But how well does it actually perform in games? 我已测试 20 different games at all setting levels and compared it with other laptops to help you decide if its worth it. Ive got one of the highest specced configurations of G14 available. 有, the new AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS processor, 这有 8 内核和 16 线程. Theres Nvidia RTX 2060 最大 Q, graphics at 65w, 16gb of memory in dual channel at DDR4 3200, 与 14 1080p 120Hz screen, but its also available in a 1440p configuration. You can find different options and updated prices linked in the description.. The ASUS Armoury Crate software lets you select different performance modes. Ive done my testing with turbo mode for best performance, 由于这个超频, the graphics by 100Mhz on the core and 120MHz on the memory., 仅在此视频中介绍游戏性能. Well start by looking at all 20 games at all setting levels then compare the G14 with some other gaming laptops afterwards.. If you want to see everything else about this machine check out, the full review linked in the description. 红色死亡救赎 2 使用内置基准工具的游戏进行测试. High settings was still able to give a fair average frame rate. 考虑到这是一个资源. 重游戏. 战场 5 在市场活动模式下测试. 我得到了结果与RTX启用的绿色条和RTX关闭显示的紫色条。. It ran great with RTX off even at higher settings, but given, 我认为, RTX on isnt worth it even with the non Max Q 2060.

I definitely wouldnt consider it here as youd have to use it at lower settings for a playable. Experience. 控制也进行了测试,无论是否启用 RTX。. 游戏仍然玩好与较低的帧速率的大部分, but I wouldnt want to use it with RTX on at least with the high settings Ive used here. It runs well enough with RTX off though. Apex 图例已测试,所有设置都处于最大值,或所有设置位于尽可能低的值上, 因为它没有预定义, setting presets and Ive disabled the frame rate cap.. 即使在最大设置下, 虽然, were averaging above 100 FPS and its running well. 使命召唤. 现代战争在战役模式测试,我也测试它与设置要么最大或最低。. Max settings was still able to run above 60 Fps, while minimum settings were hitting higher than this. 对于 1 低. 边疆 3 was tested using the games built in benchmark and high settings was needed to reach a 60 FPS frame rate, while the lowest setting levels were able to get us to 100 Fps。. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was again tested with the built in benchmark and the results were fair but Ill. 向您展示如何不同的笔记本电脑比较在这个游戏和其他一些很快. 使用基准工具也测试了幽灵重头突破点, 这是另一个苛刻的游戏,仍然能够超越 60 Fps, 即使与超设置预设.

But almost 100 FPS was possible with low. Fortnite 测试与重播功能和作为一个不太苛刻的游戏, epic settings was still able to run above 100 Fps, while high settings was above, the refresh rate of the 120Hz screen. Overwatch is another less demanding game And was tested in the practice range., Even with the highest epic setting preset, the average frame rates were higher than the refresh rate of the screen, so its running well. CSGO was tested using the Ulletical FPS benchmark and as a test that seems to favour CPU performance. The results are a little below a similarly specced Intel, 基于笔记本电脑, possibly due to the higher single core boost speeds, but Ill. Compare the 4900HS with Intel in depth in a future. 视频. 多塔 2 测试发挥在中间车道和, 就像这个游戏通常的情况一样,在大多数笔记本电脑中,高端图形功能更高, 很难有所作为, as the limitation tends to be the CPU. 任何状况之下, theres still great performance here, even with ultra Settings. 彩虹六围测试与内置基准, 但使用Vulkan, 这是最近添加到游戏中。. Even very high settings were able to hit average FPS above the 120Hz refresh rate of the screen. So no issues playing this one either. 地铁出埃及记是使用内置基准测试的. 游戏的大部分部分都比这好一点. So dont take these results as a good indication of what to expect throughout the entire game its more of a worst case.

. 该司 2 也测试与内置的基准. Ultra settings was almost able to scrape 60 FPS with medium needed to surpass 100, while low settings could get us higher than the screens refresh rate. 使用重播功能测试了 PUBG. 然而, the results are unfortunately not comparable with any of my previous testing. As I tested a different map., I spent over an hour trying to get the map. I usually do but ended up giving up Ill, probably stop testing this game in future, unless theres, strong, opposition. Assassins Creed Odyssey was tested with the built in benchmark and as a resource heavy game. 帧速率不是那么高,设置预设越高. 然而, it was possible to get above 60 FPS with high settings., 远哭. 新黎明也测试与游戏基准和, 大多, 结果不是, really that much different when compared to most other laptops, Ive tested with lower GPUs. So maybe this is another game I should replace like PUBG. 让我知道. 巫师 3 was playing ok, even with max settings. 我不认为它真的看到从超高FPS的好处. 然而, stepping back just one setting level to high puts even the 1 low above the average frame rate of ultra. F1 2019 测试使用游戏基准工具. 该 1 low results were a little inconsistent between setting levels, but either way still running just fine, 即使设置最高.

预设. Lets also take a look at how this config of the G14 compares with other laptops use. 这些结果只是作为粗略的指南,因为它们在不同的时间测试与不同的驱动程序. 在战场上 5 Ive got the G14 highlighted in red near similarly specced machines. Well kind of. Its hard to compare apples to apples. 这里, as I believe this is the first gaming laptop to actually feature Nvidia, Rtx 2060 最大 Q, 图形或, at the very least, is the first Ive been able to get my hands on., Given it runs with a 65 功率限制. It looks like 80 瓦特 1660 Ti systems can outperform it. Its real close to the Scar II with non RTX 2060, though so thats interesting and average FPS is similar to the Y540 with i7 and 1660 钛, 虽然 1 low from the 4900HS was lower compared To the Intel i7 machines granted, it was better than AMDs previous 3750H based laptops.. 这些是远哭的结果 5 内置基准的超设置. 这一次 1 low performance was looking pretty good with the 4900HS, but again it seems that average FPS is lower when compared to higher wattage graphics options. Its really hard to Fairly, compare the 4900HS due to the 2060 最大 Q, so well have to wait until I get some other laptops that feature that CPU, but with different graphics, to do a fair comparison.. 这些是古墓丽影的阴影的结果, 在最高设置下内置基准.

. 在此测试中, the frame rate was closer to those more powerful 1660 Ti 笔记本电脑, which was interesting, so fair results from the G14 here, given the lower powered 65 watt GPU.. 总体, this configuration of the ASUS Zephyrus G14 was offering decent gaming performance., As we saw in the full review. The CPU performance is actually quite impressive compared to current alternatives, so it seems, like the limitation is the 65w 2060 最大 q, which is fair, given its a smaller 14 inch machine. 它的价值, keeping in mind that the Max Q version of the 2060 now represents the Entry level ray tracing experience for laptops., Given I thought tracing those rays, didnt go too well, even with the non Max Q 2060. I dont think its worth considering the G14 purely with ray tracing in mind.. Let me know what you want to see the G14 compared to in the comments and, 答案是肯定的, Im interested to hear how you thought it performed. 否则, if youre new to the channel make sure you get subscribed for future laptop and tech.