This is vimal here and welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be super fun, guys so make sure to watch it till the end. So guys, remember one and a half year back when you got to see the first generation of dual screen laptops. It completely blew our mind, but today asus is back with the next generation of dual screen laptops and in the house we got our rants on the 2021 edition asus zenbook duo, and this is their newest dual screen laptop and let me tell you, it comes with Lots of upgrades and improvements over the previous gen and is powered by intel’s, newest 11th, gen cpus and today in this video guys, i’ll be unboxing it and showing you the laptop, so let’s quickly get started with the unboxing. So here is our brand new 2021 edition. Zenbook duo dual screen laptop alongside this. The brand has also launched a pro duo series edition as well, and both these laptops are powered by intel’s newest 11th, gen cpus and are available in like different configurations and variants. The model will be reviewing today is ux 482e zenbook duo edition. The laptop is actually available in two different colors. The one we have is, the blue edition comes with a 14 inch, full hd, 1080p ips touch display and also has a secondary screen pad plus display and, as i’ve told you just now, it’s part by intel’s 11th gen variant right.

The one we have right now is powered by i7 1165, g7 cpu and also has nvidia’s mx450 gpu on board that’s. It guys these are all the specs of the laptop, so let’s get started with the unboxing. So as soon as you open it, we’ve got our brand new zenbook duo, 2021 edition laptop at the top. The laptop is actually available in two different colors. The one we have right now is the celestial blue variant. Let me just take it out and show you it’s, a very compact 14 inch laptop, but not that lightweight also. It definitely feels a bit heavy i’ll, just get back to the laptop in a moment, along with that, you get a compact, 65w type c power adapter for charging, a mains card for the adapter and a laptop stand which you need to fix on the bottom side. That’S it, these are all the stuff we got in the package. Now, let me give you all a closer look at the laptop and then we’ll talk about the design and the build quality all right, so that was our unboxing part. Now let me give you all a closer look at the laptop and then we’ll talk about the design and the build quality. So here you go. This is our brand new asus 2021 edition zenbook duo laptop, looks like see from my first impressions. The laptop definitely looks premium, but the design is like quite minimalistic, and you know it’s very similar to the usual zenbook lineup of laptops.

So on the front side you just got the asus silver logo and then you’ve got the similar concentric circles. Kind of pattern that you might have already seen on the other zenbook series laptops and if you ask about the build quality, build quality of the laptop, is very good. It’S like entirely constructed out of magnesium aluminum, alloy material, and you know very solid and also has this beautiful, chamfered edges on the lid that definitely give a premium touch to the laptop talking about the weight. The laptop might look compact from your first look, but it’s. Actually, not that lightweight it easily weighs around like 1.6 kg, so definitely a bit heavier than the usual ultrabooks and notebooks and it’s around like 16.9 mm thick compared to the previous gen. You can definitely say that it’s a bit thinner and lightweight, but compared to the usual ultrabooks and notebooks. This might be a bit heavier. Keeping that aside guys what i’ll do is i’ll just give you a closer look on all the sides and show you all the available connectivity ports on this laptop starting off from the left side. Over here, you’ve got two thunderbolt: 4.0 ports and the same ports are used for charging, as well as connecting some external displays beside that, you’ve got a full sized hdmi port available, and you see this tiny grille to the edge of the corner. Well, this is the left sided speaker now going to the front side.

There is nothing over here and going to the other side. This is a right sided speaker. Both the speakers on this laptop are powered by hermann kardon and over here, you’ve got some led indicators. This is the battery charging indicator, power indicator, there’s, a micro sd card slot and beside that you’ve got a 3.5 mm audio port and, lastly, a usb 3.0 super speed port that’s. It guys these are all the available connectivity ports on it, there’s nothing. At the back side – and here you go – this is how the bottom panel of the laptop looks like very clean design. You just have a single tiny exhaust vent at the center of the laptop and you’ve got some rubber foot pads at the top and bottom and some information regarding the laptop. I haven’t told you about the ram and you know: storage right. The laptop comes with 16 gb ddr4 ram on board and has 1tb pci gen 3 ssd. That was our complete look at the exteriors. Now, what i’ll do is i’ll just open up the laptop and show you how the interiors on it look like. So as soon as you open the laptop right, the first thing you’ll notice, is this brand new hinge design see previously on the older gen zenbook dual laptop. You only had like ergo lift hinge support, but on this brand new model you have something known as ergo: lift hinge, plus active aerodynamic, plus cooling system, see what basically happens is.

Let me first tell you, with the ergo lift hinge, see whenever you open the laptop right. The lid creates like a small gap on the bottom of the laptop which improves the airflow, and you know, improves the typing experience of the keyboard and also enhances the audio experience. But that was one part and since the laptop had like a second screen on the lower part right, what they’ve done is on this new model. They’Ve implemented this known as active aerodynamic cooling system which, like automatically tilts the screen up to seven degrees and creates a gap between the screen also, and what this does is this, like greatly improves the cooling performance over there by almost like 49 percent acid by asus And this in turn improves the viewing experience of the second display and also performance of the laptop, since the screen is now tilted by almost 7 degrees right. You experience less glares, less reflections on the display and offers like better visibility. That is awesome right. So keeping that aside guys here you go. This is how our brand new zenbook duo, dual screen laptop, looks like so first, let me tell you about the display, starting off with the primary and the main display. So it’s got a 14 inch led backlit 1080p ips display that supports 100 srgb color gamut and has 400 nits of brightness and is also pantone validated. Now, if you talk about the bezels, it’s got nano bezels on the left and right sides they’re quite thin, but you do have a bit thick bezel at the top, where it incorporates a 720p hd ir webcam.

