I actually think it’s underrated and i don’t know if there’s a glitch or something going on, but the deal that i’ll show you later on is just too good to pass up. It’S a fantastic piece of hardware delivers outstanding performance. We’Ve got a really nice display. Excellent speakers, versatile biometric authentication and some really nice multitasking capabilities in my tab, s7 plus review a lot of users asked me, which one ui version i was using because i forgot to mention it so for both reviews: i’m using 3.1. One reason why you may choose the s7 is the size we’re getting an 11 inch. Ltps tft display that’s a little bit taller than something like the ipad air 4 or the 11 inch ipad pro, but also narrower. I have both the tab s7 and the s7 plus, and while i like the larger display when i’m watching content and multitasking, i do end up giving up some portability and that’s, where i think the s7 fits perfectly. If you want something that’s, not quite as big or heavy but want the same performance, a similar feature set at a lower price, this tablet is right there in that sweet spot. Now i put this tablet through its paces, using it to do office work for managing the channel research on the web, where i’m often multitasking using the s pen for taking notes. Then, of course, browsing the web content, consumption and gaming, and i have to say that the tab s7 is kind of a powerhouse and in terms of performance.

I have no complaints. We’Ll also talk about the fact that if you really want to take it up to the next level and do some more serious multitasking, you can add an external monitor and then go crazy and not quite as crazy as my main workstation, but much better than just Using a tablet display for work and again more on this later, moving on to the design just like with the tab s7 plus, this is a beautiful tablet. The tab s7 feels very solid. It has brushed aluminum squared off edges, a matte finish back rounded corners and four speakers. We then have a smart connector at the bottom, a volume up and down rocker a power button which i’ll get to in a minute: a micro sd card slot for expanded storage and a usb c port for charging and accessories like with the tab. S7 plus. I love the fact that the s7 is available in different colors and again i chose to go with mystic blue, which i think looks great now. The back does seem to pick up fingerprints quite easily, but the edges do not and other than when i’m filming this video or even now you can see. I always have the back protected. So it’s not really a concern for me, but i wanted to mention it now. I will talk about the keyboard in more detail later on in this video, because it has some really good features, but then there are definitely some opportunities for improvement.

Next let’s talk about biometric authentication, which i think is a clear strength of the tab, s7 and an area where, for me, it has an advantage over the face id on the ipad pro and the new touch id on the ipad air 4., where those devices each Come with one, the tab, s7 comes with both face recognition and a fingerprint sensor on the power button. The front facing camera can unlock the device in both landscape and portrait mode and simply using the power button to wake up. The device is enough to unlock the tab. S7 now both have been extremely responsive and accurate, which has made the user experience with this tablet outstanding, whether i’m wearing a mask or not. Now i want to get to the tab s7 display and while we’re not getting the super amoled display that we have with the tab, s7 plus we’re, still getting a beautiful, fully laminated 11 inch, 120 hertz ltps tft display with a resolution of 1600 by 2560.. Now a laminated display means that the display panel, the touch layer and the cover glass are laminated into one piece of display and glass, and this makes the screen thinner, there’s no air gap and the image looks like it’s painted right on the top of the screen. 120 hertz adaptive refresh rate provides a beautifully smooth and responsive ui, fantastic s, pen, functionality which i’ll cover in a minute and hdr 10 plus support and, at the same time, it’s able to preserve battery life when the higher refresh rate is not needed.

I’Ve been very happy with the quality of the display, especially for the price, and, of course, if you want the best display that i’ve seen so far in a tablet step up to the tab as 7 plus next let’s talk about battery life now, tab s7 has An 8 000 milliamp hour battery, which is about 20 percent smaller than the tab s7 plus, but because of the smaller display, i was getting very similar battery life with both tablets. Now actual time will depend on many variables, like things like display, brightness, refresh rate attached accessories like the keyboard or the tasks you’re performing, but you should expect somewhere between 8 to 12 hours now, regardless of what mobile device i’m using. If i plan to be away from a power source for a prolonged period of time, i’m, always going to at least have a small power bank with me, and that way i just don’t have to even think about it. Now the tab s7 comes with a 15 watt, adaptive fast charger and just like with the tab. S7 plus. This was definitely a disappointment, because the tab s7 can accept up to 45 watts. So i was hoping to get an adapter that would maximize this charging speed – or i guess, at the very least, a 25 watt adapter i’m, always using and charging multiple devices. So i already have higher output adapters. But if you don’t – and you want the fastest charging plan on getting a better adapter, now let’s get to one of the best things about the tab: s7, multitasking and dex.

