Purchase it at Walmart : HTTP://lon.television/walmart (联盟超链接) – Obtained $20? You will get a totally perform smartphone that may additionally work as a pill with out having to be activated. See extra low price telephones: HTTP://lon.television/smartphones and subscribe! HTTP://lon. t通行)

00:29 – {硬件} 概述
00:32 – Show high quality
00:58 – Service locked to Walmart’s telephone service
01:10 – Cellphone works as a pill with out service activation
01:38 – 眼镜: Ram, 处理器, 存储
01:57 – Helps SD card adoptable storage
02:11 – Helps LTE, 无线, 蓝牙
02:41 – Buttons and connectors
02:53 – Cameras and photograph / video high quality
03:02 – Entrance digital camera
03:20 – 图片示例
03:44 – Video pattern
03:56 – SIM 卡, Micro SD card, detachable battery
04:24 – 电池寿命
04:57 – 效率: Net looking
05:55 – 效率: YouTube and video streaming
06:12 – Speaker high quality
06:27 – 游戏: 我的世界
06:58 – 游戏: Tremendous Mario Run
07:28 – 3DMark Benchmark Outcomes
07:47 – Retro Emulation efficiency
08:16 – 结论和最后的想法

See a associated Liliputing article right here:

I used to be shocked by how practical this telephone is for its very low worth. It may be a considerably first rate different to a dearer iPod Contact.

Clearly Walmart is subsidizing the fee with the hope that these buying it’s going to join their cellular pay as you go service. As such the telephone is locked to Walmart Household Cellular if you wish to use its LTE community connection. But it surely doesn’t require buying a sim card for it to work.

All in it is a first rate albeit sluggish cell phone. Positively a very good worth for the value however will not compete with dearer unlocked telephones.

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