This is a tablet pc, eight gig plus 256 演出, dual band wi fi, high speed internet wireless keyboards and matching gifs are provided for the top 30 users. So this is very helpful if um, if you’re working from home, my my old my orderhasn’t arrived yet but let’s see if this is a good product to use. So this is the video hold on let’s check so far. It looks good it’s, 6098 pesos and, as i process the order, there’s no added shipping fee. So i believe that uh, the shipping fee is free, so the display is samsung 2k resolution. Hd screen excellent picture quality and two colors let’s just hope this that this is perfect for my work from home job: 好的, 所以 64 bit powerful 10 核心处理器, robust performance based on the data that i see here or the details, it’s good, so um. If the um, the price is only six thousand and now with this hold on, let me see with this specs that i see here, it’s good for the price so official standard. It includes first, the tablet pc original charger original leather case original headphones. A data cable pen tempered film, i just don’tknow if um all of this stuff are included in the order, so promptcom is eight million camera. I don’t know what that is. The volume button is the on the um right side, 对, corner, 耳机, jack type c car charging, oh there’s, a sim card as well.

Dual sim card i’ve tried to uh check on check this uh and look for reviews on youtube, but i am not seeing one so that is the reason as to why i am doing this, so you can download um, wps office, microsoft office, word excel and pt. So yeah so take pictures, 我们, 13 million camera for the back camera and then front com is 8 万 10 核心处理器, 64 bit hd screen. 解决方法是 2560 and um times 160 分辨率. The battery is eight 8600 mah capacity, long standby. The rom is 8 演出, the rom is 256 gig high speed internet and an android 9. um looted 5.0 good sound, more beautiful, aluminum body. So this is the design. I just hope that this is perfect for my um for my job, because the main issue working from home is the power interruption. So if i can use it for i’m, ensuring power outage, then it’s good, so i’ll update you guys once i receive the product and so yeah if you’d like to subscribe, then that would be perfect.