For my new notifications, so it’s been about four or five days since i’ve uploaded and i apologize i’ve been trying to film, but my mic has not been working. I think that my cord is messed up because my pc hasn’t been recognizing it audacity. Hasn’T been recognizing it it’s, just it’s all kinds of messed up, but i think it’s working right now so i’ve been wanting to do this mod review for a little bit. I think i told you guys in one of my videos, probably lepissy, because this is what i would use it for. I had a couple of subscribers, tell me about it: the break into house mod and i’m glad i waited to download it because there it was posted on december 15th and it has been updated on christmas eve. So there is an update and um i’m kind of excited to see what this is all about. So basically uh. It is the break into house mod it’s, pretty self explanatory. You can break into anyone’s house and i believe also like um lots and stuff. So i’m gon na kind of show you a little bit about this. This is this: is the user right here uh that it is by and it’s on, mob the sims, and i, of course will have a link in the description down below? If you guys would like to have this for yourself so a little bit about this, it says that it was updated.

This mod for the sims 3 allows your sims to break into houses, both occupied residential lots and unoccupied residential lots. Oh okay, 凉! I thought you had to have someone there, but that’s kind of cool that you can go into unoccupied ones too. So uh this by unlocking the break into home interaction that’s normally available only in certain cases in the private investigator profession. But now all of your sims can do it: 好的, 凉! So i like the fact that you don’t have to be in a certain profession, so we love that um. It says this mod has been updated and fixed there’s, no longer a requirement for your sim to be in a career to use this interaction also, it won’t take as long as before to lockpick. 哦, we love that we love a fast moving break in because we got ta move in before we get uh. You know arrested uh, because trista’s been she’s been in jail quite a few times so uh. It is a continuation of a code originally written by jada time who started the code back in 2010, but never finished it and who is currently inactive okay. So this must have been something that someone started so all right: cool uh. There are two versions to choose from which you only choose one all right, you only download one of these. Let me just tell you that, because sometimes people don’t listen only download one of the files uh one that allows your sim to break into houses, except that they have the good trait and another called flavor two that only allows sims with the burglar hidden trait to Break into houses which your sims can get if they reach level seven of the criminal career in the three thief branch.

I went ahead and downloaded the first one, because i mean really, we could have done either one, but i thought it would be. You know fine. Just to have it as any sin can do it instead of having to be level seven, although i think trista might be there, but i i can’t quite remember and again only install one of these files. Don’T say i didn’t tell you all right so import in details. There are now four files since the update with the two older files, where your sim must be employed in order to use the break into home interaction. Otherwise the action will just cancel alright. So you probably don’t want that one, unless maybe you do. This was not a big issue, 然而, since it can be any employment, whether it is a rabbit hole, job and an active career or your sim can simply be self employed. This issue has now been fixed in the new fought newer files with the word fixed in them. You can now download one of these updated files. If you want it’s important to only have one of the four files installed, you hear that all right, 好吧, when you have installed this mod, you can click on any residence july and choose break in the home interaction. 然而, sims with the good trade are unable to break into houses, except in flavor 2 file, where the requirement is that your sim has the burglar hidden, trait team sims are also able to break into houses.

好的, i didn’t i didn’t see i didn’t read this. I kind of love that i kind of really love that all right, let’s see what else we got going on your symbol, then walk in front of the door and start lock, picking logic. Skill helps here as the more logic you have the less time it will take. Okay um, when your stem has broken in, they will start sneaking. If you get caught, you’ll be thrown out and there’s a good chance that sim that who caught you will yell at your sim, decreasing the relationship. Uh trista’s not worried about that it’s it’s, gucci there’s. Some limitations to houses which your sims can break into if the house has an archway instead, instead of or in front of a front door, you won’t be able to break in oh that’s, interesting uh, 也, if the house is surrounded by a fence using electronic gate From the late night expansion, 哦, we can’t go break into the rich family’s houses. What a rip off anyway, your stim won’t, be able to break in either in order to actually steal anything. Your sim, 答案是肯定的, has to have the klepto trait, which means that they are restricted by that trait meaning. They can only swipe certain amount of objects at certain amount of times, unless you install a mod that alters the way the swiping object works. Now i have that installed because trista likes to steal a lot of cars and i didn’t want to limit the amount of things that she could steal.

So i have that mod, 所以, 好的, 凉, if your sim breaks into a house that’s occupied, but the residents are currently out your sim will automat want to go home which can be a bit of a hassle that is irritating uh whenever you’re trying to do stuff And, like you go to the house and the sims want to go home, but you know it’s fine, it’s fine, so we got that and then they show the credits for the original person and then to download you just go over here to files. Now these, for top two, are the the new, updated versions. These bottom two are the ones that were first released december 15th. I downloaded this one, not the flavor too. I downloaded this one so that any sim can do it. You don’t have to have, like anything other than you just don’t have the good traits so uh you don’t have to have a level seven in the thief career or the you know, thief branch, 所以,这是, the one i went into and that’s the one i downloaded And i put right into my mods dot packages folder whatever um, so why did i say dot i don’t know but uh we’re gon na hop into game and kind of test. This out and we’re gon na we’re gon na take a ride with trista and kind of see what stuff we can steal and how quickly breaking into homes goes. So i will meet you.

