And yes, you heard me right. I said tech homework. You know that stuff that you don’t really want to think about doing. But you know is important whether you are browsing. The web shopping online searching up stuff if you’re straight up on the internet. Trust me, i know you’re going to want to be able to do all of that stuff without worrying about somebody watching it. So, of course, today i teamed up with malwarebytes to let you know how to make sure you can go about your business without somebody paying attention to yours, so malwarebytes offers a vpn service called malwarebytes privacy and for my average consumers out there, the folks who aren’t The crazy techies, who might not know what a vpn is or what malwarebytes really is about let’s, go with vpns vpns stand for virtual private network, so everyone pretty much has an ip address kind of like your home address on the internet. Now, when you’re browsing the internet, your ip address is what identifies you, but maybe you want to go online and do things without feeling like being watched like you, don’t want the internet to know who you are or where you’re browsing from. That is where a virtual private network comes in. That vpn is going to be able to give you a different ip address. So when you have that new ip address, you can go ahead and do your shopping browsing, do whatever you want and your identity is basically masked even from your service provider and even malwarebytes doesn’t track your login.

So you can go ahead and do all of your internet activity without any prying eyes. Let me tell you this is actually a big deal. Of course, you can browse the internet with no problem without a vpn, but i am telling you it is super important to actually have one so it’s pretty much the same idea just like you want to have multiple passwords to keep yourself safe when going on multiple Websites you’re going to want a vpn service so that you’re not being tracked by any advertisers or, unfortunately, even hackers. Now the world is opening back up we’re, going into places that we used to like those coffee, shops, airports, libraries, and that means you’re – going to be jumping onto public wi fi networks on those public wi fi networks. There could be people with ill intentions. You know hackers can get a hold of your information, especially if you’re you know doing shopping using your credit cards or maybe doing any banking logging on to your banking website that information gets on that public network. You want to make sure you’re keeping yourself safe with the vpn and something i just learned about is, like kids are doing distance learning they’re on their webcams. So more than ever, you want to protect your internet connection, their internet connection, so that they can be online. Learn and you don’t have to worry about anything crazy. You just want that security now, even though you’re on this virtual private network with malwarebytes, my speeds have remained the same, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of drop offs there now that’s all like the security stuff stuff to just make sure you’re, nice And safe but there’s a fun aspect to this as well.

You guys with a vpn. You can pretty much change your location to anywhere in the world now. Why is this important there’s? A few reasons if you ever wanted to watch content, that is only in japan, netflix japan is no joke. You guys you can go ahead and change your location from japan. I think you can even hone in on tokyo and when you do something like that, you can pull up netflix japan that you, you guys know me. I love me some anime and some japanese shows so you get a whole new world that you didn’t have access to previously. Now you know it’s kind of crazy i’ve actually been in japan, trying to watch some country role. Trying to you know just soak in all the culture i’m trying to watch some anime while i’m, there feel as authentic as possible and what happens crunchyroll doesn’t even work out there. You guys is the weirdest like what, but with a vpn service. You can just say: hey i’m in the united states, even though you’re physically in japan and boom, you get access to your crunchyroll and all the shows that you’re used to and that’s like one of the other perks of having a vpn. You get access to content that you wouldn’t normally get in your country like it’s, the most annoying thing when you say. Oh, this content isn’t is not available for your region. What yes, it is, i got some stuff and what’s dope is that malwarebytes privacy is available on macos windows, android and ios, so, no matter what operating system you’re using you’re going to be able to get that protection, especially when it comes to those smartphones.

You guys know that’s, where a lot of people are doing most of their browsing these days, so making sure that that’s, nice and safe and secure is definitely the way to go, and for me personally now that i know how important a vpn is. I love having access to these kind of tools, and you know this is a big deal when you’re seeing a lot of companies take charge in letting you know, when you’re being tracked by advertisers and certain apps apple’s, making a big push to. Let people know what their privacy rights are, so i’m loving having access to these kind of tools. There are a lot of times where there are ads tracking us and it’s. Just a really weird experience: when you’re, you know, you’re browsing for one thing and then you’re getting all kinds of ads all over your devices. It just feels a little funky it’s, not the best, but with a vpn service. You don’t really have to worry about that. But i just wanted to be just a quick educational moment for you guys for folks who are techies and not using vpns, and you know about them. Come on. You guys get on it. Get yourself safe, vpns have been around for a while and if you’re not protected, you might as well go ahead and start getting protected today and for my average consumers out there who are not techies. I know this is like a whole new world to you, but it is something very easy to do and it’ll keep you safe, so definitely check it out.

I have malwarebytes privacy linked down below in the description, so definitely go ahead. Check that out get yourself secure and start using the internet without worrying, but hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. Do you want to see more like easy takes on how you guys should be doing certain things in the tech world? Let me know if you like this kind of thing, if you do be the cool guy girl that gives this video a thumbs up, i’ll catch you guys in the next one till then it’s, your average consumer base.