我得到了 6 核心 12 线程. 赖曾 5 4500U 在这里, 所以能够达到性能水平, 这是以前闻所未闻的 13 英寸机器。. The build quality feels great. The lid interior and bottom panel are all metal with a dark finish, and there werent any sharp corners or edges. 我, weighed in just under 1.25kg or 2.7lb, and then about 1.55kg or 3.4lb total. Once we add in the small 65 瓦功率, 用于充电的砖块和电缆. Its on the thinner side, which I thought was quite impressive, 鉴于其得到了, that 6 core processor inside and the smaller footprint results in 6mm thin screen bezels on the sides., The slimmer sides Combined with the weight made it awkward to hold from the sides with one hand, two hands on the sides or one on the bottom was alright, but it still felt a bit weighty as a tablet and the keys on the back dont feel great when holding it. In tablet mode, at least compared to say the Surface Book 3, which is all flat. 该 13.3 1080p IPS touch screen, is glass and has a glossy finish. So fingerprints will show up if you touch it.. It worked fine for me as a touch screen and felt responsive, but does not come with a pen, though HP does sell. 一些. Ive tested it with the Spyder 5 并得到了 96 sRGB 73 AdobeRGB 和 73 of DCI P3.. It was bright enough at full brightness and had an 8401 对比度, so it looked pretty good.

Backlight bleed wasnt bad at all. I never noticed the small imperfections when viewing darker content, 但这将因笔记本电脑和面板而异。. It cant quite be opened up with one finger and, 答案是肯定的, 由于 360 度铰链, the screen goes the full way back.. This lets you use it in normal, 笔记本电脑模式, reverse mode, tent mode or tablet. 模式. Screen flex was minor owing to the solid metal lid and the keyboard wasnt too bad either. It feels quite sturdy.. The 720p camera is above the display in the center no Windows, 你好, 支持, 虽然, but there is a privacy cover that goes in front of it when you press this shortcut on the keyboard.. 这就是相机和麦克风的外观和声音, and this is what it sounds like to type on the keyboard.. The keyboard has 1.5mm of key travel and white backlighting, 它照亮所有键和辅助键功能, and brightness can be adjusted between two levels or turned off with the F4 shortcut key. As Ive got larger hands. When typing, I had to kind of rest on the edge of the machine rather than the palm rest area, though I didnt find it uncomfortable. 继承人. 打字的声音如何让你了解会发生什么. Theres a fingerprint scanner tucked in between the right, alt and arrow keys, which I found to work fast and from different angles? 没问题. The precision touchpad worked well, 没问题, 那里.

It clicks down anywhere and is using the most of the available space. 指纹和污垢出现在哑光表面, 但作为一个光滑的表面, its not too difficult to clean with a microfiber cloth. On the Left from the back theres, a 3.5 毫米, 音频, 组合插孔, Usb 3.2 第 1 代类型, A port and USB 3.2 具有显示端口的 C 类端口 1.4 support and Type C, can also be used to charge the machine, no Thunderbolt though. On the right theres a MicroSD card slot. 第二, Usb 3.2 第 1 代类型, A port and the power input. Both of the Type A ports have a little latch that you need to push down in order to plug something in. I found them a bit annoying and often needed to just lift the machine to use them, but I suppose its a compromise of the thinner machine.. The back just has an air exhaust vent and subtle Envy, branding and theres nothing on the front. But there is a gap to get your finger in to open it up without issue.. It was clean underneath with just some air intake vents up towards the back.. There are two TR5 screws down the front. Then there are three more Phillips head screws underneath the back rubber foot. Inside weve got the battery down the bottom and above it to the left, single M.2, storage slot and WiFi 5 card memory is soldered to the motherboard, 虽然, which is pretty typical for a 13 Device so make sure you get it with what you need.

