Mac Mini, however, Im here to give you an alternative, a Mac that has the same exact power on what you would get on a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro at nearly half the price. Yes, if youre watching this video, you might want to buy this Mac Mini over a Macbook, now theres a lot of reasons to pick the Mac Mini over the MacBook. But I think by far the top reason is value. Yes, lets get right to the point. The real reason why youre, probably gon na get a Mac Mini, is the cost. Now my advice would be very different if these products cost exactly the same, I would say: yeah just get a Macbook right like youre getting the same stuff in it. So get like the portable option, but they dont cost the same right. The Mac Mini offers tremendous value and savings over Apples, laptop lineup, so lets start with the lowest nmac mini against the lowest end. Macbook here is the new M2 Mac Mini up against Apples, lowest end M1 MacBook Air. Now the MacBook Air starts at one thousand dollars and its a fair price for what is arguably one of the best laptops in the market when it comes to Performance and battery life. However, that price point pales in comparison to the new Mac Mini, which actually now sees a 100 price cut over its M1 predecessor and now starts at just 599 dollars: thats 400 off the M1 air.

And if youre a student watching this video, you can get the M2 Mac Mini at 100 discount thats, a 500 Mac with that level of performance is just kinda crazy. To think about, like this is the first time in history, you can get a Mac. That is that powerful, that capable at five hundred dollars its kind of insane but lets bring it back because not everyones a student so for everyone else again its a 400 savings but thats not the only benefit you get, because you also get better performance out of The Mac Mini because not only does the Mac Mini, have an upgraded M2 Chip, but the M2 Chip is also just going to be faster overall, because this is a desktop computer that has an active cooling system, while the MacBook Air does not so youre going to See much better performance on the Mac Mini overall and again its not just because of the chip. The new M2 Mac Mini is going to be an even better value when you compare it directly against its true counterpart, the M2 MacBook Air, which has the same exact chip and specification options. However, this MacBook Air retails for 1199 or literally twice the cost of this Mac Mini for the same specifications now, while that low end M2 Mac Mini, might end up being the best Mac deal in history. Its still may not be enough power to have you picking that over the excellent performance you can find on the M2 MacBook Pro and during the M1 generation there really wasnt a suitable desktop replacement that could go toe to toe in terms of value and performance against An M2 MacBook Pro well that is until now, because on this latest generation of Mac Mini Apple now actually has a new higher end option that comes packed with an M2 Pro chip that has the same chip found on the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro complete With the same specifications, memory and storage options, its basically a MacBook Pro in a box, however, opting for that Mac mini box brings so much more value.

Just look at the base model of the 14 inch MacBook Pro with its Hefty two thousand dollar asking price. While the M2 Mac Mini is priced in at a much more reasonable thirteen hundred dollars thats a 700 Savings. In fact, you can get the M2 Pro Mac Mini with the real Pro chip: 512 gigabytes of storage and 16 gigabytes of memory for the same price as an entry level, M2 MacBook Pro, which only comes with the basic M2 Chip, eight gigabytes of memory and 256 Gigabytes of storage that really truly reveals just how much of a value you are getting in performance with this machine now, besides, the better value, theres, also an argument to be made on the benefits of getting an M2 Mac Mini when you compare it against Apples, entry Level MacBooks that really comes in with the port selection, something like the M2 MacBook Air only has two Thunderbolt USBC ports and a magsafe charging port and also a headphone jack. Those are the only Port options, while the entry level M2 mini comes with those same two Thunderbolt ports and a headphone jack, but also two usba ports and an ethernet port and now even an HDMI port. The M2 Pro Mac Mini comes with the same port selection plus two additional Thunderbolt USBC ports, giving it a hefty Port selection. Also, the M2 Pro Mac Mini gets an HDMI port that is an HDMI 2.1 Port, which can drive an 8K to play at 60 hertz and a 4K display at 240 hertz, although to be fair, the new M2 Pro MacBook Pro uh also has that same HDMI Port and admittedly its not as big of an advantage over the M2 MacBook Pro when you compare it to the port selection, because the M2 MacBook Pro has a pretty decent Port selection.

It gets three Thunderbolt ports, it gets a magsafe port. It gets again that HDMI port an SD card slot, but still you do get one more Thunderbolt port on the M2 Pro Mac Mini. You do get an ethernet port and you do get two usba ports which is not offered on the MacBook Pro now so far. Everything I listed about the Mac Mini sounds great, but it really doesnt mean anything if you do need the portability of a laptop but thats. The next thing you need to ask yourself: do you really need that portability? Now? Yes, theres a ton of people that need portability and the idea of buying a Mac Mini is just a non starter. I immediately think of students who are always on the go and need to take a computer with them to class, so someone like that would probably be better off with a Macbook, even if it is 400 more dollars. But I cant tell you how many times Ive seen or talked to people with what is essentially a laptop in a permanent desktop setup where they buy a laptop and then basically, it spends all of its life connected to an external, Monitor and clamshell mode. That is the people Im targeting in this video and when I ask them why they bought a laptop, they usually say something like well. If I ever needed the portability, it would be nice to have the option, and I get that you want to be prepared for every possible scenario out there.

And what, if you do need portability one day like then youre gon na be upset but really think about it. This is a mobile first world and theres a good chance that maybe you dont necessarily need a laptop with you. I personally packed a laptop to use as a portable option on a trip and just never ended up using it because again lets face it. Our first choice when it comes to Computing on the go, is usually our phones and then, on top of that, if you already have a perfectly fine portable option at home, like maybe you have an iPad that could fill the role of everything you need a MacBook To do when you arent at home that could be a really good option to save some money with a Mac Mini so its important to ask yourself: do I really need portability, or would you be fine without it? Another thing you need to do is assess what you currently have at home. The Mac Mini is great its a great value, but it doesnt come with a monitor. It doesnt come with a keyboard and it doesnt come with a mouse. If you already have those at home well youre golden and thats, where the real cost savings come in on buying this headless desktop machine. But if you dont have those things at home by the time you pick up a decent, monitor or a keyboard and a mouse. Well, you could end up looking at a very similar price point or maybe even something thats more expensive than the equivalent Macbook without those options.

So again, this is not a blanket statement. The Mac Mini isnt going to be the right choice for everyone watching this video. Some of you should ignore this advice and just pick up a Macbook, but if you already have a monitor set up, where can get one fairly inexpensively and if you are on a budget and want a good desktop with a small footprint, a decent selection of ports? Great performance, nearly silent operation and at a much lower cost than the equivalent MacBook, then you need to buy a Mac Mini. I think this might end up being the greatest Mac Mini generation ever all right. Everyone and those are my thoughts on the advantages of going with a desktop computer like the Mac Mini. So let me know in the comments below. Are you planning on buying the new M2 Mac Mini, or are you going with a portable option like the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro also? I hope you found this video helpful in your pre purchasing decision. I actually cant wait to get my hands on all these products, so I can review them for you, but if you did find this video helpful, please dont forget to drop a like down below subscribe to see the full review of these products and again, thank you.