This is an absolute strength of the tab s7 and something that you should pay close attention to. If it’s one of your primary uses, the snapdragon 865 plus chip from qualcomm, makes the tab s7 quite powerful. The 128 gig model comes with six gigs of ram and, if you upgrade to the 256 or 512 you’ll get eight gigs of rams, which is twice what the ipad air 4 has and two more gigs than the ipad pro i’ll get to storage options and pricing. In a minute, but i very much recommend that you at least get the 256 gig upgrade, because the added ram bonus makes it an even better value now moving on to dex, if you’re not familiar dex lets, you use this tablet with a very similar ui to What you’d expect from a laptop when you pair the tab, seven with a keyboard and a mouse which is what i did it results in a much closer user experience to actually using a laptop than any of my ipads. You can have multiple windows open resize them. You can quickly switch between different apps and you’re, getting a very familiar desktop like interface with icons and a taskbar. You can snap apps to half the screen, resize them to take up as much real estate as you want and stack floating windows. You can also connect an external display using an adapter and then use the tab s7 with a dual display interface.

Now, unlike with the ipads you’re, not limited to only mirroring your device, and you also don’t, have those black bars on the side. Dex actually uses the entire display. Moving on the issues that i ran into, whether i was using decks or not had nothing to do with the hardware and were app related now, some of the apps work perfectly, but a lot of them had some quirks. It was anything from not being able to go full screen index to some elements of the app randomly switching to portrait mode, even though i was in landscape mode and then finally, some apps wouldn’t work in landscape mode at all. You can download and install good lock, which should let you change some of this but i’m mentioning the default behavior. An issue that i included in my tab, s7 plus review, was that the browser is a mobile browser and while you can go to settings, if you’re using the samsung browser and ask it to request desktop versions of websites, youtube still loaded. The mobile, like stretched out version of the website, chrome, on the other hand, loaded youtube mobile by default, but when i set it to desktop website it loaded youtube perfectly. The twitter app stretches to full screen, which just looks kind of strange and photos sometimes don’t fit on the screen, because they’re completely stretched out the twitter app on my ipads works perfectly and it offers a user experience that’s extremely similar to the website.

Now, luckily, on a tab s7, the twitter website works just like it would on a desktop so that’s. What i end up using another area of frustration for me, was the spell check so, first of all it wasn’t enabled by default, and even when i enabled it, it only worked some of the time and in some of the apps, and there were also situations where It worked with the on screen keyboard, but then it wouldn’t work with the book cover keyboard and that didn’t really make a lot of sense to me now going back to the app. I know that a lot of people criticize the android ecosystem and some of that criticism is warranted. But what i want you to consider is whether a specific product supports the apps that you actually need. For example, you can’t use affinity photo procreate or lumafusion, which are amazing apps for ipad os if you plan on performing those types of tasks, but if you want a tablet as a productivity workhorse and you aren’t looking to edit photos, create vector art or edit videos, The lack of those apps isn’t really a reason that should deter you from getting an android tablet and, of course, there are always alternatives that can get the job done. I, for example, do a ton of photo editing on my ipad, but i use lightroom, which works perfectly on the tab s7 and the s7 plus one of the things that i always try to do is add perspective and contacts to the details.

So you don’t end up wasting your money and speaking of money, let’s talk about the accessories. I already talked about using the keyboard, a mouse and the s pen, because i think that those are the types of accessories that elevate, a simple tablet into something more. The great thing about samsung is that they include the s pen with the price of the tab: s7 128 gig tab s7 sells for 550 bucks with the included pen and by comparison, the 64 gigs ipad. Air 4 has half the internal storage, two fewer gigs of ram sells for 599 dollars and the second generation apple pencil is another 130 bucks, so that’s a hundred and eighty dollars more than the cost of the tab as seven. This is not a full comparison of the two tablets which i’ll have up in a couple of days, so, if that’s, something that you’re interested in watching make sure that you hit that subscribe button. Besides the cost savings, i like that samsung included the s pen because it eliminates the decision making process of like do. I really need one and it creates a scenario where more casual users are finding ways to improve their workflow with this added input device. Now the s pen pairs and charges wirelessly using the magnetic strip on the back, and i want to mention that you do need to have it pointed at the camera in order to get it to securely hold. I know that some people aren’t crazy about the placement of the s pen, because if you want to have the tablet flat on the desk, it sort of tilts to the left, if you’re using this back cover.

