Teclast X16HD 3G vs Teclast X10HD 3G – 哪一个更好?

The tablet speed is great it's good. Both of these tablets have the same chip, see if they have the atom, z30, 736 F and they can to about up to 2.16 吉加赫兹, 所以性能明智, but for them are relatively similar. Although this tablet at the moment for me, it seems to be a […]

丘威 Hi12 双操作系统第一眼

Now you might have seen the videos on the other model I had, which is just the single OS version that only has windows 10 home on it and that's. Actually one of my favorite tablets. 好, this here now a little bit late. I know as the dual boot version so that ships from […]

PiPo W3F 评论: 思想 & 此曲面克隆上的印象.

平静, so I've had a bit of hands on time with the people w 3f and see. 这是这里的盒子. In the background now this is a machine that's kind of like a surface to clone, 你可以在这里看到. I'Ve got the prices to stub, so it's about 189 我们, 其中 […]

在零件上取消装箱混音和手部 1

This time is something a little different. This is the remix it's, an android tablet that actually comes with a keyboard it's, a very similar looking to the surface, the original surface, with its top color, and they advertise it as a productive, Android tablet that has the keyboard and it also has a custom […]

表面专业版 3 Vs Teclast X98 空气 3G, 屏幕, 视频和大小 (请求)

This is way more powerful. The surface it's running a haswell cpu dual core with threading, and this is a quad core low power, Adam they're very different, but what I can compare, 答案是肯定的, is just maybe their features the size. 显然, you can see that it's 9.7, so interested it's, smaller and the […]

技术产品 P98 4G 评论 – 良好的硬件在坏ROM…

Although this is an octa core and it's an arm CPUand it only supports Androidnot a dual boot at alljust wanted to show you a few things that there are. There is GPS onboard this I'm indoors at the moment that you can get GPS lock relatively quickly when […]

丘维 Hi12 样式 – 更多答案 & 随机关闭电源 (固定!)

Now it wasn't so clear in my first video that I did on the stylus, which was the unboxing video. I wanted to point out that it does work in Android and I will quickly show you that later in this particular video, a lot of people a little bit confused about the palm rejection. […]

Chuwi Hi12 双操作系统 Android 评论

It did come up with about five or six applications there in Chinese, but the good news is, you can remove all of them and the ROM itself is is quite quick and very stock Android. Looking ROM here, you can see that it has absolutely no customization whatsoever and it is running android 5.1. […]

PiPo W8 核心 M, 2560 X 1600 px 拆箱和手

最后, it arrived. I had huge dilemmas ordering this tablet with Aliexpress. I went through three sellers and has had a nightmare of a time which is so many sellers just lying to me telling me they had stock, not cancelling my orders, trying to ship it giving me fake tracking numbers just a nightmare […]

Cube i6 Dual OS Vs Teclast X98 Air 3G Dual OS Detailed Comparison

This is against the cube. I six switches on the right and on the left. Here we have the tech last x98, a 3G which you might have seen in many of my other videos on that tablet. So the cube is a newcomer and it is another dual boot tablet at first came out […]

Teclast X80h testing my 4 port OTG charge hub

A lot of people have had difficulties getting it to work. I found the best thing to do is to turn off the system or restart it, connect up everything and with the teclast systems, to use point number two here: the switch on position. 2. 3, 我认为, also works if you use number […]

Teclast X98 Air 3G outside in the shade legibility test (请求)

So if you can make out anything, I can just read everything on the screen, so it it is usable but it's a bit of a strain on your eyesight. Maybe you can just see it here in the shadow definitely better than direct sunlight. I wonder if you can see those menu items there […]