. The speakers are down here too, towards the front on the left and right sides.. They sounded decent for the size of the machine, above average with some bass and the latencymon results were looking good too.. The Envy is powered by a 3 Cell 51Wh battery and it was holding up well when compared to others, with bigger batteries lasting for more than 9 hours in the YouTube playback test.. 它持续超过 2 hours in the gaming test, but it was only able to run The Witcher 3 at around 22 Fps, while most other results were 30 Fps。. The Envy comes with HPs Command Center software installed, which lets you pick between four performance modes recommended performance, comfort and quiet.. It was cool to the touch at idle in the lowest quiet mode., With a CPU stress test running its still hardly warm.. Comfort mode was a bit cooler, 但你会听到下一步, the fans are louder. 现在, then the highest performance mode was a bit warmer, but again its nowhere near hot. Its hardly getting warm lets have a listen to those fans.. It was silent at idle. Still quiet, 即使有压力测试. Running in quiet mode recommended was a bit louder, then comfort mode louder. 仍然, while performance was the loudest.. I think these are good results considering this is a worst case and youre, given some level of user control.. Here are the temperatures with the same stress, test being run in the different modes, 所以 80 摄氏度最坏情况.

. These are the clock, speeds for those same tests so up to 3.1GHz over all 6 cores in the best performance mode, and this was while running at around 18 watts long term. 它会, 答案是肯定的, boost up higher initially. Heres how the different modes translate into Cinebench performance. Ive also used Ryzen Controller here to try and get a little extra boost, and it helped a bit. 当我们看它如何堆积在别人身上. Its ahead of all the quad core machines, but behind the more powerful 6 core options, 然而, the single core performance was close to those higher tier machines.. Although not a gaming laptop by any means, you can get away with some light. 1080P gaming, with the Radeon graphics with lower settings, some heavier games would likely be possible too, if youre willing to drop the resolution down to say 720p, but either way still an impressive result for integrated graphics in a 13 英寸机器。. 出于某种原因, my Adobe Premiere export test was estimating more than 5 小时, which is far beyond my worst ever recorded result. 再次. This is my first time with the 4500U, so Im not sure if thats normal or not, I suspect it just needs discrete graphics. To do well, as I was seeing similar from the 4800U in the Lenovo Slim 7. Ive used Crystal Disk Mark to test the storage and the 512gb NVMe M.2 SSD was doing well, and the MicroSD card was reasonable, but not great.

. The card clicks in and sits most of the way into the machine. 对于更新的定价检查说明中的链接,因为价格会随时间而变化. At the time of recording the 13 英寸模型. 我已测试, 虽然, with double the memory is 1000 美元, but there are also other options with Ryzen 3 要么 7 处理器, or the larger 15 英寸模型. 太。. 同时, 这里在澳大利亚看 2000 AUD for the same specs, 我测试了, 好, with all of that in mind, lets conclude by considering the good and the bad to help you decide if the Envy x360 is worth considering. 总体. This is a solid machine with not many issues. Before Ryzen 4000, this level of processing power in a thinner 13 inch device like this was simply not possible.. It doesnt run too hot, even under heavy stress test and doesnt get too loud, but either way there is some level of user choice available. 有. The Radeon graphics. Allow you to perform some tasks like light gaming, but Id be looking for something more powerful in the GPU department. Personally for video editing that said, dont forget its a 13 2 在 1 机. Build quality was great battery life was excellent. The touchscreen in this model, 键盘和触摸板, were good. Speakers were above average and, 答案是肯定的, youve got the option of using it in four different modes.. It was a bit heavier for me personally in tablet mode, but it would definitely be easier to handle than the larger 15 英寸模型.

. 所以所有的事情都考虑, I could definitely recommend the Envy x360. If you need a smaller portable machine, its got a lot going for it without many downsides. Upgradability was a downside, but I cant think of any 13 devices like this, that dont have soldered components. At least this doesnt extend to storage and WiFi and is only memory.. Let me know what you thought about HPs Envy x360 down in the comments which specs would you pick And if youre new to the channel then get subscribed for future tech.