So let’s take you into the world of zappable and show you how easy it really is in three simple steps: step: one simply log in scroll down and pick your favorite template and select your preferred layout and boom you’re ready to build step 2 now it’s time To add your features with over 30 amazing options available, you simply point and click your way to an amazing, app let’s say you want to build enough for a huge booming market right now online coaching, just select the coaching template click, the link. You can add your appointment calendar to book calls link to your zoom calls having a bite off section, integrate all your social profiles. Facebook, youtube, instagram, tick, tock, linkedin, share free lead generation courses, and you can make special announcements by sending push notifications directly to their mobile. Where the open and click rates are 90 more effective than email, but it gets better with our new instant mobile app technology, there’s no need for the app stores. You can set up a simple qr code like chewing and boom your app instantly loads on a user’s phone by harnessing the zappable power of progressive web app technology. And yes, we still offer apple and android submission if you desire, which leads us to our next amazing feature: zap digital with zap digital. We integrate into all your favorite shopping carts like jvzoo, clutch banks, thrive card pay, kickstart, and so many more so you can sell your own instant digital products.

This means you can sell all your digital contents, videos, pdfs and training in app behind the protective members area and with mobile, app content, usage growing and desktop declining. This is a very important feature and, on that note, what’s better than selling one off digital products. Membership sites, zap digital also allows integration with major membership providers such as wishlist member mice, kajabi, and many more sell your paid content behind closed doors with your own instant mobile app and you don’t have to pay apple 30 of your revenues. This truly is the next evolution of selling membership. Zappable is truly flexible to build ups for nearly any type of business: online coaches, realtors, restaurants, fitness personal trainers and many more one. Zapable user built a mobile app for his online fitness business zeus. Fitness which has over 169 000 youtube subscribers. The app has thousands of visitors every single week and they’ve sold over 10 000 products in their opening week by using the app in fact, listen to this real life. Zapable customer. I just want to say a massive thank you to zappable through zappable i’ve got an incredible new mobile app for my business. It’S enabled me to reach an even bigger audience and give users easy access to all my online content. Subscribers and customers can now access. My workouts with a’s, they can check out all my merchandise, Music and all of my paid programs and courses i’ve been able to add recipes meal ideas and much much more, all under one amazing app.

This has really helped me boost my online business and revenue. In our next example, a small hotel owner needed an app built to allow people to book tables at his restaurant was zappable. He was able to build an app that allowed people to select their preferred date and time simply enter their mobile number and zapable would send a confirmation text message of their booking. Over 90 percent of paul’s booking came from the app and he even sent us a video testimonial hi, guys, quick uh video testimonial for andrew and chris fox on the new zappable um. I own a hotel here in england and, as you can see, we are absolutely packed outside due to the core, with regulations i’m just going to quickly grab one of our customers, because 90 of these people have actually used the new app to book their table. So stephen, so you use the app to book the table. Yeah yeah i bought the table through the app tonight super easy to use brilliant sent me a text message to. Let me know we’re all okay, keep using it fantastic! Well done, guys, really appreciate it. It’S easy to see why we have over 300 customer success stories who use zappable to sell mobile apps like crazy, regular people. Look very little tech experience first timers, yet so many having cube success. Let’S show a quick example of a restaurant app built by zappable. You can add in in app menus means it minimizes touching physical items to maintain health and hygiene.

Take away food ordering we link into all major providers like grubhub delivery, justice and many more track and trace record your customers details when they come in, which is mandatory law in some countries. Digital loyalty card allow customers to scan qr codes to access special promotions discounts and encourage repeat business. Not only do we give you the amazing app builder, we also give you the ultimate done for you package to allow you to have your own instant, mobile, app business. Introducing the zappable agency done for you package the ultimate collection of tools that make selling apps super fun and easy. First, we will give you five amazing, hot high, converting landing pages to attract clients. We supply these in click, funnels devi, elementor and wordpress format. Next, we give you five done for you, videos and multiple niches to use as leak magnets. You can even brand these as your own place them on the landing pages. We supply not sure what features to suggest to your client. What pricing to charge we’ve got! You covered, we give you sample pricing charts for what to charge clients for apps and water fully customizable. Next, maybe you’re unsure how to connect with business owners simply use our proven email connect, scripts to cut and paste to prospect. Clients use our top 17 tips to get your clients apps downloaded and make them think you’re. A marketing jedi we’ve literally thought of everything to make it super simple and easy for you, and with over 30 amazing features.