Let’S just start, so obviously you can see me pointing out all of the shiny stuff. Obviously let’s read the back of it. I don’t know why it just took me so long to flip over a box but here’s all of the wording. I guess so at first. What i see are the requirements all this stuff and then what it contains now i’m, going to flip it over again and let’s see what’s in the box. This has already been cut open, oh it’s, 它, big, i didn’t is it that big? 哦, my oh, my gosh that’s, so huge all right, so it is the size it’s really nice. As you cannot see in that angle, there we go. It has a bunch of side, t’s, ten, actually and then the middle button. So basically eleven oh another. 好, this is the first badge or is it i don’t yeah? It is wait. No beach has a tablet. What the oh it’s, a taste um, i don’t know why. I didn’t think that it was a case. It obviously is fits on. The tablet nicely let’s just see if it fits in there. Oh all right, so those are the nibs and that silver thin tape them out. I really like the felt pouch. Oh i see a pen go for the pen yay. I went for the penoh it’s, 真的很好, so it has two buttons that’s, not the right way. You put it in, 但没关系, oh and there’s a glove.

I thought that was only with the pro version, but that’s really nice of jam on to include that it’s, a bag inside a bag all right, i’m gon na open the bag inside the bag. 嗯. If i can yay there, we go so it’s a two fingered glove, so if you’re left handed, it goes on your pinky finger and then the other one i don’t know and then for the left. It’S the same thingand i got thisthank you from damn on that everybody does then the warranty card, then how to download the driver all right, let’s get right in and here’s the picture of everything it includes. Also um in this part of the box. It has the table don’t, throw it out yet: 音乐, 音乐, foreign Music, so Music do Music, 音乐, 所以音乐, so Music do Music, 所以音乐, foreign, 音乐, 所以音乐, 再见, 音乐, balls, 音乐, 音乐, family, 音乐, 音乐, 音乐, 呃, 音乐. 现在, for the pros and cons, the pros are that it’s smooth, and i really like all of it. The only con i have is that there was a strain recorder i used and it would make the lines go everywhere, but this was probably the strain recorder’s fault and not the tablets.