It was the pre order, release of the new ipad pros um as well as the imacs. Now i don’t care about imac, so much i’m, an ipad pro guy myself and you know the reason why i’m making this video is because last year was when i purchased my first ever ipad, and i knew that i wanted an ipad pro because of this channel And the things that i do on the channel – and i know that the ipad pro was more than capable of doing all those things now the most difficult part was choosing whether i wanted the 12.9 inch or the 11 inch ipad, and i think i watched countless Videos and nobody is really able to give a definite answer so i’m, hoping that you know now that i’ve used the 12.9 inch for a year that i can provide some insights to help people out now. I’Ve actually ordered the 2021 12.9 inch and i’ll get into that a little bit later as to the reasons why, but i know that there’s a lot of people out there upset about apple’s new structure to make people shell out the extra cash for that 12.9. So going back to last year, this is my 12.9 from last year. I skinned it, and you know a lot of people say right off the bat that this one is just way too big and unwieldy to use it’s cumbersome. You know it’s going to be hard to make it portable there’s a lot of hand fatigue when you use it this that and the third thing now in my experience, maybe because i’m, a large individual i don’t, know but i’m, not that big.

Like i’m six foot three, i got large hands. Yes, but my wife uses this one just as easily so with the 12.9 you get so much more screen real estate. I use this for online courses when i’m taking notes with the apple pencil. You know we’re custom we’re accustomed to being able to rest our hand on a piece of paper as we’re writing with the 11. You can’t do that now when i went to order this guy, i actually tried out the 11 first and i found that it was just too small. It felt, like my hand, was always on the edge of the screen which made it very uncomfortable when i was using the apple pencil. So i ordered the 12.9 and i was a little bit apprehensive at first, because i had that preconceived notion based on all the videos that i watched, that it was going to be just too big and too heavy to do anything with and now i’m. At the point where i look at this guy here and if i put it beside my uh macbook air it’s, still smaller than the air right, it’s still thinner than the air, i know it’s not focused properly still thinner than the air and still far lighter than The air so there’s, so many people out there that have a macbook and then talk about how they want something that’s more portable. This is going to be more portable regardless now, when it comes to the things that you’re doing on the ipad screen.

For me, i’m editing a lot of videos in lumafusion i’m, making thumbnails such as the one that you can see right here, and i just find that it’s so much easier to do that on a larger screen. You got so much more screen real estate. You can zoom in and see things much better and the entire layout of every app that you’re using just shows up a lot better on the bigger screen. Now, going back to what i said earlier about people being upset about apple’s new pay structure, the reason is because this year, we’ve all been waiting for the mini led screens. For that better contrast, the brighter screen, etc. Now, you’re only able to get that mini, led upgraded screen. If you buy the 2021 12.9 inch model, the smaller model doesn’t have that same screen upgrade so it’s the same structure as apple had with the iphone 12s to say you know, if you want the best camera you got to buy the 12 pro max versus the Regular 12 pro now that bothered me, because i feel like a camera, should be something that, if you’re buying a pro device, it should be on both um with respect to apple’s, new pay structure and the fact that you can only get the best screen on the Bigger device yeah that’s kind of annoying – i i totally agree um. They are funneling people into paying more money for a feature. That’S been long sought after, but i still do think that the 12.

9 is the best option, whereas the 12 pro max, i don’t, think, is the best option that for a phone is way too big way too heavy. It looks stupid in your pocket versus this guy. No matter what you’re carrying it in a backpack you’re, never going to put it in your pocket, whatever it might be so there’s just so many upsides. I find way more upsides to the 12.9 inch than the 11.. Like i said, i use mine for content creation, so lumafusion uh, lightroom everything’s a lot easier to see, um for editing, photos, etc, and then i also use it a lot for just browsing the web. I grab this more than i grab my macbook air 13.. I use this for streaming content, so i watch lots of movies on this lots of tv shows, etc and when my wife goes to bed, usually i just use my ipad instead because we live in a small bungalow and i don’t want to wake her up. So it makes the viewing a lot better and i say that again because i’ve tried the 11 inch ipad pro i’ve. Also when the 2020 ipad air came out. I bought that too and reviewed it on the channel, because i thought you know here’s the ipad air that has a lot of the features of the pro more powerful than the pro based on the chip on the inside of it. So maybe i can save a couple: bucks sell my pro and keep some money in my pocket and while using the air, i realized that even that screen just wasn’t the same, especially with those bigger ugly bezels that it had on it it just it wasn’t.

The same as having the extra screen real estate and i’ve never had an opportunity to or sorry i’ve never had, the experience where i felt any fatigue from this 12.9 inch being too heavy. If you think about it, if you really really think about it more often than not, when you’re using your ipad, you are either going to have it in a folio case such as the one that i have with me right here. So you’ve got it in a folio case, you’re going to fold it up like so and then it’s going to be rested on a table or it’s going to be rested on your lap. My wife is my witness on the couch, if i’m lounging on the couch with my feet up, i usually have the ipad folded up and on my legs anyways using the apple pencil and now i can use it freehanded. There have been very few times where i’ve had to use the ipad pro in a handheld way. Where i felt, like you know, hand, fatigue was even a thing like that has never been an obstacle or a hurdle for me just based on the way that you use the ipad to begin with. So i think, if you are on the fence about whether you should grab the smaller or the larger pro you’ve got a couple of reasons, namely the mini led. If you really want to see that, if you want to see what 1600 nits of brightness looks like versus, you know last year’s model, if you want to see what mini led is really about, then obviously, yes, you have to grab that 12.

9, but don’t be afraid Of the size being too large because there’s, like i said way more positives to the larger size of the screen than there are negatives, and if you hate it, the resale is going to be easy on it too, in my opinion, that’s what i’ve seen anyways so, Hopefully, this video helps you guys out um, i didn’t want to get too too technical. With anything i mean i always try to keep my videos more geared towards. You know the average consumer, not all of us, review, tech and care about. You know all the crazy features and benchmarks and all those things we just want to get down to the nitty gritty and know that this is a product that’s able to fit into our daily lives and our daily flow. So didn’t want to make this video too long, it’s already a little bit longer than i expected or hope that it would be. But again, if you guys got any questions, any comments, concerns or, if there’s anything that you want me to cover once my 2021 12.9 inch ipad, pro 2021 m1 12.9 inch ipad pro comes in then feel free to. Let me know down below, but that’s pretty much.