5000. Specifically the 5502. This machine has eight gig of ram. It’S got a quarter, terabyte drive but it’s an m2 drive, pcie nvme, so it’s the super fast drive. It has wi fi six. 它有 15.6 inch display uh with the higher resolution being the full hd 1920×1080 它, 只 3.8 磅, which is great for a 15 英寸笔记本电脑, 这是 1.7 公斤. For those of you who, like kilograms we’re, going to take a look at this right now and unbox it and let well let’s just get to it rather than talk about it, so there’s the boxes, nothing exciting at all about the box. Um all right let’s get to opening this up. I always like to keep the boxes clean, so i can return them if there’s a problem, so i try to always cut the plastic nicely you don’t have to you just tear it apart. 也, when i resell the products which i typically keep laptops six months to a year, people like to have the boxes still with the unimportant stuff. 第一, so typical ac, adapter it’s going to have a north american plug yeah there we go because, 答案是肯定的, that’s where i am let’s just tear that open yeah, typical north american plug something interesting there. As far as laptop goes, lovely packaging and uh let’s see what okay there’s nothing else in this box, except this little document so i’m going to get rid of this box flip this laptop over and, 哦, my goodness, the warranty and safety regulatory information.

How exciting so i’m certainly going to read that not okay, so uh very light battery is not removable. Uh well, not readily removable. You have to pop out the screws which we’re going to do yeah, definitely metal top backlight keyboard and giant screen, but very very light. It’S also rocking the intel i5, in particular the 11th gen i5, specifically the 1135 g7, 这是一个 4.2 gigahertz cpu. But more importantly, it comes with the iris, xe graphics and you think, built in graphics. Dude that’s, going to suck uh well built in graphics, are seldom as good as discreet graphics controllers, but this one with the xe has a huge jump in performance over its predecessors. You can actually play modern games on this, with decent frame rates intel iris, xc, 图形. Can give you up to double the performance over our previous generation in the same power envelope, which is super important for portable battery powered pcs? So performance is way up and we’re now getting frame rates and image render times that rival, discrete gpus for thin and light laptops. The iris xc engine is packed with more shading resources than ever, and those shading resources which we call execution units or eu’s, allow us to apply all the visual effects that developers use to make their games. Look amazing where the 10th gen design had 64 eu’s iris xd graphics in 11th, gen packs 96 execution units in the case of irsxe, the gpu runs it up to 1.

35 gigahertz that’s an almost 23 speed up compared to the previous generation. Data compression is also applied to iris x’s media and display blocks too encode and decode throughput are up to two times higher than what they were in the previous generation. Irisexy is also the first mobile gpu from any vendor with hardware accelerated av1 d code. 现在, if you haven’t heard of av1 it’s the hottest thing in video compression right now now decoding av1 video is really processing. Intensive and specialized hardware on iris xe handles most of the job without breaking a sweat and since youtube. Vimeo netflix are all in the early stages of rolling out av1 coded video offloading that decode to iris xc is going to stretch out your battery life, while you’re binging on your favorite new tv series, iris x’s, improved display engine offers a ton of options for attaching To monitors on your desktop or to a television in your living room, the gpu can drive up to four 4k screens and even has the bandwidth to power. Ak displays at 60 hertz iris xc is also the first gpu industry wide to accelerate dolby vision in hardware. Now netflix has a good number of shows and movies available in dolby vision, and i get pretty excited when those pop up, because they look great together. Our software stack and hardware engine deliver playable frame rates in games that simply weren’t accessible on thin and light laptops. Before we’re talking about aaa titles and for multiplayer games, where every frame matters we’re averaging more than 100 frames per second at 1920×1080, that’s full hd in some cases, even twice the frame rates, the spec on itis that uh.

这是 0.56. So half an inch and uh when you includebecause this is beveled uh when you include the uh, the thickness of the back it’s 0.7 英寸, so it’s very thin, it’s it’s, incredibly light it’s a little bit heavier than the surface book, but uh not enough that. I would care, and especially given the uh, the giant amount of screen space, the additional screen space and the number pad well worth it. So they put this cool sort of rubberized plastic hinge on the back and what that does is we’ll just show you uh. It lifts up the machine so which makes it a little nicer. I wish i could fold this all the way over, though i do like using the tablet features that come with surface books and that type of device. It also has a fingerprint scanner to sign in and, 不幸, the camera is not the infrared camera. You cannot use it for windows. 视窗. Hello sign in now here is a very, very interesting design choice that i think is going to make an enormous difference on this machine. Take a look at this see those you think well, 它, just little holes in it for for cooling well, for venting no they’re, not vents they’re the well. They are vents but they’re the intake vents. 所以这意味着, you can put this on your lap and not have all of the lint and crap from your jeans or your house coat or whatever else you’re wearing gets sucked in because it’s up on top here and on the back.