But for my use case, i really like it because the s pen is always protected by the back of the book cover keyboard and it doesn’t get knocked off when i’m transporting or handling the device, like my apple pencil, often does with my ipad pro and ipad Air 4., so if you’re using the s pen and just need to put it down for a second because you’re using the keyboard, so you don’t need it. You can still attach it to the top or side depending on how you’re holding it. And then you have quick access to it. Now the s pen has a completely different feel than the apple pencil when you’re actually using it and i’ll cover this in a detailed comparison, but rather than a rigid contact point, it has a softer feel to it. It’S kind of similar to writing on a real notepad, where the pages would compress as you write on them, and it would like give a little bit. I happen to really like the writing experience with this pen and as with many features, this is going to be a personal preference, so if you’ve had a chance to use either or both for things like drawing taking notes or any other task, please let me know What you think in the comment section now overall, the s pen, is extremely responsive with super low latency has a lot of additional functions beyond just being a stylist but again that’s for another video.

Now let’s get to the book covered keyboard which, like i said in the beginning, has some really nice features and some areas for improvement. So, starting with the good stuff, it looks great it’s well made it protects the device and it securely stores the s pen. The hinge on the back is nice and solid and i’ve had no issues with it. Staying in place at any height that i use now, one of my favorite features is that i can easily separate the keyboard from the back so that when i want to use the tab s7 as a tablet, the back is still protected and i can bring the S pen with me, without having to worry about it, falling or leaving it behind, for how i use a tablet, that’s a major advantage over apple’s magic keyboard, which again i can easily remove the tablet. But now it has no protection. What i miss in this version of the book cover keyboard when i compare it to the one for the tab. S7 plus, is the full row of function keys, which let me control a lot of the functionality that i normally have to use. The quick panel for and that’s something that’s, also missing from apple’s magic keyboard. Now, moving on to the not so good part, the build quality of the keyboard isn’t the best and it doesn’t have a premium feel to it. The actual keys are fine, but they aren’t. The most comfortable to type on they definitely do the job, but they aren’t on the same level as something like the magic keyboard.

The trackpad is another definite weakness of the book cover keyboard, it’s, just not well designed it’s, not very responsive, and it requires more pressure. In that i would like to activate it and with the diving board design, only the bottom half is clickable now, fortunately, you can activate tap to click which improves the functionality, but even with that it’s, not what i would consider a premium trackpad and moving on let’s Talk about the audio and camera systems. The speakers on the tab. S7 are excellent, especially after you activate dolby atmos they’re plenty loud and provide a full and rich sound when i’m playing games watching movies, making video calls or listening to music. There is no headphone jack, of course, so you’ll either need to use an adapter or just use wireless headphones. The microphone is not great, but it will work for video calls. The camera system is another area where this tablet compromises, but you’ll need to decide whether that actually matters to you just like when we talk about apps, think about whether you actually plan on using the cameras and what you’ll use them for. I only use the front facing cameras on my tablets and i use them for video calls. So i really like that the camera is positioned in the center of the long edge and that way i’m framed perfectly in the center. When i have the tablet in landscape mode, on the back, we have a 13 megapixel main camera and a 5 megapixel ultra wide camera.

Like i said these aren’t the best cameras around but i’m always going to have my phone with me and i’m going to reach for my phone before taking a photo with a tablet, so that’s not really a feature that i value now i want to talk about The price storage options and overall value right now, the tab s7 with 128 gigs of storage, six gigs of ram and the s pen is 550 bucks. Now, ironically, both the 256 and the 512 gig versions with eight gigs of ram and the s pen are 630 bucks. So i would definitely grab the 512 gig version that way, you’re getting four times the storage, with two additional gigs of ram for just 80 bucks. So you should jump on it. If that’s, not enough storage, you can actually expand the internal storage with a micro sd card and the s7 supports up to one terabyte cards, so you can have a total of up to 1.5 terabytes of internal storage. You, of course, also have the option of going with the cellular model, which supports 5g, if that’s a feature that you plan to use. Personally, i tether off my phone if i’m, not using wi fi, so i didn’t upgrade remember that i have links in the description to all the products that i talked about. I’Ve got more galaxy, tab, s7 and s7 plus videos coming so don’t forget to click right here to subscribe and then check out one of these videos.