So they've changed things really have shaken things up a lot when it comes to their skin and their UI. Zen phones and the Zen UI used to be absolutely terrible, full of bloat a little bit slow their launcher. No one really liked it, but now they've gone with basically stock Android and it works out to be quick and snappy there's very few bloatware applications they install and this phone has a very large 5000 milliamp hour battery. It has micro, SD card support with dual nano SIM support, and you can use all three of those at the same time, 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack, that most companies are dumping, is here and the output is decent, it's good and, of course, that flip camera on here, Which is the star of the show, so it has because of this, the best selfie camera that you can get on a phone. Now it is power by the very powerful Snapdragon 855, with 6 gigabytes of RAM. My particular version here and 128 gigabytes of storage. So inside the box will find a clear case cover now it's, one of those hard style ones that I don't particularly like. I wish it was more like a TPU style, one and it's alright for an included case. We'Re gon na type C, cable earphones. Our power supply is 18 watts. It will fully charge the phone and just over two hours and then a very thick instruction manual and warranty card now, looking at the weight of the phone that yes, it is a little heavier than most phones and slightly thicker, because of that five thousand milliamp hour Battery 202 grams, the thickness is almost 10 millimeters, it's 9.

8, that I've measured and with the camera bump. That brings it up then, to ten point: eight millimeters on the rear we've got two curved glass that makes it feel a lot better in hand and a rear, fingerprint reader that works 10 out of 10 times for me, it's, just like the old fingerprint readers before The N screen ones which are good, but they just don't, seem to be quite as fast or as accurate. Yet so this is the flip around camera, so the main sensors, a sony MX 586 with an F or 1.8 aperture, and then we have a 13 megapixel. Ultra wide one, which has an if 2.4 lens, the dual tone LED flash, which is located in the middle of both of those cameras. Now there is a little bit of a chin. You can see down the bottom, but it's not much at all and this border around the edge of the frame of the glass where it meets up with the rear housing that's made out of metal and in other phones, often that's plastic and, on the right hand, Side right up the top, we have what's called this smart key now by default. This is Google's assistant. If you tap it, but you can customize it and I'll set it to just open the camera. For me, that's the best use for this button, the volume button and then below it as the power button, as well now it's very easy to actually get to this power button.

You don't have to move your thumb up or move the phone down. I think the location of the buttons have done a good job of them. So up the top. We do have a normal ear piece here: it's, not behind the screen or anything like that, a little bit of a bisl at the top – and there is a status LED so so far, I've only seen this red when charging and you can set it as a Notification LED too, but for some reason, I've not seen it flash. We do get the notification icons, you can see at the top too, as well, so the zenfone 6 overall, I feel, has a good build for the price it's comfortable in hand. It feels solid, and there is nothing that rattles around, so no buttons rattle the camera on the back doesn't rattle either when it is powered on. So this is what the case looks like on the phone I don't, particularly like it. It does give a little bit of protection to the edges of the phone and the camera lens on the back, as you can see, but placing it facedown on a table, the screen will still actually touch the table. So to me, the case should actually come up. A little bit higher, so it does have face unlocking but it's a lot slower. Then, of course, touching the fingerprint reader which I'll do now, so the fingerprint reader simply tap it and it unlocks you can see it only takes about under a second, so tap it again unlock.

It is very quick now to use the face, unlocking you need to tap to wake the phone swipe up, and then you see the camera pops up and unlock so it's a lot longer. The process and I've got a feeling that, as Zeus, doesn't really want us using that they prefer us probably to use the fingerprint reader, and that is why they want you to swipe up there to not have it automatically just pop up now the weak spot of This phone is its display, so it's an IPS panel, the resolutions 23 40 by 1080 and it's 6.4 inches. Maximum brightness tops out to be about 550 lux, which is okay but it's, not as legible and sunlight as you'll find from the AMOLED displays. The gamma is 1.8 here, so that's quite a bit off. It should be about 2.2. Now the screen by no means there's a deal, breaker it's, responsive to touch it's, an okay IPS panel they've gone with, but the panel to me would suit more of a mid range kind of phone and even maybe leaning towards the budget side. So this is where they have definitely cut their costs. Images still look good on it, it's still quite sharp and it's just don't compare it to an AMOLED panel because it was just gon na lose out in every single way. There and my unit also suffers from a little bit of IPS shadowing and even a little bit of light leakage just on the corners here when they round off the corners of the display.

You can see there's a bit of shadowing here and this this area. There is slightly brighter than the rest of the screen, so let's focus on the UI. Now they've done a really good job, as those here they've dumped their horrible Zen UI, bloat enos they used to have before mean the last Zen phone that I used. It was just terrible in terms of bloatware. Now they don't put a lot on here, get a couple of apps from them and that's. Basically it I wish to show you the stock helps you get soon. I wanted to talk a little bit about the performance of the ROM, so as expected with the chipset snapdragon 855, it is very fast. It is very fluid as well now it's not going to match the oneplus 7 pro in terms of fluidness with the 90 Hertz screen. This is only a 60 hurt, IPS screen that it's got on here and the optimization that oneplus has as well as one of the best, but it still is very quick. I haven't really seen any problems. Just occasionally. I'Ve noticed that some app launch times have been a little bit slower than I expected. So when I went into Play Store a couple of times it wasn't really fast. As that, you would expect that I will just check out quickly Twitter performance, because I know that there's can sometimes be quite slow, its overall quite good it's. Definitely not the smoothest.

Of course I have seen, but it's no slouch whatsoever. The UI is very quick. Multitasking swapping between your applications is all really quick there as well. As you can see here, you can load up different apps and the task manager doesn't seem to be too heavy handed and aggressive. It does kill things off and they do have to reload, of course, as you'd expect now, we'll go over now, some of my benchmarks here and just bring up the gallery and we'll quickly run through him so I'm on the latest patch. Here this one just actually came true: he just fixes a little things with the performance of the camera, with the HDR plus plus modes and there's a few little tweaks there. So this is the stock applications you get with it when you first boot, the phone up. Okay, so there's a little bit of Google bloat on there. You get Instagram and Facebook, so it's, not a hundred percent bloat free, but the good news is that you can uninstall them. They'Re, not system, apps, okay, so that's good. So I got rid of Instagram and Facebook. You can see there, so you left with all of those applications right these you can see, so it supports Widevine level one. So this means Amazon, Prime Netflix streaming services in HD, not stuck in standard definition. Camera two API level is full, so level three support would be a little bit better there, but that's not too bad.

Gps is fine. It'S working well now it's, not dual frequency GPS. I tested that out with an app called GPS test and the carrier frequency only shows level one. It doesn't show level five now there could see, will hover around about four meters. Most of the time in tracking was just fine, ufs, 2.1 storage. So these are good speeds, it's, not UF s3, like the oneplus 7 pro has, which is super quick, but still this is not going to bottleneck the system. It is very quick and no problems there. Wireless turns out to be good too so went over the other side of the apartment. You can see. Testing still gets over 100 megabits per second. So when this happens, those kind of speeds to me are good. Other mobile phones will drop under a hundred the oneplus 7 pro that gets around 200. So it's got really good Wireless on that particular model. But of course it is quite a bit more expensive it's going to cost you about 200 euros more. That particular model here, but overall Wireless range and performance is good. You can see topping out the speeds here of my fiber line in the studio, and here is LTE speed, so no problem, that's all gon na, be depending, of course, on your carrier. Your network there as well – and here is our antutu score, which is very solid for the Snapdragon 805 now on to audio. So we do have the audio wizard, which is one of those uses.

I'M applications. Therefore, the audio output 3.5 millimeter output – I find as good the loudness – is fine, no real complaints, it's, not the best quality I've heard out of a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack fire, but it still I find, is completely acceptable, it's, good and the speakers. So we do have two loud speakers, so there's one right here in the air piece and then another speaker of course down the bottom. As I pointed out at the start, but here is a sample of it. The loudness is fine. It is lacking in bass. There'S. Hardly any there, but a tiny hint as you'll hear: Applause, Music, a gaming performance there's, a shadow, a gun with the ultra high ceiling 60 frames per second. It says it expect for androids fastest GPU runs well. You don't really get too much stutter, sometimes the occasional little dropped frame to be expected with the loading things. Caching, him it overall it's very fast. The performance of this GPU pop G's also running fine. As you'd expect on this GPU. I forced the frame rate to 60 frames per second using GFX tool and it runs very smooth and fluid. So one thing I noticed that's a bit odd is s felt knowing legends? I could not install it from Google Play Store as it's not currently supported. So hopefully that will change, of course with updates, and it is a relatively new phone too. So let's take a look now at the camera app so launches.

Quick, the shutter rate is very quick. They'Ve got a lot of options here, so we don't have a three times optical or two times optical, and here you get digital zoom, so that's just cropping in by tapping that, of course, and we can swap over there into the wide angled lens you can see. You can capture a lot more with that it's, not a very decent, wide angled lens they've actually put on this and the quality I find to be not amazing. It certainly will not compete with like so that is 10 plus or the highway peds. 30. Pro that I currently own you've got HDR options right over here. All your settings and video modes, a portrait mode as well now, motion tracking is quite interesting because it will flip the camera around and allow you to actually track left and right to a certain amount, of course, depending on just what you wear. Your subject is, and it runs at 60 frames per second for this – it needs to actually run at 4k, 60 or 1080p 60. For that to actually work. You got slo mo options here as well, so that goes all their way up to. You can see full HD 240 frames per second, so you've got quite a few settings in here can control the autofocus shadow rate, the white balance, ISO exposure and oh, your standard color settings there. Now, if you want to record also and take photos in 48 megapixels, you don't actually have to be in a pro mode for that you can set it to the default 12, which I recommend just keep it.

On the 12, the 48 megapixel photos. They look a little bit better in terms of detail, perhaps, but you get a lot more grain and noise to them, so I wouldn't even bother using it at all so right now, I'm shooting in okay, thirty frames per second, you get ten minutes. You can see the stabilization is really really good. So when I'm walking ahead now, hardly any movements really to notice that it looks like I'm using a gimbal. Really. It is very, very good. Now the focus is also good. Put my hand up now see it locks onto that really quick that's, because it does have that infrared assistance for the focus now you're able to control the camera module as well. And I can bring it around by just pressing the volume keys here and then flip right around, and I can even turn it now into a selfie cam. If I wanted to, although it's a little bit awkward and does take some practice I'm now in the shot. As you can see, this is a sample now with the wide angle camera in the selfie mode, because it is not as good as the main sensor but being a wide angle. You don't have to stretch your arm right out if you're worried about that. If you've got shorter humps and if you don't have a selfie stick with you, then this is an option. The stabilization is still very good. As you can see, I will just actually walk down some stairs here to demonstrate how well it works, really good job.

Any audio quality as well, I think, is good Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, all right. So what about battery life? Obviously i need probably about three or four days to get complete and exact the battery stats. I will have an update video with that later. On or post an update on twitter but screen on time, you can see i'm losing about nine percent an hour. Now this is with demanding use. I'Ve been gaming, i've been using the camera. A lot I've been benchmarking the phone. So I expect a screen on time off, possibly around about eleven hours. As my estimate here, okay that's – continual use mostly on wireless about thirty forty percent on data there so it's a definite, I think for most people to day mobile phone and even heavy users should definitely make it through a day with that five thousand million hour battery. Alright, I'm really enjoying this phone I'm liking it. I do like what dos is doing the direction they're heading now is the right direction, definitely dumping their launcher that they were using before that was all bloated and the skin on. It was not great, so they've got a stock, Android they're. Definitely listening to people. You can tell they're listening to what the public wants in a phone, otherwise they would not have given us the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and even micro SD card support, which is just great to have on here and it's, a rarity nowadays to see a flagship with Those two features there: it has NFC.

The only thing you could say: it's missing is an IP rating and, of course, wireless charging, but at this price point you're not going to get that anyway. The build is really good and I can get easy access. Of course, just holding it with my thumb to the power button to unlock it now, the fingerprint reader just demonstrate that again, so I'll touch it now and it works very quick one more time, no issues with it, it's not the fastest out there, but it is In terms of speed, I think very quick and a lot faster course than the optical in screen, fingerprint readers and ultrasonic ones there, the camera on the rear, it does take a very good photo and because it's a flip around camera. I don't actually see this as a gimmick at all. If you want the full screen, you don't want a notch. I think this is the way to go, because you can get 48 megapixels selfie shots if you wanted to, but the default 12 megapixels I find is the best option and just to leave it at that now for vlogs. You have to hold your arm right out because of the electronic image. Stabilization crop is just quite but so that's not bringing in that area there, but the stabilization of video was good. The audio quality I find to be okay, they've gone with a higher bitrate, and I other manufacturers oneplus and show me that use a very low bitrate for audio, and it tends to be quite scratchy and poor.

Here I find a slightly better, which is good to see there now the photos themselves. I do see a lot of your typical azuz over sharpening over processing that they're really famous for at least what I remember when I reviewed some of their previous phones it's still there. So there is some room for improvement there, but overall it takes an OK photo. The ultra wide lens to me is a little bit disappointing, a lot of blur on the edges. The white balance is slightly different from the main camera and I probably wouldn't use it too much myself because of that it's, not an S 10 plus or a P 30 Pro in terms of white angled lens there, but it's still good to have that option on There now speaker sound good Jill now speakers battery life looks very solid, I'm gon na say about two days for most people, heavy users will definitely make it through a full day with this particular phone gaming performances. As expected, it's great it's, smooth its fluid, gets a little warm around the back here, but overall, really, this is a solid phone. The weakness, of course, you probably guessed it at the start. To I pointed that out is the screen: okay, so an IPS screen. If you're moving from an AMOLED panel or an OLED – and you go over to this screen, you will be a little bit disappointed by no means is it a deal breaker screen, I don't believe it as okay, so it's still an okay IPS panel it's.

Just not a fantastic one. I really hope that they've released a zenfone 6 pro and it has an OLED or an AMOLED panel in here. I would definitely be be buying that phone. So, thank you so much for watching this phone that gets a thumbs up from me.