The this is simply an exhaust vent that’s for the speakers by the way, in case you’re wondering what those holes are for super smart design, 好吧, let’s get to pulling this thing apart. I will speed this up, so you don’t have to sit here and watch me pull out one two, 三, 四: 五: 六, 七, eight nine screws, not one in the middle, which is a bit odd, but fine with me. These are some tiny, tiny screws. So i’m gon na have to get out my specialized tools. My regular small tools are not going to work well on this and i don’t want to strip these. So these two screws don’t want to come out and that might be because they have washers on them. Behind them so i’m going to leave that it also might be because a quick look around the edge here shows that this laptop has no obvious pry points and a pry point is the place where you’re supposed to separate materials. So in this case, what i want to do is pull this back off and what i would normally do is just use a pry tool but i’m going to assume you don’t have one. So if you don’t have a pry tool, what do you use? I just use a credit card so um. What i think is what i think is going to be. The best solution here is to try to lift this up with this back corner yep and then jam a credit card along the edge here so let’s see.

If i can do that, 好的, that doesn’t want to come up with a credit card which is a bit unusual. I don’t think i’ve ever had that before, where i can’t pry it off. So what i’m going to do is something you probably want to be careful doing, which is to use metal, in this case i’m, going to use a very small flat head, screwdriver and i’m just going to try to pry back here with the hinges to see. If i can get this up there we go. Do you see that that just popped seeand i applied almost no pressure? All i did is pull it back like that and boom it popped up now. What i could do is just use my credit card and run it around uh, the outside that’s, the normal thing, but i don’t have to. I can just pull this off. Let’S go pull this thing apart, so just run your finger along, never force anything uh, but you sometimes do have to apply some pressure, so don’t be afraid to uh put a little bit into it. But if you’re putting a lot, you’ve missed a screw all right. So there we go and yes, this screw has a washer and this screw has a washer. So these two at the back yeah they’re not going to come out so see what i mean about not applying too much. You just got to be careful. 好的, so heat shields a whole lot of manufacturing stickers explaining what part what parts they are you can see.

This was assembled january 15. 2021.. All right now let’s go over all of the high level stuff and then we’re going to dig into some detail on here that you might not be aware of so. First thing speakers there and there they just pop up by the way you can pull them out. It’S not a problem. 其次, battery battery there’s, some cool stuff we’re, going to explain in just a moment. Memory is here and all you do is flip this up. This is not glued down. You can see here that in this case on mine, i have an extra memory slot, 这是优秀的. 那是, i have an extra unused memory slot right, which means i can double the memory this one shipped with 8 gig uh. I could double it to 16, and that would be really nice that i don’t have to toss out the original memory that it that it came with i’d like to interject for just 10 seconds and ask you to click like if you found this video useful our Site is dedicated to explaining technology in simple ways and providing cookbook answers for technical problems. We spend a lot of time on windows 10, the windows server. We spend a lot of time at azure office 365, but mostly our products are about how to’s lots and lots of cookbooks like how to uninstall something when it’s stuck. If you would click subscribe, we would greatly appreciate it.

It really helps us with google algorithm thanks for your help and back to the show. This is a heat pipe that goes off to the cpu fan. This is your wi fi card. You can see the antenna is coming off of it. One of them will go into the um behind the keyboard. The other will go up into the screen. Uh that’s what’s, giving you wi fi six, that is the ssd we’re gon na get back into that in just a moment, so that your solid state, m.2 pcie, nvme, 硬盘. That is the battery that uh the bios battery. That keeps all of the hardware settings when you power down it’s a standard uh cr2032, which it’s nicely labeled as it’s quite unusual, to see them labeled, 所以,这是, 不错, 好的, so let’s get into the uh some of the details here, because there is some really cool Stuff in here, the first thing is this: battery uh has three lithium ion packs in it, uh in the in the in the base unit here um and there’s this fourth one over here now. This laptop does have, depending on the country you’re in uh three cell option, 这是关于 40 瓦特小时数. 这是 53. 人. Often ask well, is a four cell better than three cell? 好, 是, but only because more cells usually and emphasize. That word usually mean more electricity storage, but you could have smaller cells. It is quite possible to have.

