0. It was launched on july 5, 2019, while unboxing this box. We see little bit information of this tablet at side. Its price rate unit that we get in the box are written and at the back of the box, information about the phone is written by not wasting time. We just quickly unbox it and we see some stuff like a warranty card, a quick open guide manual, a charging, 电缆, 一个 2 ampere charger and, 答案是肯定的, this tablet. This tablet body is pretty much good. It comes in two different colors carbon, black and silver gray. Its display size is 8 英寸, 185 185.6 centimeter square resolution 800 into 1280 pixels and has the weight of 345 grams wi fi and 347 gram lte. It has tft display its network technology is gsm, hspa lte, coming to its camera, its front. Camera is 2 megapixel and its rear. Camera is 8 megapixel with autofocus, which shows video of 1080p with 30 frame per second, which seems it is not good for clicking photos. Its internal memory is 32 gb with 2gb ram and has the external sd card slot battery of lithium polonium of 5100 mah non remuneable going for sensors. It has accelerometer in connectivity, it has wi fi, bluetooth and hotspot for listening, sound watching videos. They provided two speaker at the base of this tablet. A feature of doll by atmos is also provided, which makes sound experience more good. The sound quality is very good in this speakers.

Coming to its internal feature, besides simple feature like do not disturb power saving mode, it provide you quick, share nearby share option which allow you easily share files, even after these, it provide you blue light filter for reading purple, dark mode, samsung kit mode. If the tablet is used by kids in your house, it also provides focus mode which allow you to track your app usage time block the app with the timing. You set focus mode window down if you gone for sleep and parental control. If this tablet is used by your kids or for school students, this tablet is snapdragon. 版本 10 has simple basic password pattern and pin option for locking tablet. It also have device gear option in which you can optimize battery storage memory and check security of apps. I founded some drawback of this tablet that it do not have fingerprint and face unlock option which are now common in most of tablets and mobile phones. It also not have multiple windows nfc camera flashlight, but yet it is very good for the student for their studies. In this they can easily view the pdf files of their classes can steam hd video quality. 总体, we can say this tablet is almost good for day to day work coming to its cost. I purchased this tablet from the local shop at the price of 12 000 卢比, and if you like to purchase this tablet, i will give the link in the description box.

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