Oh what’s, this it’s just another, monitor but check this out so you’re. 查看 2 800 nits of brightness so let’s find out why that’s a good thing right after this intro Music, so one of the big complaints about field monitors. You know that a lot of these lower end models they’re, just not really all that bright, which makes them somewhat useless on really sunny and bright days. Most include the sun shade, which you know does help to a degree, but more often than not, you’ll have to kind of like squint to try and see over the reflections and light and that bright, sun and okay. We live in the uk, so sunny days, aren’t really that common, but for those of you insane climbs. This is a really big problem. 好, worry not because desview has a monitor for you guys, which is the new r6 uhb, which stands for ultra high brightness it’s. A monitor designed to keep you shooting, even on those super sunny days with a maximum peak brightness of a whopping, 2 800 尼特. This thing gets so bright. They don’t even include a freaking sunshine they’re like nah we’re good. This is stronger than the sun, but is it any good well let’s find out together? 所以, firstly, is it expensive? 谢天谢地, the desview r6 only has an rrp of about 279 美元. So this puts it firmly in the kind of upper level of budget orientated field. Monitors, but i think at this price point considering what you get you know, this will be a really appealing option.

You know there are cheaper options available for sure, but if you spend that little bit extra on a device like this, there are certain luxuries that you get and there’s definitely nothing. Budget about this screen so it’s a 5.5 inch full hd touchscreen, which accepts up to 4k input and output. You get a pixel density of 401 ppi and a contrast ratio of a thousand to one which is great for a screen of this size, meaning you get really sharp, vivid and clean. Looking video feed that, to my eye, looks very color accurate as well, so just to put that into context an iphone 12 pro max has a ppi of 458. So if you know how good that screen looks, this is pretty much nearly on par with that. The star of the show there really is that peak brightness of 2800 尼特, which really does make this monitor, stand out from the crowd. So we’ve used a number of different monitors in the past at different kind of price points, and honestly none of them comes close to this, like even in direct harsh sunlight, 你是, still able to use it and see very clearly, i mean they don’t even include a Sun shade, which gives you an idea of how bright this gets. The fact that most budget monitors are just simply not really usable on sunny days makes this a really big selling point for the r6, as well as a fantastic looking screen.

The actual touch interface makes using this monitor very easy and simple, so the screen is responsive and they’ve added some really nice kind of shortcuts, like dragging the screen on each side, to control the brightness and the volume, and also a pinch to zoom. 现在, 个人, i do like the option of having some physical buttons, so it loses a few marks for that. But overall i found the r6 very very easy to use and it does help that the actual ui is really well organized and everything is grouped together in a logical way. So many cameras you’ve only got to see the difference between this and the screen on the 6d mark ii, 例如, to see what a huge impact having that bright screen can make and when it comes to features. The r6 is no slouch in this department either. You get your usual wealth of tools such as histograms, waveforms, vectorscopes, false colors, zebras and focus peaking as well pretty much everything you might need to ensure you’re. Getting video that’s, sharp and in focus well exposed and color accurate as well, and these are really especially useful for those of you using you know, lower end cameras like the m50, exclude a lot of these kinds of tools so for a relatively cheap outlet. You’Re getting a bunch of tools that you might have to pay a high premium to get in a more expensive camera body. Add to that there’s, a headphone jack for audio monitoring, as well as an sd card to upload your own luts.

You get a very capable and comprehensive piece of gear to add to your filmmaking arsenal now in terms of the build quality. 给我的, it gets a solid seven out of ten, so it’s compact and lightweight at about 240 克. But at this price point the chassis is, you know all plastic, 但尽管如此, it feels very, very durable and quite sturdy, and i think it could take quite a good beating, especially if you’re like me and you don’t, really baby your equipment and you’re kind of Like you know, rough handling, it a bit throwing it in your backpack and going to shoot to shoot, but i feel like this could take quite a lot of punishment. What’S interesting in the r6 is actually you have an inbuilt fan and cooling system which is needed to keep the unit functioning and cool to keep up with that max brightness. So you can set the fan, speed manually or just leave it on auto it’s. Not what i would call loud, but on the mac setting, it is audible, here’s a little clip of it it’s, not loud enough to distract from like dialogue or sound. But if you’re trying to get the best audio out of somethingand you know you need complete silence – 它, definitely worth noting if you’ve got a decent mic that’s, you know further away and pointing towards a noise source, 它, probably not going to be a big problem.

It’S definitely not a big deal breaker. 给我的, this also gives you an option to use npf or e6 batteries, as well as powering it via a dc power supply, which is probably your best bet if you’re going to be filming for long periods. Because of that max brightness, 你知道的. 好, i use these kind of like cheaper third party batteries. I found i was able to get about anywhere from half an hour to about an hour at that maximum brightness. So your mileage may vary here, regardless i’d still use a power supply for any kind of serious work. So i think that pretty much covers everything for 279 美元. There are a lot of different monitors. You could get at this price range, but i think the r6 from bezview is probably one of the best at this price point. It’S got really useful tools has a great touch screen and again that maximum brightness just makes it stand out. So much so. 给我的, i’d have no problem recommending this for people who are looking for a great field monitor, but one that won’t hurt your wallet too much. Look no further it’s the des view r6 uhp anyway guys. 非常感谢您观看此视频. If you’ve got any questions feel free to leave us a comment down there below give this video a like, if you liked it and subs, if you loved it, follow us on socials. 一如既往, i’ll see you on the next one.