It is a regular i dont know: 12, maybe 13 inch screen sized laptop its pretty compact, but when you unfold it, you are presented with a huge 17 inch oled panel, and this is unlike any device ive ever had on this channel. So its not a tablet. Its actually a laptop computer, its got a big 17 inch screen, but it comes with a keyboard and you can use it as a fully functional laptop now. The device itself could be used as a tablet. If you wanted to, you could hold it as a 17 inch monster tablet, or you can just place it down on the table. If you want to use it with a pen and just do art stuff on it, fully functional in that manner as well, but the real magic is when you fold this thing, so you can fold it in this position where youre kind of using the device. As this like double screened device, but because this hinge can hold pretty much any position, you can position and orient this panel to whatever you want to use it. For so you can have a show thats running across both sides of the panel or you can have a show on the top and then like some work or some other document that youre working on on the bottom. It is very versatile, but it also comes with this keyboard, so this is a bluetooth keyboard, so you can use it as a regular wireless keyboard.

You dont have to have it connected or anything it just functions as a perfectly normal bluetooth keyboard, but heres. The crazy thing, if you want to, if youre in, like a tighter space and you dont, have the option of setting it up nice and wide like this. You can put it onto the device where it attaches. Magnetically and windows will reconfigure the ui so that it looks like a regular laptop and now you have a laptop experience, and this is just like a slightly thick laptop but its a laptop and then when you want the big screen experience again, you just pop open The kickstand and then youre good to go now. This panel is really nice. Its a 17 inch oled panel, its 4×3 aspect ratio, its bright, its got really punchy, colors its awesome for consuming media. It does have a fairly glossy screen, so you do have to be careful that if youre using it in really bright environments, but it does have a crease right down the middle of the screen, its fairly subtle in terms of the visual imperfection, but because its a Tablet and sometimes youll be running your finger across that crease. You can feel it when youre moving your finger around one thing to note, though this screen is rated for 30 000 fold cycles. Now the the idea of like 30 000 fold sounds: i mean its a lot right. If you folded this device four times a day, you could probably get like 20 years.

I mean thats like open and closed thats one fold cycle. You do that so eight folds per day, you could get 10 years of folds on this device, its good in that sense. But if you compare it to like a phone, those are rated for like 200 000 cycles, and maybe the difference comes from the fact that its a bigger device and when you open and close this computer, its putting more stress on a hinge compared to a phone Or maybe they just didnt design the hinge in the same fashion, so the dust can get in a little bit easier. I dont know, but it does make. You think that this is probably a less durable of a folding mechanism than one of the flagship phones out there. So the screen has this rubber bezel that runs along the perimeter of the device and im assuming its to kind of protect the device, as you open and close it, but then on the back of the device. The way this hinge works theres this protective, covering that slides back and forth as you open and close the device. Now i cant open this device, its a pre production unit, but on asuss website theyre, saying its running: an i7 1250: u, which is a low wattage 12th gen chip from intel, its also running 16 gigs of ram and a terabyte of pci e4 storage? And i think these are good specs for a universal configuration and, lastly, its running a 75 watt hour battery, which, on a device of this size, is decent.

I dont think its going to have huge battery life. But if i had to guess with my regular testing id say id guess like six hours of battery life but well see when a review unit comes in theres, two thunderbolt 4 ports on the device, theres one on the top and then one on the side and Theres also a webcam that supports infrared for logging in with facial biometrics, but this is the first device ive ever had in here. That was a laptop that had a folding screen and its a very different experience than i thought it would be like so ive seen videos and pictures of stuff like this before and it always looked cool but having gotten this thing in. I think what really sells this for me is the size of the screen, like normally when youre using a laptop. The whole idea is that its got to be a portable device right. It should be something that you can use and bring with you if you need to and theres a limitation of how big of a screen you can go with right once you go like 17 inches, 18 inches, it starts to become a very cumbersome device. This thing this is a 17 inch screen, but it could have gone bigger and its still very portable and thats. The other crazy thing apple is supposedly working on a 20 inch device, whether its a giant ipad or a macbook type thing we dont know for sure.

Yet but mark german has reported on the idea of a 20 inch apple product with a foldable screen and thats thats. What thats, where i feel like the future, is going right. We have tech nowadays to make devices like this very capable in terms of its processing capabilities, folding screens detachable wireless keyboards. This is the future of computing to me, and this is wild. I think, even in its current iteration, this zenbook product is so cool and i think for some people this is the thing man. This is the thing: okay, uh there you have it the zen book fold, its a cool one hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs.