I definitely think it’s a laptop that would work well and provide an excellent value for a lot of users. It starts at 9.99, it’s thin it’s light has a beautiful display, excellent keyboard best in class trackpad, and it uses the extremely powerful m1 chip. At the same time, there are some things that i wish apple would have done differently, so let’s take a look at the pros and cons talk about who the m1 macbook air is for see if it’s a good fit for what you need and talk about, which Configuration you should get starting with form factor. I love the size and weight of this laptop it’s, actually thinner than my ipad pro with the magic keyboard. Unlike my larger 17 inch laptop, i don’t have any issues fitting this in any of my bags and the weight isn’t really an issue. So if there’s ever a chance where i think i might use it, i always bring it with me. I like the fact that the back is slightly higher than the front, because it creates a slight angle that makes typing more comfortable and i’ll, get to the keyboard and trackpad in a later section, but both of them are outstanding. Moving on to the new 13.3 inch, ips retina display has worked great. For me, the maximum brightness is 400 nits, which is brighter than the previous model, but it’s not as bright as the m1 macbook pro, which tops out at 500 nits.

For the most part. I work inside so the brightness level of this laptop is plenty for me now, if you’re someone who works outside a lot or you work in really bright conditions, the macbook pro upgrade in terms of the screen brightness is actually really nice as far as quality it’s. The same dci p3 display, which is a wider color gamut for more accurate color reproduction. I actually do use this laptop for some photo and video editing so that’s a nice feature to have, and if you don’t do those types of tasks you still benefit when you’re watching content and playing games. Finally, it uses true tone technology where sensors are able to detect the ambient color temperature, and then the macbook air can adjust the display color to where white always appears as white, instead of like blue or yellow. The next feature that i want to discuss is battery life, which is always a consideration when choosing a portable device. The macbook air is rated for 18 hours and, of course, like with any device that’s going to depend on how hard you’re pushing it. The display brightness and what accessories you have attached you can see. I also have the m1 macbook pro which, in my experience, has better battery life, but that hasn’t ever really been the reason why i would choose one over the other, and this is where i suggest that you look at your specific needs. If you’re looking for the best battery life of these two get the macbook pro that’s that’s an easy choice, but for the most part i use my laptop for maybe four to six hours a day in situations where i can’t have it plugged in.

So i never really think about needing to charge it and if i’m going somewhere – and i know there’s even a chance that i won’t have access to an outlet, then i always bring a portable charger with me and i’m all set. Next, i want to talk about io, where there are some really serious problems and some opportunities for improvements. The macbook air comes with two thunderbolt slash, usb 4 ports and they’re located on the left side. My first issue is that i feel like my power source is always on the right side and then i have to like grab the cable and loop it around and plug it over here, or maybe i only notice when it’s not on the left side. So then, i think it’s some supernatural occurrence, but either way. I would have liked to see one port on each side. That way, i’d be able to attach the cable from the closer side and then accessories on the other side, and i wouldn’t have to worry about putting any stress on the port. Now. Next, we don’t have any usb a ports, and i do have some older accessories and i ended up buying a really inexpensive usba to usbc adapter, which has worked really well for me. But it would have been nice to at least have one of them and by the way, if you want to see my favorite accessories for the m1 macbook air i’ll link to that video at the end of this one, one other consideration is that there are only Two ports, so if you’re using one of them to charge, that only leaves one port for an accessory unless you use a hub, which is what i did and again check out that video.

Now there was a serious issue with charging the new macbooks through a usbc hub, which in some cases ended up completely breaking the devices, but that was corrected with an update. So as long as your notebook is up to date, you shouldn’t have any issues now coming full circle. I do give the air a little bit of a break over the pro because again it’s not designed as a pro device, but i would still like to see one port on each side and maybe a usb 8 port. If you’re still with me and have gotten value from this video, give it a thumbs up, it lets me know what kind of content you like, so that i can make more of it, and i see that over 90 of you are new viewers, so hit that Subscribe button, i briefly mentioned the keyboard and the trackpad before, but i wanted to quickly revisit them now, starting with the trackpad. This is the best trackpad that i’ve used on a laptop to date. Well, i guess technically, the one on the macbook pro is a little bit larger, but as far as build quality, responsiveness, accuracy and clickiness, that could be a word it’s as good as there is. The keyboard is one of my absolute favorite keyboards to use on a laptop. The size is great. The keys are large and nicely spaced there’s, a good amount of travel and great tactile feedback if you’re using an older laptop keyboard.