We are in game and i went ahead and of course changed trista into her um career outfit, because it’s just it’s just fitting. I don’t mind this guy and all this i have all of my expansions and so all this stuff popped up. Since you know, we’ve been playing with base game, so what we’re going to do is we’re just going to go right next door and we’re going to we’re going to try to break into the frio household and see what happens now. It looks like somebody is home, so we’re gon na probably really not have a good uh interaction here, but we’ll see what happens all right. Where are they gon na break in at all right, 是啊, 有? Definitely somebody! 哦, 我的上帝, go away. 好的, i don’t care. 好吧, let’s see what happens so. This is a little interaction. Her face is hilarious. 哦,我的上帝, i don’t know how long it takes, but i hope that it doesn’t take forever. 你知道的, 希望, nobody walks out while we’re in the middle of like lock picking that would be really really awkward. She looks like she’s, concentrating though so, oh my gosh all right, let’s see if we can fast forward this and see what happens. Oh okay, so it worked that actually did not take long at all. So let’s go ahead and go in here there she goes she’s, sneaking. I hope she doesn’t get stuck like sneaking how the teens have before so she’s very, very pleased with herself.

Do you see this girl she’s, like oh yeah? 好的? 现在, since there are people here, we can’t really swipe something downstairs so i’m going to have her sneak up. Oh there isn’t any there isn’t an upstairs, 哦! 没有! How are we going to do this? 好的, 以及, let’s just go into a room where nobody is. Can she sneak here? Will they see us, 虽然, like they’re gon na he’s gon na see us um? Let me think here: maybe we should have gone outside to try to steal, but i’m gon na have her go we’re gon na just see what happens. We’Re gon na have our sneak here and just see what happens if anybody he’s like i know she is not doing this. Do we have any sort of like does anyone say? Does it say anything? Oh my god hold on. I got ta see if this says anything. Trista you’ve been misbehaving, it’s time to leave okay. 所以基本上, you don’t want to go to a house where somebody is because they’re going to catch you like they’re, going to catch you so we’re going to go, 让我们, see who is not home? Where can we go that nobody is home, nobody’s home over here um? What about over here? This is kind of a somebody’s here. What about here? 好的, it looks like there’s a lot of people home for some strange reason. So let’s go come on, come on game let’s! Do this we’re just gon na go over here? Where there is nobody home, the hind household says jeremy is out, i don’t know if anybody else is home, but we’re gon na try and see if we can steal anything in here, just out of curiosity, if, if it’ll actually work, but i do like this – 一世, Like the fact that she could do this during the day like before work and she can break into anyone’s house, which means you know, the land grabs better watch out like basically, basically they better watch out, because now this this really changes the game for our leprosy.

Uh our lefty let’s play this could really get her into a lot of trouble. So i wonder if they do get arrested or not like. I wonder if um they get like the cops called on them. 我不知道. I wonder if you like. Do it multiple times or something i really don’t know what about if they have, i doubt it. I was gon na say if they have like the alarm system. I wonder if the alarm system would go off or not, 这很有趣, so it didn’t say anything about that, but it really makes me wonder if somebody does have the alarm system if it will, because i feel like that would be more realistic. You know like it would obviously get her into trouble. I think that that would be kind of cool, 所以是的. She wants to go home, but we’re not gon na. Let her go home. We’Re gon na try this nope we’re not going home i’m gon na see. If i can find a bigger house that might have an alarm okay, they have an alarm system. 没有, no go here, let’s see okay. 不幸, it looks like that does not happen if they update this mod again. I really hope that that is kind of considered because i feel like that would be really i don’t know. I think that would be really cool to you know obviously have the alarm go off and then the cops called because you don’t know you don’t, know uh really who has an alarm system and who doesn’t okay.

So this might be a little more difficult because it seems like she just straight upwants to go home if nobody’s home uh, instead of just sneaking. So you kind of have to keep canceling that interaction, which is not a big deal but it’s kind of making. It difficult to steal anything so we’re gon na come over here and try to swipe something, hopefully she’s, not gon na keep going home like that is a little bit irritating but again, like i said i can deal with it like i can get over it. But i would like, if there’s an update for the alarm system to go off. 好的, see she just kind of stops: let’s try swiping again, so we stole the lamp now she’s gon na steal what you’re gon na steal useless stuff. If it’s not a car, she is not gon na steal anything of worth i’m telling you right now see nope we’re, not gon na go home. 没有, 没有, no we’re, not gon na go home all right. I do see that that is irritating. But again i can deal with it and i will still keep this in my game specifically for what, like the leprosy challenge, wow words, i was hoping she was going to get the pc, but she did not. She did not so it says that we can’t steal anymore today, which i’m pretty sure the mod that i had in said that we could steal as much as we want, maybe that’s a separate mod.

I don’t know either way uh. I do like this mod. It does uh, 你知道的, add to the leprosy challenge for sure that could get her into a lot more trouble, but uh yeah. I think that if the mod was to have where the um alarm system goes off when you break in, i would really really love this like a lot like, i i’m, definitely like, i really like it and i think it’s going to be really useful for my Let’S play, but i just really hope that, eventually that that would happen so that they can get arrested, but i don’t know how mods work and i’m sure that’s a hell of a lot of work. So whoever made this like good job, this is exactly what i needed for my let’s play like. I definitely needed this for my let’s play because hello, we need, we need trista to just you know. She’S got to have her car business. You know we got to steal more cars, we got ta steal more stuff because that’s just what she loves to do so yeah uh there will be a description. There will be a download in the description if you guys want to add this to your game. Let me know if you do and if you enjoy it, uh also don’t forget to subscribe before you go. We finally hit 6k. You guys that was my goal for 2020. I can’t believe that it even happened because the beginning of the year, 我的频道, was not doing so well and right now, it’s doing pretty good and i’m really really happy with where it’s at and the content and all of you guys have been so supportive.

So i love you all so much so so freaking much and i hope you guys have an amazing day.