Today we made this list from our personal preference and sorted it based on their features, prices, 质量, 耐久性, a reputation of the manufacturers check out the description to find out their prices and more information. We’Ve included the links in the description below if you’re here for the first time in our channel, please subscribe and hit the bell button for the daily video notification. 所以没有进一步的阿多, let’s get started. The number one position is dominated by acer 232 hl for our money. The acer t 232 hl is the best touchscreen monitor on the market today. It’S exceptionally well built with a sturdy stand which prevents the monitor from moving around in use the edgeless bazel, while a little ugly means that you never bang your hands against the desk while using the touchscreen. This was an issue with many of the small bazel monitors that we tasted and there are suddenly better looking monitors out there, 虽然, and the large bezels on the a7 232hl could be off putting to some the touchscreen itself works perfectly and the image quality is up. 有, with the best hd, monitor the only area that the a732hl struggles with is color accuracy, which means that it’s not ideal for photo editing or watching movies. 到最后, we’ve decided that touchscreens are all about function, not form, and the a732hl is the best touchscreen monitor for practical purposes, it’s comfortable to use well built and easy to use we’ll put up with an ugly bezel if the price we have to pay.

If you want to know about the latest price of the acer t232hl check the description box, the number three position is held by planar helium pct 2485. It was a close fight between the planar helium pct 2485 and our topic. The acer t 232 hl. We love the planar helium pct 2485 because of its flexible stand, which makes it comfortable to use with the 55 degree tail tangle. The planar helium pcd 2485 has the widest adjustable range of any of the monitors we looked at tied with the other planar monitor the planar pcd 2235. 可悲, it is quite a bit chunkier than the acer t232hl and is a power hungry b is to boot. 它. 也, the only touchscreen monitor that we reviewed to come with an integrated webcam, which is a nice addition to the package. Despite that, the planar helium pcd 2485 is exceptionally comfortable to use with a flexible stand that lets. You adjust the screen tilt angle to suit out your needs. You can’t even fold the stand away if you want to lay the monitor down flat on your workstation, which is ideal for artists who want to draw on the screen. If this is your desired product, please check the links in the description below the number three position is held by planar helium pcd 2235. The planar helium pcd 2235 has a strange look about it as if someone stole the base from a standard monitor and just left the display propped up on a desk.

The bottom bezel of the screen rests on your work surface and the bazel is quite thick and extends around the screen on all sides which isn’t pleasant to look at, but it is functional like most touchscreen monitors. The planar helium pcd 2235 has an adjustable a frame. Stand that can also be folded away to let the monitor lie flat on your desk. The tilt range on the planar helium pcd 2235 is an impressive 55 度, 虽然, which means it’s easier to adjust the screen into a comfortable position at 24 英寸和 7.9 磅. 它, a decent sized monitor that won’t take much effort to set up or move between rooms if you need at the same time same time, it’s a good sized screen that won’t take up too much disk space. 24 inches is basically the goldilocks zone for monitors. When it comes to our test of the screen itself, we had mixed results. The planar helium pcd 2235 had the longest response. Time of any of the touch screen, monitors that we tasted. That means that the pixels take a long time to switch between one color to the next, which isn’t ideal for watching movies or playing games. It does have great color accuracy, 虽然, which means it’s great for editing, photos and images. 到最后, the planar helium pcd 2235 isn’t, particularly flashy, but if you’re looking for a great touchscreen monitor on a budget, it is fantastic choice. Is this video making value to your search? 如果, 是, please do like share and comment mix at number, four with dlp 2418 高清, the dlp 2418 hd is unique among the touchscreen monitors that we tasted and that it’s the only one with a matte finish.

Instead of the usual reflective glass screen, the matte finish means that the dell p2418 hd screen is far less reflective than most, which reduces glare for users. The screen’s non reflective finish also means that it looks much more like a traditional monitor, 这是伟大的. If you want it to blend in the innovation doesn’t stop there, 虽然, thanks to delp 2418 hd’s, unique, flexible rotating arm, which holds up the display in place of a traditional, a frame stand, the flexible arm can be easily adjusted allowing for forwards and backwards, as well As up and down movements, the downside of this unit is that the stand isn’t as stable as a fixed frame, so the screen can wiggle around during use. It also doesn’t have seamless bevels, which means you can bring your fingers into the edges when using the screen, which is irritating compared with other monitors, the wheat. 相反, the dlp 2418 hd is far more energy efficient, which means it will cost less to run it over time. It also impressed us with its fantastic color accuracy, something that our top choice and the asa 232 hl struggled with all in all the lp 2418 hd is a great touchscreen monitor that does just enough to stand out from the crowd, providing some much needed variety in A relatively semi market, if you’ve already used any of these products, do let us know through a comment. It will help others to know where they buy.

最后, at number five, we have via sonic td 2230, the perfect touchscreen monitor for space, conscious consumers. 该 21.5 inch viewsonic td 2230 offers great image quality in a compact design, with a compact form factor and relatively lightweight of just 7.9. Ounces is portable too, which is great if you need to move the monitor around a lot. 可悲, the via sonic td, 2230 is laid down by some odd design choices. 一方面, the connection posts are all located on the side of the monitor, which means you end up with cable sticking out of the side of your screen, which is a nightmare for cable management aficionados. It can also be a little uncomfortable to use, which is a huge issue if you need to use a touchscreen for extended periods of time. But if you need a touchscreen monitor and don’t have enough space for one of the chunkier models. The vsonic td 2230 offers everything you need in a tiny pack package that’s all for today.