MSI GE66 – 游戏中的野兽 + 放弃!

因此, 它运行如何运行在游戏? 我已测试 21 不同的游戏在所有设置,并比较它与其他一些笔记本电脑找出和我已经得到了一点点放弃更多,在视频的后期。. 我在这里得到了最高端 Ge66, 但它有不同的可用 […]

惠普奥门 15 游戏基准 (赖曾 7 4800H + Gtx 1660 钛)

高度要求的惠普奥门 15, 但它实际上如何表现在游戏? 我已测试 20 不同的标题在所有设置级别,也比较它与其他笔记本电脑,以显示它是如何堆积起来。. 我的配置具有 AMD 8 核心瑞森, 7 4800H 处理器与 Nvidia GTX, 1660 钛图形 […]

惠普奥门 15 – 我测试过的最酷的锐龙游戏笔记本电脑!

结果非常令人印象深刻. 让我们看看散热,看看性能可以改进什么. 制造. Ive tested temperatures with AMDs 8 核心瑞森, 7 4800H and Nvidias GTX 1660 Ti config to find out just how hot it gets and see where the limits lie. Air comes in through the fairly large vents […]

惠普奥门 15 评论 – 最好的锐龙所提供的

Show you why its worth considering in this review. Theres some nice specs for a gaming laptop inside including 8 core AMD, 赖曾, 7, 4800H 处理器, Nvidia, Gtx, 1660, Ti graphics and 16gb of memory in dual channel with 144Hz screen.. You can check out other configs and updated prices in the video description. 总体 […]

剃须刀刀片 15 游戏中的高级杀戮!

. My configuration has Intels 8 core i7 10875H processor with Nvidia RTX 2080 超级最大 Q, graphics and 16gb of memory in dual channel. So one of the highest spec options available, you can find others as well as updated prices linked in the description.. The Razer Synapse software lets you select between different […]

剃须刀刀片 15 先进 – 蒸汽室冷却测试!

Super max q graphics, so these results should act as a worst case. As far as thermal performance is concerned, air comes in through the vents directly above the intake fans underneath and gets exhausted out of the back towards the bottom edge there aren’t any exhausts on the left and right sides. 有 […]

剃须刀刀片 15 Advanced ReviewLow Performance?

. 刀片 15 可用在基本模型或高级模型,具有更高的规格,这是. What were looking at here., The specs in my unit, are at the higher end of whats available, but you can check out others and updated prices linked in the description., Like many others […]

笔记本电脑中最好的机械键盘! 奥大将 15G 评论

. 我的单位有一个 8 核心英特尔: i7 处理器, 恩维迪亚RTX 2070 超级最大 Q, graphics and 16gb of memory in dual channel with a 240Hz screen.. There are different specs available, though you can check others and updated prices in the video description.. 总体, build quality is decent, but the design will come […]

阿基·尼特罗 5 (赖曾 5 4600H/1650) 22 游戏测试!

因此, 它的表现如何? 我已经测试了 Gtx 1650 配置在 22 标题,并与其他笔记本电脑进行比较,找出区别. 微软飞行模拟器是一个不走在高端和超设置, 虽然 30 Fps 左右在媒体似乎可用. 而低 […]

联想 IdeaPad 游戏 3 (瑞龙 4600H/1650 Ti) 22 游戏测试!

因此, 它的表现如何? 我已经测试过 1650 Ti 模型中 22 游戏在所有设置水平, 也比较它与其他笔记本电脑, 找出区别. 让我们直接跳进这些结果 22 标题. 然后比较后. 微软, 飞行, 模拟, 不是, 伟大的在高 […]

最快的瑞森 + 1660 Ti 笔记本电脑在游戏! 联想军团 5 测试

. 此视频由 Skillshare 赞助. 技能共享是一个在线学习社区, 成千上万的鼓舞人心的课程, 为创造性和好奇的人。. 你可能已经注意到我一直在张贴 4 至 5 每周在频道上的视频, 这需要我很多时间. 我最近看了阿里的生产力大师班, […]

MSI 布拉沃 15 (4600H + 5500m) 在 20 游戏!

But just how well does it perform in games? Ive tested it in 20 different titles and compared it with other gaming laptops to show you the differences.. All testing was done with the highest performance mode and coolerboost enabled for best results. 微软. Flight simulator was tested in the Sydney landing challenge.. 这是 […]