Asus Vivobook 13 Slate OLED Is Now Actually Better?

Pretty much came and went just like that, and it was quite the hectic year to say the list so heres hoping that 2022 will be a much much better year. But speaking of 2021 late last year we took a look at the vivobook 13 slit oled from asus, and personally it was a […]

The JingPad A1, Testing The World's First Consumer Linux Tablet!

, Its generally, not an Out of the box, 经验. JingOS is a new Linux distro that hopes to make that a bit easier and they even have their own tablet. The JingPad A1.. Now there arent a lot of Linux distros that run well on tablets, but JingOS says it can serve as both […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Unboxing & 手拉手

com today was an unboxing from the brand new samsung galaxy tab a8 lets get started before we start check out. My new instagram account where i will always share a little bit of behind the scenes. Stuff all right lets start the unboxing of the samsung galaxy tab a8. Its been available in germany […]

Tablet Baterainya AWET POL? – Nokia T20 Review

I kabel USB to USB isi yaitu aja isinya ya, kalau melihat fisik tablet, nyata bagian, belakangnya Ini, fullmetal, tadinya, Kukira ini, stick, Tapi, nyata metal, 是的, 卡莱纳, feelnya, 少, 什么, 是的, 少, 阿德姆, kalau metal, yang biasanya, kan adem, lebih ini, rada, rada, cuman Sisi bagian, 这里, dikit, Aja yang plastik Ya, Sisanya metal, […]

The best laptops at CES 2022

We saw some wild concepts at least one controversial design decision and several systems. Our own editors said theyd consider buying heres the best of what we saw from the beautiful to the wacky to the eco friendly, but never boring. First up our best of cs winner in the pc category, lenovos thinkpad, 从, […]

Nokia T20 Android Tablet – 拆箱和第一印象

So we will have a look on the device we got inside this retail box. All of the content we got in this box here, while talking about the design, 构建质量, 硬件, 规格, etc of the device, just like a usual unboxing video. But before we start, if you are new to this channel, […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (2022) 拆箱 & 演练!

I finally have the new samsung galaxy tab a8 after it was delayed a few days back samsungs tab. A lineup typically consists of affordable budget tablets, and this a8 is no different. Anyways on with the unboxing. Here is the white box. The back of the tablet is showcased in the front, 以及 […]

最佳 5: 最好 2 在 1 笔记本 电脑 2022

Before we get started with our video, we have included links in the description for each product mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which is in your budget range Music starting at number. Five lenovo chroma book duet, 联想, chromabook duet, is far from flawless, but when youre evaluating a device […]

最佳 5 Best Cheapest Android Tablets To Buy in 2022

Like comment share hello. Everyone today, i am going to show you top 5 最好, cheapest android tablets of 2022 based on specifications top 5. black utab 10. 安卓 11 is committed to promoting communication and improving user privacy. Protection notification bubble is convenient for viewing and replying to messages. Doke os 1.0 具有 […]

The All New ONEXPLAYER Mini Is A Powerful Hand Held Gaming PC! Hands On First Look

Now you might be familiar with the original 1x player or even the 1x player 1s, and when it comes to that handheld weve got an 8.4 英寸 2k 显示屏, 其中, 在我看来, the resolution on that was a bit overkill, and some people did complain about the Size just being a pretty massive […]

微软表面专业版 8 – Review (德语)

Voraus und packen es kurz zur, seite ist wir, 有, hier einmal, so eine verpackung da drin sind hchstwahrscheinlich dokumentation, dann haben wir hier, noch das, ladekabel denke, ich mir und das muss so ein, blitz, drauf und strom, zeichen ja, so sieht das, ganze aus, 达斯, ist ein 65 watt netzteil hier ist dann […]

Turn An Android Phone Into A Desktop PC! Motorola’s New Desktop Mode! Moto Edge X30

You know ive done a lot with samsung dex right now, im putting my samsung galaxy s21 into my little usb type c to hdmi dock samsung dex is going to pop up. What we have here is an android based desktop operating system that works really well with a mouse and keyboard got a […]