This is definitely an upgrade that you’ll appreciate. Now i want to talk a little bit about the pricing and configuration options like with all the m1 macs. The macbook air is not upgradable. So what you buy in terms of ram and internal storage is what you’ll have for the life of the device. With my mac mini, i got the 256 gig ssd eight gigs of unified ram, and then i supplemented with external ssd drives. I also did a test to find out which ssd drives were the best and i’ll link to that video in the description now with the air, if you’re a casual user who’s just using this laptop to consume content browse the web and work with web based applications. Maybe stream some movies, this setup will be great for you and you can be out the door with a 7 core gpu version for 999. If this is going to be your primary device and you’re going to be backing up your phone to it or storing photos and videos, then you’ll want to upgrade the internal storage. Now one consideration that’s different between the macbook air versus the mini is convenience with the mini. I don’t mind having an ssd attached because they’re just sitting on the desk, but with the macbook air you’re going to bring it with you. So the question is: do you want to carry a portable ssd with you? If convenience is your primary concern, then go ahead and spend the extra cash on additional internal storage and then also upgrade to the 8 core gpu version, because it’s only an extra 50 bucks? Personally, i’m always going to need an external drive, because the amount of data that i work with in terms of photo and video files isn’t going to fit on the internal drive, and i actually don’t mind carrying a small ssd with me when i need it now.

This is another area where you need to weigh cost versus convenience. You can also get very inexpensive cloud storage with icloud and then share it between multiple devices and different family members. As far as ram eight gigs of unified ram has been plenty for what i’ve done. With this laptop and if you think you have higher ram needs upgrade to 16 gigs, which i can’t imagine you’ll regret. Another reason why i think the m1 macbook air is a great choice, has to do with the apple ecosystem. If you already own an iphone ipad or a mac, this is the least expensive, current apple notebook that you can get and it’s plenty powerful for what the large majority of users need. My main workstation is a windows machine, but i’ve been using an iphone for 14 years and, as i started, adding ipads a mac and an apple watch, i started seeing the value of the ecosystem. I have an entire video dedicated to this. Why i enjoy using it and what i now find missing when i go back to my main windows workstation, so, if you’re interested in learning more i’ll link to that video at the end now i want to discuss a few limitations of the m1 macbook air. We already talked about the fact that it’s not upgradable, so if that’s an issue for you, this is not going to be a good fit. In reality, the majority of users don’t upgrade their laptops even when they can.

But if you wanted to do something like start up with a smaller ssd or less ram and then be able to spend more later again, that’s not going to be an option with this device. You’Re also natively limited to one external display now using various adapters and drivers. You can actually connect a lot more than that, so i’ll be publishing another video showing you how that’s accomplished now most users don’t attach an external drive to their laptop and of those who do the majority only use one but it’s nice to see that you could Do more than that with some accessories and drives like with other m1 macs, if your primary use for this laptop is going to be gaming, this may not be your first choice. It’S powerful enough to drive some games. The macbook pro is definitely better, but if i was buying a laptop just for gaming, there are other options that i would look at now. Moving on at the time that i’m making this video there isn’t a stable version of parallels. So if that’s a requirement, you may want to wait a little longer when i consider the target audience for the m1 macbook air. I think the majority of casual users will do just fine with the 8 core cpu 7 core gpu 256 gig of internal storage and 8 gigs of ram. If you want more internal storage and you’re upgrading to 512 gigs or more, throw in that extra 50 bucks.

For the eighth gpu core for everything that i do with this laptop, which includes using multiple apps lots of tabs in chrome, streaming content and doing some photo and video editing, eight gigs of ram has worked well. But if you want more or just want to reduce the amount of memory, swapping that happens, tag on those extra eight gigs of ram for a total of 16.. Remember that i’ve linked in the description to all the products that i talked about. Hopefully, this video was helpful. Click on my face to subscribe and then check out one of these videos. You know what i always say: buy it nice or buy it twice.