This remains one of the best options for cell phones on the market, and there are a ton of reasons that I bought this and that you should also consider checking one out. The first reason today is look at that price. If you were looking at the big box stores, you can get a pre owned copy for about 400 at Best, Buy or Target, and, surprisingly enough, you can find them for about 250 bucks on some smaller carrier plants. But if you wanted to get it unlocked, you could also get this bad boy for under 300 on places like Amazon thats, a ton of savings off of even the cheapest iPhone on today, which, if you dont know, because you dont obsess over Apples website on a Near weekly basis help me that is the iPhone SE. When it comes in at 429, it will have a better processor and maybe a technically better camera, but it will look and feel older to use compared to this phone, and this phone is actually about four years old, okay, Gary. What do you actually get when you spend the money on the 11.? Well, thank you me. Youll get the a13 bionic chip, which is only a couple of generations older than the current a15 found in the A14 standard. Lineup youll get 64 gigabytes of storage. A 6.1 inch liquid retina HD display a few different color options, one of the first dual camera arrays on a phone and the same operating system.

As the current gen iPhones. We will get more in depth on the features in a bit, but take a step back. Lets all, but I cant take a step back or you wont, hear me from the microphone but lets take a metaphorical step back and see all the power and just the amount of phone that you can get for about 250 bucks thats staggering. Yes, absolutely there are some features that you will not get on the iPhone 11.. You wont get cinematic mode, you wont get the new emergency features and you wont be able to talk to Satellites with this phone. But are you like 95 of people out there that were never planning on doing or using those things, then why would you want to spend four to five times the amount to get them bottom line you wouldnt and thankfully youre learning through this video you wont have To about a year ago, we made a similar video about this iPhone 11 and the cheapest. I could find it back then was 400 ish bucks being able to get this for 250 is absolutely a no brainer and really makes buying anything on the new side of the Apple phone system. It makes that really kind of hard unless you absolutely have to have the latest and greatest Cutting Edge Tech, which is really only relevant to Us YouTube Tech, nerds. Most people, I know, still have phones from three to four years ago.

The next reason to buy this phone is the display, its actually really really good and thats a refrain that youll probably hear several times today. You wont get the fast refresh rate of the 13 and 14 pro Maxes with the iPhone 11, but you wouldnt get that on the 14 or 14 plus either. So here you are getting a very technically comparable phone. One of the things that matters most for me about the screen is actually being able to see it when Im outside and with its 625 nits of Max brightness. You might have problems looking at the screen in a glare or if its got direct sunlight on it. But besides that, I find it perfectly usable when I can and cannot control the light. This might be the one place where I think the 14 does hold. The actual usable upper hand with its 800 nits of Max brightness but again Im not sure that I would want to spend so much more money when I could like hold my hand over the screen or walk in the shade, to see it. Another reason to really consider this is the performance. Yes, it is kind of hard to drill down into what makes a phones performance good. Is it bar chart figures showing bigger bars over time? Is it running enough benchmarks on the phones to see if I can get it warm enough to shut off? I dont think either of those are all that useful.

I think a phone has enough power when I can watch movies, read email, send funny cat pictures and maybe play a round or two of altos Odyssey in serious note, when going back to my phone to check the name of that game, Ive wasted 30 minutes playing. It I know its older, but darn that game is addicting. Yes, I could go into specifics about the six core CPU and the four core GPU inside of the soc of this phone. But if you were looking at a four year old phone and youre, looking for a a cheap option, chances are you couldnt care less about what kind of specs are actually in the phone? I know I generally dont until Im making these videos the most important part about a phones performance to me isnt how well it performs today. But how will it perform tomorrow and how long will it last and how many upgrades and updates will it get while other brands are starting to push updates longer and longer, nobody really approaches Apples level of support. Ios 16. The latest operating system has support and compatibility all the way back to the iPhone 8, which was released back in 2017.. So if we do a little bit of extrapolation assuming this is the last year of support for iPhone 8 – which I do not know and maybe itll go even longer – the iPhone 11 should still get two to three years of updates from today.

