Oh, you bet i can and its not the only thing i can do either the preview for amazon app store for windows, 11 aka windows, subsystem for android is finally upon us, so were going to show you how it works, what it looks like and some really Cool ways android makes your windows 11 experience better, and you should experience our sponsor too graphis. Graphis is an automated fishing defense solution for office 365 and g suite emails that stops current and emerging email threats without lifting a finger get thirty percent off the list price and thirty percent off on boarding at graphis dot a i slash, linus Music. How does this even work? The android today runs primarily on arm processors, whereas windows primarily runs on x86. Android x86 is sort of a thing, but only sort of with that in mind. Its unsurprising that, on pcs, most apps are going to be running in an arm. Emulator that microsoft says is provided by intel bridge technology. Dont worry, though, itll still run on amd systems and if youre, one of the dozens of people running windows 11 on arm hardware, those apps will run natively as well, just like on an m1 mac. Most of us are stuck with the emulator for now, so as for the performance impact of that geekbench can give us a glimpse its clear that the cpu is being held back by overhead here compared to the native performance, but its not bad.

All things considered its 50 higher than the next best android devices single core performance and more than double that devices multi core performance, though, if youre rocking that min spec 8th gen core i3 youll, probably want to stick to lighter tasks. Unlike the cpu opengl, the api that android uses to accelerate 3d graphics doesnt need to be emulated and you have the option of dynamically picking a gpu for running android apps. As long as everything is relatively new, there shouldnt be any trouble running most apps, although 4x anti aliasing is enabled by default. So gaming performance may not be amazing on older, integrated graphics unless you mess with the developer mode its worth mentioning that even with a good gpu, a min spec cpu may still lag behind if youre trying to play an arm based game. The android version of retroarch nets, horrible performance results, running super mario world on snes9x at less than half the speed of native and the increased latency of the threaded video option is required for frame rates over 30.. This isnt indicative of every android game, but it suggests that you might want to stick with alternatives like bluestacks or nox. If youre looking to phone some noobs running smartphones, the rest of the subsystem environment sets aside 6 gigs of ram and has its own sandboxed storage. You cant access the files inside android directly from within windows or vice versa, but there is a file browser within the virtual machine.

If you sideload an app that lets you transfer files, i used ftp, then you can get around this limitation and if you sideload a launcher, youll see that theres more stock apps in here too, like a camera contacts and the standard android settings app where we can Confirm were actually running android 11.. This is pretty interesting because the other android emulators you can download like bluestacks and knox all run either android 7 or 9.. I mean it is kind of fitting for windows 11 to be running android 11. So, but what was that about side loading? I just said yeah see up here in americas hat – were not allowed to use the amazon app store on windows, yet fortunately theres a toggle right there in the settings app for the android subsystem to enable developer mode. Where you can access adb or android debug bridge using the android sdk, you can install apps, uninstall, apps and debug apps and any apps you side load will show up in the start menu like usual, unless youre installing google frameworks or something to try to get the Play store running, i couldnt, but its only a matter of time and its time you got a new caltripper pillow from ltdstore.com. The extra support really helps with those long sofa sessions. You know because of the lack of support for google services. However, remember microsoft is using the amazon app store, youre limited in the apps that youre able to install and the features youre able to use while chrome and youtube, for example, install and run you cant sign in, and the same will be true of anything else.

That uses the google account manager, where some simply wont run at all and beyond google services games that use their own installers like fortnite straight up, refuse to install. Sometimes it turns out theres a reason why microsoft has been so careful with how and when they rolled out subsystem for android, with all these caveats, its fair to ask. Why bother in my mind there are three reasons: convenience, preference and cost. You have way more options for two factor: authentication via android than on windows, for example, and popping open an app whenever you need to get 2fa instead of unlocking your phone to do. The same thing is a pretty significant time savings. There are also apps that only have mobile options like some restaurants have mobile ordering, but not online ordering and smart tvs will often have apps to control them that just arent available on pc and then there are things that you could run on pc. But you just might prefer the experience on android, especially when the alternative is simply a web page. A proton mail comes to mind and then theres things like instagram, where the desktop experience is straight up. Worse, like it took until last year to be able to post – and you still cant – do reels. It boggles the mind it makes about as much sense as how antec used to be the big dog back in the day and they just dropped the ball and disappeared.

Get subscribed because weve got a whole video diving into what happened there as for cost. Maybe youve already bought the app on mobile and you dont want to buy it again on pc theres. Also, a lot of free photo editing apps on mobile, that just dont exist on desktop, like photoshop express, vsco snapseed. All of these are powerful and free on a pc. Youll probably have to pay. Your only free options are web apps like pixlr and native apps, like which each have their own pros and cons mobile photo. Editors are often dead, simple, while getting good enough results and, if youre, already familiar with it on mobile youll, be familiar with it on subsystem. For android for your trouble, you get dynamically resizable windows that many apps actually already work with, along with full native notifications, including progress bars for downloads in apps, like fdroid, the keyboard and mouse are natively, supported and well, obviously, theres thousands of apps out there to try Out im honestly surprised at how seamless the integration is for the apps that do work, and if microsoft has their way, android x86 apps might make a comeback to offer better performance and compatibility with the android subsystem, while its not as smooth today as ios apps on Mac os and youre limited to the amazon app store unless youre into side loading its a far more coherent experience than software like bluestacks can provide, and if microsoft can give it the love it needs, it may seriously help windows 11 adoption.

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