If you can see from the lighting theres just so much fingerprints, I always have to keep cleaning this device. Uh, not the color Im not going to be talking about the color of the M2 MacBook Air, but the device itself, the laptop itself. You should buy this in 2023 and heres. Why thank you before I actually kind of get into the video. I just want to quickly throw out my specs of my M2 MacBook Air 8 gigs of RAM 256 gigs of storage, and I purchased this with the student discount. Yes, I am a student. I use this for my student work as well as my YouTube work. So theres that and you can base Im basing my experience on those specs. So if youre looking for a high respect model. Well, I just dont. Have those answers for you, but based on these specs here are my thoughts. Okay, so thinner! This device is thinner, its more portable and overall, just this redesign, its a more squared off. Look to it. Uh dont get this color. If you dont like fingerprints, I learned the hard way I like the color, but I just dont like the fingerprints, so my next MacBook Air definitely will not, hopefully lets say just put it that way. Hopefully it will not be a fingerprint magnet but its just much easier to carry and it lines up with all the other products, and I absolutely like that, because of this more boxier look, it doesnt have like a wedge shape, design so right hand.

Side right here were getting the headphone jack. Well, go to the left hand, side were getting magsafe and two USBC Thunderbolt ports, so thats a huge plus. If youre looking for an SD card slot, like the M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros, well youre not going to get it on here and at first. I was kind of disappointed, but I quickly got used to it and I found alternatives to use to not use the SD card, but rather through the things like USBC and just the airdrop and whatnot. But for me the redesign and I think, for a lot of people to redesign just the portability of this new M2 MacBook Air is one reason to buy it. I mean look at it when you, when you open it up, uh youre getting Touch ID which, for me, is a huge upgrade, because my previous MacBook Pro didnt have it. I hated just typing in my password. Every time Touch ID for me is a actually a game. Changer for those who have had Touch ID on their MacBooks in the past may not be a game changer. But for me its been a huge game: changer, absolutely love typing on the M2 MacBook Air and very responsive, as well as the trackpad 2.. The display right here is the 13.6 inch and it has a notch and that notch doesnt have face ID doesnt really hold a purpose. If you ask me, Ive got used to it and hear me out, but I kind of like it I dont know I kind of like change kind of like seeing something different and for this to have a notch I kind of like it so yeah thats.

Just my thoughts 13.6 inch but still considered the 13 inch MacBook Air. We dont have a 15 inch, but that is rumored to come out later this year, but portability. If youre looking for something thats going to be much easier to carry much more portable than a 13 inch, M2 MacBook Air is the way to go, but yeah I I mean I adore this design. Redesign Ive shown this to a bunch of my friends who have MacBook Pros like previous models and theyre like dude. This is amazing, because its also very familiar to uh the M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros and they love this design over their wedge shaped MacBook. Pros and MacBook airs – and I think this is actually going to appeal for students more because of just the air moniker, so yeah good job Apple. You did a good job with the redesign and the M2 MacBook Air. Now this one for me is huge its the M2. Yes, the end too, because look Im coming from a MacBook Pro from 2017 that had like an Intel i5, and it was just wow. I dont even know its. It was just terrible. It was absolute like I dont, want to say the word the garbage, but it was very, very, very bad. It was letting me down every single time. I could not use Final Cut Pro look Im, not editing. 4K footage Im, not Im. Editing 1080p footage three to four streams and my past MacBook Pro would not last, but this one does the M2 literally, and this has no fan uh.

So, for those of you who are wondering it has no fan, and even with three to four students at 1080p does not heat up, does not get warm to the touch at all, absolutely love it blazing fast M2, when you want to compare it to like M1 Pro and M1 Max, obviously those are going to be uh, the more powerful chipsets, but an M2 in this particular laptop uh. For me, Game Changer, I can rely on this for anything. I need to do for my schoolwork to making videos like this, that you see on YouTube, really Im running uh everything behind the scenes on this channel, with my different revenue streams with making wallpapers or at least uploading and creating the wallpaper site and all of those Other things going on my creating my thumbnails all on M2 MacBook Air. I use this for the past semester. I wanted to try it out for my fall semester and M2 had no issues. I use a lot of Microsoft Office. Google Docs Google, the entire Google suite, and it was great, absolutely great so if youre a student man, this is going to be a game changer. For me, at least, it was a game changer, because obviously my upgrade was like a five year old. At this point, its going to be six a five year old, MacBook Pro Intel chipset to a M2 MacBook Air and Ive gotten a couple questions well hows video editing on this.

Well, I havent tried 4K, so I cant speak on based on 4K, but I four to five. I at the most Ive used five streams of 1080p, not in every single video, but the most Ive used five streams of 1080p video and even then no hiccups, Im typically kind of two to three uh 1080p streams and its it performs like a beast. Then I have some audio in the background. I have some music in the background, then I add some photos and some Transitions and effects, and I get my video out and no issues its great love it and two powerful. I dont think you need to go M1. Pro just for a daily laptop, especially if youre a student all right now. This third reason is battery life and you know that battery life on laptops, theyre an important thing I mean look. I want to refer back to my MacBook Pro from 2017, and I could I just at at my last point of using it. It had two USBC ports, one of them just stopped working and the other one was very, very slow, and I just had to keep my MacBook Pro plugged in at all times. If I took it out it wouldnt even last an hour, but with this I can take this out on the go like I can leave in the morning, go to Starbucks go. Take care of my other work throughout the day. Come back home at night and in during that day I can edit a video use this for watching content.

Writing articles on medium and Ill still have battery life. Ive done a test where I mean right now, its obviously at 100, but Ive done a test where at 100 I open the Final Cut Pro. I edited a video I exported it and when I went to YouTube to upload it 85 percent 85. yeah, my MacBook Pro from 2017 would not have been able to do that and thats just been a game. Changer again, this entire computer has been Game Changer. I think this was probably the best the most useful purchase I made in 2022, because I was in in dire need of an actual change in my setup and the way I do my work. This has definitely made things much easier, much quicker. It saves me a lot of time and for me right now, time is very, very important. I think time is really important for a lot of people so and two battery life very reliable and, if you need to you, can use magsafe. If you forgot your magsafe cable at home, you can still charge it with USBC, so theres that battery life, you cant go wrong with M2 MacBook Air and that pretty much wraps up this video. I hope you guys did enjoy if you have the M2 MacBook Air. If youre planning on getting one, let me know in the comments down below, I want to read your experiences and your thoughts about this device. If you did enjoy be sure to zoom around that, like button comment down below and best of all share this video, because it really does help out the channel a lot, it will help push my content out to more people.

Thats been it for me, Ill catch.