So you could buy a phone thats, four years old and still get more operating system and security patches than even the latest and greatest Android phones, barring a few sparingly small exceptions. I find that to be remarkable and it really goes to show that buying these older iPhones makes a lot of sense because its not like youre buying a cheap, disposable phone that is obsolete. The second you buy it. You have this, it will last a while. I love making these videos all right. The next reason to continue buying the iPhone 11 was actually the reason I bought an iPhone 11 back in 2019. The cameras – yes Ive – really enjoyed Apple cameras over the past few years, but the cameras on the 11 are hands down. My favorite no Im, not saying theyre better than the 14 to the 13s or anything that came after it. But they are my favorite, because this was the phone. This iPhone 11 was the phone that fully changed my mind about phone cameras, being primary cameras on the back, youll get a wide angle and Ultra wide angle option, and these are pretty standard today, but back when the iPhone 11 came out, this was pretty darn new. As far as iPhones went yes, I believe Samsung phones had Ultra wide angle, cameras longer, but I did say iPhones and not cell phones, so you can stop typing that angry comment. Youre still gon na do it.

I know I think the cameras look great and take incredible pictures and because this is still a small phone, it makes a fantastic family picture camera. But one of the main reasons why I like this so much is: it has the first Ultra wide angle: selfie, camera, love them or hate them, but selfies are a huge part of Modern Family. Only picture taking I wasnt, even actually when I was writing the script out. I wasnt actually going to mention this here, because I dont even think there is a backlash against selfies anymore. I know when they first hit the scene. It was much like when vertical video started becoming popular. All of the purists turned their nose up, but its been long enough now that selfies are just the way to do things. I think the majority of our family pictures are us crowding around in front of mine or my wifes front, facing cell phone camera and snapping a pic, and this side tangent actually has a point, because the iPhone 11 was the first selfie camera that really ticked. All my boxes, in fact, this selfie camera, is the one that made those boxes to be ticked in the future. At the time I had an iPhone XR and I was totally happy and I was kind of a camera snob, so I had no intention of letting selfies take over my life, but then I gave this a shot. My whole perspective has changed running a social media presence is so much easier when youve got lots of selfies and darn it.

I just love the selfies in the iPhone 11. hands up. I love it. I love it. We could just call this video iPhone. 11. Gary loves it. I think the battery life is also pretty good, its not mind boggling like a pro Max or even one of the newest Ive phones, but its good enough. It will get you through a full day of work and thats about all. I ask for in a phone you might have to charge it at the end of the day or throughout the day. If you are a heavy power user, but thats a small price to pay for the small price you paid get it. I I tried to do a thing. There. Apple says: youll get 17 hours of video playback time on here, but if you get a used phone I imagine it will have some Cycles already on that battery and I wouldnt expect to get full lengths of charge out of it. It does look like you, could pay 69 to Apple and get a battery swap, so you take that 250 bucks, you add, 70 bucks on top of it and youll still be looking at a phone cheaper than most budget phones and cheaper than the cheapest new iPhone. I also think the build quality and the physical characteristics of this phone are a major reason to buy. This was back in the rounded edges Epoch for iPhones, and while I do really like the current generation of phones, I like how they look.

I like the angles. I dont hate this one either and using this again over the past couple of days to reacquaint myself to this phone for this video its actually really comfortable to hold something about the rounded edges of the Apple cases. For this, it just makes it a joy to use Like It just fits in the hand, so much better, because the way your fingers grip around the edges compared to the sharper edges of the new phone – and I think there has been enough time for the newness Shane of the square edged iPhones to kind of wear off, and I think I prefer a rounded edged phone more. I like the look of the right angles more, but it doesnt feel as nice in the hand plus the iPhone 11 is built like a tank. Youll get all the normal switches. Youll get the notch. Instead of the dynamic Island, youll get wireless charging youll get basically everything that you would get from an iPhone today. One thing that I hate about recommending budget phones or cheap Tech in general is that if you are buying new cheap Tech, they J, they have to make their profits somewhere, and they will normally make that by skimping out on the materiel budget, while buying an older Flagship iPhone means youll get the full price for all the components they did not skimp out on the internals of this and youll get all of those components and all of the functions theyll just get it for a lot less seriously.

This phone does not feel cheap in the slightest no kidding four years later in the iPhone. 11 is still a monster. Its got fantastic, build quality, amazing cameras, a really good price and its overall, a fantastic phone for the money, and if you need a new cheap option in 2023 for you or maybe your kids, which is why I started looking into it. This is absolutely the reason to get it, but what about you? If you are going to recommend a budget phone for the new year? What would you suggest? Let us know in the comments below, because I love talking about budget technology and if you like this video, but you want to check out a newer iPhone click here to see how the iPhone 14 plus Stacks up click.