So that was about the display now coming to the second display. Well, this is called as the screen pad plus and you know, asus has also improved the software experience on it called the screen expert 2.0. So this secondary display is a 12.65 inch. Ultra wide touch display – and i totally forgot to mention both the displays on it – are touch enabled, so you can do a lot of stuff on it. So what i’ll do is before we talk about the display and all of its special features, guys i’ll, give you a closer look at the keyboard and then we’ll discuss about that as well. Now, since the laptop features a secondary display, the whole keyboard layout has been shifted to the lower half area. So it might be a bit new, especially if you’re, using these sort of laptops for the first time, but again you’ll get used to it as and how you use it first, let me tell you about the keyboard: quality it’s got a white led backlit, chiclet keyboard And the quality of the keyboard is very good. It does feel a bit crammed up because of the size and alignment. But again you can’t complain because you’re getting a secondary display on it right anyways. If you ask about the keyboard quality keyboard quality is pretty good. The quality of the keys on it are nice, feel tactile and clicky and key travel is also perfect and not to forget.

I’Ve told you that it’s white led backlit right, so you can adjust the brightness of the leds as well. Using this f7 function key now coming to the touch pad well, it’s got a very small touchpad to the right of the keyboard, and you might not be that satisfied with this, but not to worry. The above touchscreen can also be converted into a touchpad for extra large experience. I’Ll come there in a moment. Talking about the touchpad it’s, a glass covered premium. Touchpad quality is very good. It like easily recognizes all my inputs gestures. I face no sorts of dead zones. Also anywhere only thing is the space on it is a bit less and coming down. You’Ve got two dedicated mechanical keys on it. The quality of the keys is also very nice, feel tactile and clicky, so that was about the touchpad. So before i actually go ahead and explain all the special features that you can do with this screen pad plus on the laptop. Let me first tell you about the display quality i’ll be talking about the display quality on both the primary and the secondary display separately. So first let me tell you about the main display. I’Ve told you right: the zenbook duo comes with a 14 inch led backlit, 1080p ips touch display and the display quality is actually pretty good. It’S got great amount of detail text on it, looks sharp and crisp. No matter you’re, reading websites or blogs, everything is like very easily readable and the colors also look rich and vibrant, and since it’s pantone validated right, you can even use it for productivity and creative sort of applications as a color.

Accuracy is also nice and talking about the white balance. White balance was perfect and dynamic range was also acceptable, and not only that the brightness of the panel was also quite adequate at around 400 nits of brightness, so quite visible, even in bright outdoor situations. So that was about the main display now coming to the secondary display. Asus is calling it as the screen pad plus and it’s a 12.65 inch ultra wide display that features ips level panel. But, to be honest guys, the display quality of the secondary display is not that great it’s, not as good as the main display. They are saying it has ips level only. But you know, the contrast is not that good and the colors also look like dull, and you know not that vibrant. So you know mediocre kind of display again i’m talking about the regular duo model guys. The story on the pro duo model is completely different on this. The display is like mediocre, but definitely can get your job done, because you know it’s offering those extra features that no other laptop around this price range can offer. So before i actually go in depth and talk about the special things and features that you can do with the screen pad plus on the laptop, let me quickly tell you about the audio quality. At the beginning, i’ve shown you the speaker, placement right. The laptop features stereo speakers on the left and right side, which are powered by herman cardon and the quality of the speakers on it is actually pretty good, especially compared to the previous gen guys.

These days, asus is definitely working on their audio segment. On almost all of their laptops and the audio quality is pretty good. The audio feels crisp and clear with good clarity, and the distortion is also quite minimum. The output is also quite satisfactory. Just check out this clip so you’ll get an idea on the audio quality. Okay, so today we will be building a complete gaming setup, guys not just the gaming pc that to around like 40 000 rupees budget, and let me tell you this is going to offer you like crazy good performance. Let’S get started all right, let’s. Finally, talk about the screen pad plus this is the main highlight of the laptop that makes you wan na get it compared to the previous gen. Asus has improved a lot specially on the software and the ui. Now you have a control center like layout to the left side of the display, and the position of it is also adjustable. This thing offers you, like everything you need at your fingertips. You can quickly adjust the brightness toggle app navigator, there’s, a new link to my asus phone feature, using which you can connect your smartphone and even do screen mirroring on it, enable or disable touchpad keyboard directly from here access, the app drawer. And lastly, the settings see these are the built in apps available on it. You can even add a lot more of your favorites and start using them on the go.

You can dedicate the complete screen pack to one single app or even run multiple apps side by side. Just like this. For example, you can have spotify running to the right side and keep taking notes to the left. While your main work is happening on the primary display, crazy part, is you can even exchange and switch everything between both the displays with just a click of a button that to it happens like instantly? You can do these app alignments and organizations using touch as well. Just like this, and the best part is, you can combine both the displays and make them function, as one single large display all the way from the top to the bottom. That is sick right. I totally love this feature see these dual displays can be super useful and convenient for a lot of people and can offer you a variety of applications, especially for professionals like designers, content, creators and editors. It can make your work very easy, as you can dedicate the top screen for monitoring purpose and set all your main controls and tools on the secondary display so guys. This was just like an unboxing and in depth overview only not a full review, so i won’t be covering the performance and battery part in this video see. The performance is not something new right. We’Ve already seen plenty of intel – 11th gen i7 laptops recently. So you can expect similar kind of performance on it.

Not to forget. You have nvidia’s dedicated mx450 gpu with 2gb vram, so, yes, you can easily do casual 1080p gaming on it. Also well i’ll be stopping here for now, i’ll be using the laptop for a couple of days and then i’ll be sharing my complete review on it. In the meantime, if you have any questions that you would like to know, just let me know in the comment section and i’ll cover them in my full review, so that’s it for today guys. I hope you all enjoyed the video and got to learn a lot.