Teclast X80h testing my 4 port OTG charge hub

A lot of people have had difficulties getting it to work. I found the best thing to do is to turn off the system or restart it, connect up everything and with the teclast systems, to use point number two here: the switch on position. 2. 3, 我认为, also works if you use number […]

Using the Teclast X80h dual OS as a desktop machine with HDMI

So I've connected up my micro, HDMI 电缆, and this is running to my monitor and then just down here. I have a logitech wireless receiver, so I have a keyboard and a mouse so it's, quite amazing. Actually so if this tiny little tablet can run a fault, this stops it up here. 如果 […]

Teclast X80h dual boot hands on Windows 8.1 (英语)(1080p)

This is a dual boot tablet from tech last 8 inches screen IPS panel. The panel is really good good, 视角. There is a gap between the actual IPS panel and the glass very common on these devices. They'Re, not laminated, 屏幕, that same gap is pretty much what you'll find on the first […]

Unboxing Teclast X80h dual boot 8″ 片

Last x8 eh just arrived. This is the dual boot model, so it has both Android and Windows. 8.1 say another sm powered tablet comes with 2 gigabytes of RAM a 1280 通过 800 ips 屏幕 32 gigabyte internal emmc, solid state drive hdmi out, and I got this from Aliexpress. 还行, i put a […]

电子书阅读: 8″ 平板电脑 vs 9.7″ 视网膜片剂, 这是最好的?

I've been asked a few times now, which do I think is best for eBooks an 8" or a 9.7" both have their own pros and consThe tablets featured: Onda V919 Air 3G & X80h dual boot: