This is the surface pro 7 plus and just showing you a couple little things that kind of demonstrate that and i’m playing zelda breath of the wild i’m using a um switch pro controller and a couple other things anyway. I did a video of this and then scratched it, because i figured out a couple things. There was some glitching on the top and some other different problems. This is playing at um 1400 by 900. I think is the resolution actually looks fairly. Decent let’s just go ahead and jump back into the game, so you can see it um, there’s, occasional little glitches, and i don’t know how to fix that. Yet this is using the Music vulcan api and the uh. This is simu s or cemu. Is the nintendo switch emulator um? I have we’re gon na skip that i have uh the game on my nintendo switch, which means that is okay for me to put it on my computer, oh uh. This also has motion controls which took a little bit of finagling to figure out so here yeah yeah. So i set this. Let me show you the settings real quickly. I have um see i’m at the very beginning of the game, so not a whole lot, but i played through the game a number of years ago. Best game i’ve ever played absolutely by far, really is incredible. There’S, so much logic in the world like everything that you think should work, pretty much works, which is is makes it really fun.

You get to be creative in problem solving uh. You can see there’s a little bit of glitching in here, um, again, not sure how to fix all these things. Yet if there is um a lot of a lot of interest in in a tutorial from me on how to get this working on the circuit pro 7, i can do that. But you’ll need to comment in the comment section for me to take the time to do it definitely not against the idea, because this is really cool being able to play this and have it play actually so well, an apple and an arrow it’s, almost like instructions. Let’S see all right, we have just the yellow one there’s that little tiny glitch in there uh. Let me show you the settings before i get too far into this video. You can see down here i’m playing at roughly roughly 30 frames per second. As soon as you switch into the menus, it jumps right up to 60 and this feels like utterly buttery, like just so much faster than the switch let’s see over here. Here we are, and my settings uh settings are in here, let’s go ahead and maximize this. You can see i’m using reshade, 4.9.1 and options graphic packs. You can see graphics. I have sixteen by nine, oh i’m, at sixteen hundred by nine hundred and right here we can nope we’re not going to change that sixteen by 10 let’s do this and 14 by 900 let’s.

Do that and see if we can get a little bit faster here enhancements? I have a bsods gaming, preset depth of field enabled normal reflections. Anastrophic high filtering is 4x instead of eight and there’s no mods or cheats enabled. As far as i remember, oh extended memory. Fps, plus, okay, no cheats enabled, although i’m pretty sure, infinite arrows, sounds pretty nice. Okay, so let’s close that for options here, i am using gamepad motion source is set to dsu one by slot. A lot of this is not going to make sense unless you go through somebody else’s profile or like their install guide here. So again, these are my settings. As far as the install goes, you’ll need to watch someone or again comment below. Will you gamepad x input controller one? These are just standard um b and o actually don’t do anything so don’t worry about that and general settings. I have settings like this right here: graphics, vulcan, uh, actually, vulcan and opengl work. Okay, um icing shader compiled and then i actually have stretch enabled and when this was not enabled, i was getting some weird glitching and tearing up here: audio x, audio 2 uh. All of this stuff here account debug disabled Music. If you guys know what you’re doing in this – and you know how to make this faster or better by the way getting rid of this – was a pain in the butt, then please comment, let’s do and you can set this up with your joy con.

Oh for the controller, what i have um there’s, that little glitch whoops. I wonder where it will start me: Music, hmm, so the the little glitchy thing. Okay, so you can see uh by the way in the shrines. You’Re gon na have uh, probably 10 to 15 uh higher fps the little. The little pause is annoying but it’s, not that bad, considering that everything else actually runs faster than the nintendo switch. So it’s a little trade off that i imagine that there’s a fix for again, if you know how to fix it, Music, if you know how to fix it. Um. Please put that in the comment section – and this is this – is definitely the smoothest running um emulator, that i’ve ever used oops Applause. No, that did not look correct Applause. There we go Music yeah. The this part actually right here is also also um, really fast. Applause. Just all the transitions feel like they’re playing so much smoother and quicker Applause, uh Applause, yeah, yeah, yeah, Music, that’s, exactly how you’re supposed to do Music, it. Oh yeah, good, Music, Applause, Music, Music, oh Applause, yep, Music, Applause, Music, uh Applause. There we go. I don’t think i can climb like this. I would not be normal, so smooth, okay, Music, so Music Applause look Music. I don’t want this thing: Applause, Music, what Music? Hmm, Music, oh Music, oh Music, Applause! All right! You guys that’s it for this video um.

A lot of fun being able to play this finally nicely on my surface pro 7 plus on my windows, 10 tablet with motion controls, that’s a big deal um.