery down the front two M.2 storage slots with heatsink on either side of it and two memory slots and WiFi 6 card above the battery.. The two speakers are towards the front on the left and right sides.. I thought they sounded pretty average theres a little bass and they were clear enough at maximum volume and the latencymon results were looking alright.. The Omen is powered by a 6 cell 71Wh battery and Ive tested it with the keyboard lighting off background apps, 已禁用和屏幕在 50 亮度。. The results were excellent when compared to other gaming laptops with larger batteries lasting for more than 8 hours in the YouTube playback test and more than 2 hours while gaming.. 有趣, the top four gaming laptops are all Ryzen based.

让我们退房. 热下一个. Ive got a whole video covering this topic in depth, linked in the description Ill. 只是总结: the important parts here. The Omen Command Center software lets you select between different performance modes, 其中, 从低到高, are comfort default and performance, and you have the option of enabling max fan speed with any of these modes, but theres no further granular fan Controls., You can also use the third party Ryzen controller software to further boost processor performance above stock levels. 热敏测试与 21 摄氏度. 环境室, 温度. 空闲结果降低. The bottom were, 好. 应力, tests were done with Aida64, CPU stress test and Heaven GPU test at the same time, and gaming was tested with Watch Dogs 2. In the highest performance mode were not even hitting 90 degrees Celsius under these heavy loads, 一个极好的结果 – and We could get even cooler by boosting fan, speed or using a cooling pad.. The clock speeds were still hitting 4 to above 4.1GHz, depending on the test and without any modifications over all 8 核心. 所以再次, excellent results., 该 1660 Ti was able to run at its 80 功率限制, regardless of the mode. So the different modes only really modify CPU power limit and fan speeds.. Due to the high GPU power, we can still play GPU heavy games without performance loss. In the lower modes, 虽然, we cant really get much of a quieter system as youll hear soon.

. I also didnt find Ryzen controller to boost performance in workloads where both the CPU and GPU are active.. It did, 然而, give us a boost in CPU only workloads, for instance in Cinebench. We could boost multicore performance by almost 6 with this tool. When we compare the results with other laptops, its doing extremely well, basically tied with the Eluktronics RP 15 and much better when compared to most others tested only getting beaten by thicker and far more expensive options.. The keyboard area was never hot, regardless of the workload being run, though it was possible to get some improvements depending on the specific mode and fan speed option in use. 特别是, the WASD keys are always cool, as air must get pulled through the keyboard and the Wrist rest was fine too, so it always felt comfortable even after gaming for hours lets have a listen to those fans.. When idling, the fan would occasionally ramp up a bit, which is why Ive recorded two levels. 出于某种原因: comfort mode, basically maxes out the fans with the stress tests going not sure if thats a bug or if HPs idea of comfort is how cool the machine Feels without regards for your ears but thats why comfort mode ran cooler than the higher default mode. Max speed was on the louder side, but nothing that cant be resolved by using headphones same case with most gaming laptops. Now lets check out how the Omen 15 performs In games and compare it with some other laptops.

在战场上, 5 我有奥门. 15 以红色突出显示。. The average frame rate is similar to a lot of other 1660 Ti 笔记本电脑, 我已测试, though a little behind some others, but only by a couple frames.. 该 1 low seems to be a bit lower on the Ryzen based laptops in this game. The i7 options in the vapor 15 aka mag, 15 and helios 300, 例如,, see a fair improvement in this regard.. 这些是远哭的结果 5 内置基准的超设置。. The average FPS is similar when compared to the other 1660 Ti based laptops that Ive tested. 然而, in this more processor heavy test, 该 1 low performance was better than the all alternatives, with the exception of the undervolted Helios 300.. The Helios was also a fair bit ahead in average FPS now at least compared to the last game. 墓穴的阴影. Raider was also tested with the games benchmark tool with the highest setting preset and as a GPU heavy test, its not surprising that weve got a few other 1660 Ti laptops performing. 同样, 74 FPS was the highest result recorded from a 1660 钛, and the Omen 15 was able to hit this too. Ive also tested the Omen 15 在 20 games at all setting levels. You can check the card in the top right corner or link in the video description. If you want to see results in more games.

现在,对于基准工具, 我已测试, 天堂谷和叠加从Unigine, 以及火击和时间间谍从3DMark只是暂停. 视频, 如果你想详细看看这些结果. 伊夫, used Adobe Premiere to export one of my laptop review videos at 4K, and the Omen 15 was doing well for a Ryzen based laptop with 1660 Ti better than the A15. 任何状况之下, and almost the same as the RP 15 同 2060, but those Intel options have the edge here due to quicksync. 我也测试过首映, 但与普吉特系统基准, which also accounts for things like live playback rather than just export. 次. Higher score is better here and with more than just raw exporting concerned. 奥门 15 is now doing better than some of the Intel options with higher tier GPUs. 在 Adobe Photoshop 中. The Omen was on the lower side compared to most others tested Im, 不太确定. 为什么, 虽然, as this is typically a CPU heavy test and as weve seen, the processing power is certainly there. In DaVinci resolve its actually doing quite well. The best result from any 1660 Ti laptop that Ive tested so far. 我还测试了SPECviewperf, 测试各种专业 3D 工作负载. Ive used the OpenVR benchmark to test the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite, and the Omen was performing closely to the other 1660 Ti laptops tested. The CPU matters a bit less here from my testing, as this is heavier on the GPU, but in any case it still offered playable performance in half life alyx.

基本上, only the alpha 15 and below didnt. Ive used Crystal Disk Mark to test the storage and the 512gb NVMe M.2 SSD was doing well. The SD card slot wasnt too bad. At least the reads are better than the writes, which is preferable, as most people will probably dump footage rather than write to the card.. The card clicks in and sits most of the way into the laptop. 有关更新的价格,请检查描述中的链接, 随着价格随时间而变化. 在美国录制时. The configuration with 8gb memory and 512gb storage is 1250 美元, but it was recently on sale for 200 less than this, so definitely worth keeping an eye for. 对于 100 更多. You can get double the storage and double the memory which I think is worth going for. 16Gb of RAM is a great sweet spot in my opinion, but again this was just recently 200 off as well. 考虑到这一切. Lets conclude by summarising the good and bad aspects of the HP Omen 15 gaming laptop to help you decide if its worthwhile.. 所有考虑的事情, I think the Omen 15 is coming out ahead of the Eluktronics RP 15. I previously tested, as my current favourite Ryzen based gaming laptop., The performance difference isnt too large in many workloads and screens are similar with a slight edge in response time to the RP 15. It just depends what youre using it for.

. The Omen has the edge in build quality despite the more flexible lid.. The gaming performance isnt that different despite the RP 15 有一个 2060 and battery life is much better with the Omen, so it really comes down to price difference and what your priorities are.. The thermal performance of the Omen in particular, really puts others like the TUF A15 and Dell G5 SE to shame this is how a Ryzen gaming laptop should be.. I think theres a lot of value on offer compared to alternatives, which is why its my current favourite Ryzen gaming laptop, but I do still have more of those coming to test before I do a big comparison.. 所以, 基本上, 总结: if youre looking for a gaming laptop with AMDs Ryzen processors, then the HP Omen 15 should be right up the top of the list, especially if you can pick it up on sale.. Let me know what you thought about: HPs Omen, 15 游戏笔记本电脑在评论和, 如果你的新频道, get subscribed for future laptop reviews and tech.