I mean cells. Don’T have to be this size. 所以, 基本上, you have to check the number if you’re really freaked out about it. The only disadvantage to a larger battery is the weight, but these batteries are so thin and light it’s. Nothing much to worry about something you may notice here is uh there’s a slot. Here of some sort that isn’t being uh usedand you look at that m2. Ah it’s, an m.2 drive here great there’s, a second hard drive slot in here, which is right there. So that is your second m.2 slot, 这是真棒. It’S cleverly labeled right there ssd2 now something with ssd1 that you should take note of. Is that if you remove this screw, you can then slide the bracket out and mount it here instead and then you can put in a standard 2280.. 这是一个 2230. in case you don’t know what uh that means 22 millimeters wide by uh 30, and you can flip this around and get a 2240 如果需要帮助,, but most people will buy 2280s, which are the longer ones now the size, the physical size, Of the drive doesn’t make any difference uh what you’re looking for is the capacity and then the speed and so on and so forth. So normally, what i do is i take these drives and i i toss them or sell them or do whatever else. 在这种情况下, 虽然, i don’t have to do that, because i would just use the second slot.

Why would i waste this? Take a bath on it on the resale when i could just pop a second one in normally, i have to toss the memory out and these ultra thin laptops and replace it with new memory. But i don’t have to in this case, because of that additional slot, which is just the best all right. So at this point i’m not going to change any of these components because i really don’t need to. But if i did want to swap the battery out, 出于某种原因, say it’s, five years later and the battery’s dead it’s only one two, three four five screws to pull it out and uh the header just pulls off an easy peasy change. 好的, before we put the black on let’s uh, go around the uh ports and show what this unit has. So this has an ssd slot, so you can pop your camera or your cell phone memory in and you’re on your way, super speed, so it’s super speed. Usb uh three, so that is uh the old school connector, 耳机插孔, nothing along the back uh power, hdmi and that’s hdmi 1.4 顺便一提, which is the nice standard. 理论上. I think you can now run off of this laptop. I think it’s spec to run two 8k external monitors or three 4k monitors off of that, which you know pretty good another usb 3.1 类型, a connector, in other words the old slot, but it’s super speed and then a single usb type c.

That also will drive displayport alright. So what i’m going to do is put this back on and i’m going to speed this up, so you don’t have to sit here and watch so i’m going to power it up. 好的, so it’s already pulled down my background, which is lovely uh, but you don’t care just in case you’re, looking at going. Why what’s that from that’s from the little town that i live in called chestermir alberta, just east of calgary? 好的, so the first thing you need to do when running a benchmark is patch the machine, because it’s really the only fair thing to do so. I’M gon na go to update and i’m going to check for updates and pull down. Whatever’S, there i’m also going to go to apps and features right now and i’m, going to uninstall anything like alexa. That is just added garbage, so specifically i’m looking for mcafee and, 答案是肯定的, the dropbox promotion. You know anything that’s running in the background, while of course that isn’t going to make much difference, dropbox it isn’t helping but kathy. I absolutely want gone, and this is where it tries to confuse you. You can’t just click continue here. You have to click this and then this and it’s, just in the here, oh here’s, the big scare warning go away: mcafee yeah, they just make it difficult to even uninstall it and try to scare regular consumers. Caffeine, caffeine still uninstalling it doesn’t even uninstall fast.

就像我说的, 我知道, lots of people have their opinions about antivirus. I have a huge amount of experience, running different antivirus programs corporately and personally, and the mcafee retail product is one that i personally will not touch, and i would recommend that you remove it immediately. If you really want to use a third party tool, use something else. Don’T use norton and don’t use mcafee, both by the way are great corporate products, terrible retail products, in my humble opinion again so now that we’ve got the unit up, i can hear that the fan is still running, which means cpu still is spinning around. So what we need to do is give it a few minutes to finish off what it’s doing and what i’m going to do in the interim is download novabench, which is my favorite tool for doing these little benchmarks. 顺便一提, no nova bench does not pay me anything. 好的, 我, going to call that and i’m going to close this. That will actually help as well. Let’S click start test now i’m going to run through this three times. I will stop after the first one and show you the numbers, and then i will run it two more times quickly, so you don’t i’ll, you know speed it up, so you don’t have to sit here and watch and get okay. Those are some pretty good scores. So let’s see what we get here: 983 为CPU 123 for the gpu ram’s.

Okay disk is a bit slow on the right, but nice and fast on the read. Let’S run this again all right. So what we’ve got here is an average score i’m. Just going to call that score, a thousand let’s just go with that: let’s go with the middle benchmark here on principle and what we’ve got is there’s the numbers right there. So the rams coming in at 193, 这很好, drives a little bit faster here on the uh other on the future test notes slower back then yeah. The write speed is actually pretty terrible on this, but the read speed, which is what you care about mostly, 是优秀的. 我, pretty happy with i’ll put up a chart here. So we can compare this to other devices that i’ve benchmarked in the past other latitudes, and i should say other dell products like latitudes and some other inspirons, 我认为, are in here as well. It would be really helpful if you would click like at the bottom. 呃., and if you like this type of thing, if you click subscribe, it very much helps with google algorithm and you can always leave your comments at the bottom. We will get back to you there uh also you can always get a hold of us at www.urtechhurtech.ca.