Like you see i have here. So this is the service pro 7 tab s7, but um that was kind of an unofficial way and since samsung has been pretty good at adding features and things of that sort uh to these tablets. I want to show you today how to do this officially, so the prerequisites for this is that you’re going to need the latest update for your windows device so make sure you have those windows updates installed. The other thing you’re going to need is one ui 3.1, and this is good for either the tab s7 or the tab s7 plus. So what you’re going to do here is first you’re going to go on to the tablet and you’re going to pull your notification bar down and if you are using one ui 3.1 for the first time, it’ll actually show you where that button is. But i move mine around so right here is where my second screen toggle is so i’m going to turn this on, but for some reason and i’m not sure why it’s making me restart and install an update this wasn’t the case when i was using my wife’s Tablet uh, she has a tab. S7. I have the tab at seven plus, but i just wanted to kind of show you how this is here and actually let’s go ahead and do that so you’ll probably have to restart it install. So here is what the update screen looks like for that this is actually a little bit different than i’m used to i’m used to seeing that android screen, 我相信, that’s in a blue hue, but this is interesting.

I guess this is probably just for a feature update, but anyway just want to show you what that’s going to look like. So here we have the tablet going ahead and resetting all right. So now that that update has gone ahead and gone through what we’re gon na do is do the same thing. I said before so we’re gon na go and swipe down on the notification bar and we’re gon na go here to second screen. Once you tap it’s, going to bring you to this screen right here and here, it’ll, give you an explanation of what this does, how it works and things of that sort and what you’re going to want to choose is what’s best for you down here. 所以, within this connection mode settings here, you have either drawing drawing slash gaming for faster response or video for smoother playback, in this case um i’m. Just going gon na leave it in what it is right now, drawing slash gaming and from here you can leave the tablet on this screen. What you’re gon na do on the windows? Computer is you’re going to press the windows key and k. 答案是肯定的, you can do this another way, but this just kind of seems like the fastest way possible and, 正如你在这里看到的, it’s actually seeing a few of my devices, but the one we want is this one, my tab, s7 and you’re gon na press That it’ll, let you know, it’s a display and then it doesn’t work hold on that was interesting and there we go so now.

Your tab s7 is officially a second monitor, and this is through the method that samsung provides for you using uh one ui 3.1. One of the other use cases i’ve actually found for thisand this is something i don’t think has been mentionedis that you can actually project wireless decks onto your tablet now using this second screen functionality. So the way you get that done is you’re going to go on to your phone and you’re going to find the decks icon. Now it is important to say this. This is only going to be for phones that actually support wireless decks. So keep that in mind. I said it then we’re going to go to decks here in this case i’m using the galaxy s21. 然后, 正如你可以看到, it actually connected to my tablet before but i’m gon na show you how to do this. You’Re gon na go let’s actually go back, so you have two choices here: you’re gon na obviously go to decks on tv or monitor, and then let’s cancel that again you’re gon na press. The name of your tablet, which is why it’s important to have the second screen functionality already showing here on the screen, so let’s tap and keep in mind. This may actually fail a few times, but continue to try it because it did actually work for me. After a while all right, yeah see it failed again now it looks like i’m fibbing and i’m, not fitting for sure let’s try it again.

Okay and there we go see voila wireless decks. So what this is is just my phone on my tablet now on the display and everything um. I don’t know that sound comes through here, but let’s. Try that let’s watch coyote plays with cat. Oh that’s, pretty cool is the sound coming through there. 哦,是的, look at that so yeah it actually projects the sound and everything else and you can go ahead and uh do things. I go to my files and be aware. This is all the stuff that’s on your phone. So this is pretty cool. If you don’t use decks now is a good time to start using it, and this may be a little bit redundant because, 是, you do have decks on the tablet. However here’s the thing dex does not seem to back up when you get a new phone so right now i have to go into my galaxy s21 and do everything i did on my note 20, but it’s better than setting decks up on the tablet and having To move the files over from one device to another, i can just set it up now on one device and then basically use it on this device, 但是的. This is just an extra extra way to use uh the second screen functionality. 现在, a few things to be aware of you can actually allow mouse and keyboard touch and uh panda input from this device here, so that’s pretty cool.

You can also go up here and change the projection mode to either extended duplicate or second screen only or disconnect whatever you want. Let’S go back and press windows k again so i’m going to go ahead and allow mouse keyboard, touch and pin input from this device. The other thing to be aware of is that the tablets will only support 1920×1080 resolution so um, if you’re wondering if you can use the full resolution on your tablet and sort of get. You know a high resolution display you can’t at least not now. Maybe there will be some kind of work around, but i guess that kind of just really matters when you care about these black borders right here, like i do other than that you know this is this is just the official way through samsung. 这是, 你知道的: it’s it’s, pretty it’s, pretty neat that they’re offering something like this. This doesn’t really require any more downloads um, you know there’s, no second driver you have to download or anything along those lines. All you have to do is make sure you’re doing your updates on your windows device, which you probably are anyway and you’re, probably going to be doing the updates on the tablet and there you go now. One of the use cases you could probably find for this is that you’ll be able to use this to present to someone. So in the coronavirus era, which we are still in right now, let’s say for instance, if you’re in a room.

If you want to present something to someone now, you can actually let’s say: leave your tablet at the end of that very long table and then have your pc here and whatever you do on your pc is obviously going to show up on here. You can duplicate the displays, extend displays whatever have you and it’s, also just good for giving you more space while using your windows pc. 所以再次, this is just it’s a really cool thing. Um i haven’t tested out the s pen, but let’s try that i’m not really gon na, do anything too crazy. 好的, 好吧! Look at that and it’s decently responsive it’s, not i do notice slight lag, but you know for what is offered here for you paying what you’re gon na pay for this tablet. You can’t really go wrong and you can’t really ask for much. You know you don’t! This is something that’s offered by free from a manufacturer, 所以无论如何, just wanted to show you all this really quick, the official way so for anybody who has a tabash, seven tavis, 呃, seven plus i’m, pretty sure this will even come to the older tablets. If one ui 3.1 goes onto that tablet, so maybe the tab has six. Now you can use that as a second display, so as always wherever you are in the world, have a good day have a good night.