4 is one of huaweis latest tablets. That will surely help you when it comes to entertainment and productivity, and we also have two other accessories that can surely make you work more efficiently. But for now lets talk about the pros and cons of the huawei pad 10.4, the huawei m pencil and the huawei smart keyboard for design the matepad 10.4 sports, a simple yet sleek design, and it comes in the color, matte gray. Now what i like about this tablet is the comfort of its build. Its lightweight of 450 grams, with 7.35 millimeters thickness and smooth brown edges makes it easier for me to carry around and play games on it for a while without straining my hands. The volume rocker is on the right side, the power button and first half of the studio speaker is on the top. While the sim card slot is found on the left, the usbc port and other half of the stereo speakers are on the bottom. Sadly, the matepad 10.4 has no 3.5 millimeter audio jack for your wired earphones, so its best to use your wireless earbuds when youre on the go now for sound quality. This device is equipped with armon card and speakers so expect it to have a great surround. Sound experience whenever you watch your favorite shows on netflix for display. You get a 10.4 inch, ips 2k display with a 200 by 1200 resolution, with 470 nits of brightness, and so far the screen produces vibrant colors with crisp images thanks to the pixel density of its display.

Now the color reproduction is vibrant and not over saturated. Unlike other early amoled screens and thanks to its maximum brightness of 470 nits, you can definitely bring this device outdoors and no glare from the sunlight can stop you from productivity to help you work more efficiently on projects. The huawei mate pad 10.4 is equipped with a kirin 710a octa core processor, with 4 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of rom, with a micro sd card expansion that runs on harmony, os 2.0, and it also has a 4g lte connectivity with wi fi and bluetooth. 5.1 overall, the huawei mate pad 10.4 delivered a pretty solid performance in terms of gaming, multitasking and running heavy applications. It can keep apps open as long as you dont overload the system, but i noticed that when the system is overloaded, the device restarts whatever app youre using so lets hope they get to fix that issue and you can download any app. You need for work. Gaming or any art software by using pdl search or the app gallery now, additional accessories, such as the huawei m, pencil and smart keyboard, will definitely come in handy whenever you need to type documents or if you want to brush up your digital art skills on canva. So id say this is a great set of productivity tools to have for the cameras. The matepad 10.4 has a 13 megapixel rear camera with flash along with an 8 megapixel selfie camera on the front.

Overall, camera performance is decent and you can easily take snapshots if you ever dont have your phone with you and so far the colors are bright. While the details look sharp and fine in outdoor lighting, however, indoor shots have softer and minimal details, though, keep in mind that cameras arent, really the main focus feature in a tablet, but it does deliver good photos powering. The matepad 10.4 is a 7250mah battery with 20 watt, quick charging and based from our battery test. This device lasted for 14 hours and 54 minutes. While it took us about 30 minutes to charge it from 20 to a hundred percent and so far guys that isnt. So bad so far, the huawei mate pad 10.4 proves to be an efficient device when it comes to productivity, multitasking and entertainment. Now the huawei m, pencil and smart keyboard are also great accessories to help enhance your overall experience while using the tablet. The huawei mate pad 10.4 is priced at 18, 999 pasos and if you make the purchase on or before may 15, you can receive a free, huawei, smart magnetic keyboard and a free, huawei and pencil. So go ahead and grab yours now, but till then go ahead and subscribe to this channel and let us know in the comments down below what you guys think about the huawei mate pad 10.4, along with its other smart accessories. And once again this was me.