You just need to wait out for the new m1x chipset what’s coming out in the new macbooks this year, and the m1x is going to give us a 90 power increase over the m1 chipset. What is available right now? Let me explain this further to you: hi there it’s matt here so don’t get me wrong. The performance of m1 is amazing. The performance completely wowed us when it came out in 2020 in the macbook air, the macbook pro and also the mac mini in fact, so much so that performance in that m1 chipset is actually faster than the i9 chipset what’s in the top line. Macbook pro 16 inch model on geekbench, 5 m1 actually beats it, and that is amazing, but one thing you’ve got to remember, though m1 is the beginning of this journey, and apple are going to be making more apple silicon chipsets as they go along for more of Their macbooks now one thing that is not the beginning of its journey, and that is i’ll that we are doing on this channel and the giveaways that we love to do on this channel. The giveaway we’re doing right now is for this it’s for an iphone se. 64 gigabyte and it’s a space grey model i’m, going to be giving this away to one lucky subscriber when we get over 170 000. Subscribers and all i want to know from you guys is just to write down in the comments below if you’re planning on getting a mac this year or if you’d love, to get a mac this year, which one would it be just pop it down.

In the comments below and when we get over 170 000 subscribers i’ll be announcing, who the winner is so make sure you subscribe to this channel hit that notification bell, because when i make that video you’ll want to find out, if you’re the lucky person to get Your hands on this, so the m1x is going to be far more powerful than m1 and it’s expected to be put in those remainder macbook pros now. What do i mean by remainder? Macbook pros? Well, obviously, i’m talking about the 16 inch macbook pro but i’m. Also talking about those remainder, 13 inch, macbook pros as well now you’re, probably wondering what earth i’m talking about. Well have a look at this. This is apple’s website right now, when i’m recording this video. As you can see here, they have the m1 macbook pros 13 inch, but they still sell the intel versions of the macbook pro. Even though m1 is more powerful and these intel macbook pros are actually more expensive than the m1, so you’re probably wondering well what gives well. The main reason is is because, before m1 came out, we used to have lower spec macbook pro 13 inch models and higher specs 13 inch macbook pros, and we believe that m1x is going to go into these higher specs 13 inch macbook pros and also the 16 Inch macbook pros and also a couple of the imac models, but let’s talk about how powerful m1x is generally going to be well, as you can see here on a comparison table, we believe that m1x is going to be around about 90 percent more powerful than m1 And the reason how they’re going to accomplish this is because, for example, right now, m1 has four efficiency cores and also has four performance cores with m1x we’re still expecting those four efficiency cores, but we’re actually expecting eight power cores inside the m1x chipset will give us Around about a 90 percent power increase, and then this m1x chipset will be put in those imacs and we believe it will be put into a brand new designed 14 inch, macbook pro and 16 inch macbook pro.

And in fact, if you want more information about the designs of those imacs and also the 14 inch and the 16 inch macbook pro, and what they’re going to feature check out my other videos on this channel and make sure you subscribe to this channel hit that Notification bell to get the latest details about those products. Now, right back at the beginning of this video, i told you to hang out and buy an m1x macbook pro don’t buy an m1 macbook right now now the reason is is due to that tiering system. For example, with the 14 inch and the 13 inch macbook pros that we’re expecting so right now, the top specs m1 macbook pro costs – you 1499 us dollars, but the highest specs intel version, macbook pro cost 1 799 us dollars, and we expect the m1x chipset to Go in as macbook pro, and also at the same time as well you’re going to get a brand new design, macbook pro slightly bigger screen, you’re, probably going to get a better battery life loads of other features like extra ports as well, and it will cost you 300 us dollars to get this and with m1x inside it you will get a 90 power increase, so 300 us dollars more to get a 90 power increase new design and everything over the highest spec m1 macbook pro. What is available right now? I think that is completely and totally worth it to do this um to hang out for that m1x 14 inch macbook pro the same could be said for the 16 inch macbook pro right now, like i have said already, the m1 macbooks are available right now.

The chips are inside that is faster than the i9 macbook pro 16 inch. The top line 16 inch macbook pro is available right now. M1X is going to be way faster than that. So again, it’s definitely worth waiting out to get the m1x chipsets in some macbook pros. Other reasons why i’d hang out to get the m1x chipset is because it’s going to be the second generation chipset inside the actual macbooks, now apple have a reputation of launching some great products right at the beginning, however, it’s normally their second generation, what they kind of Keep the design or keep the architectural keep using that chipset going on forwards, for example, look at the iphone and the iphone 3g. The 3g, for example, was the second generation iphone and they continued to use that in the 3gs the same with ipads as well. The first ipad came out. It was a real success. 11 months later they brought up the ipad 2 and the ipad 2 that actual design was used for the ipad 3 and also the ipad 4.. They kept the same design, so hanging out for the second generation is always better. The other reason why i’d hang out as well is because, like i said that new design, what you’re going to get in those new macbooks you’re going to get more ports, for example, at the moment, the macbook pro 13 inch only has two usbc ports on it. The highest specs macbook pro 13 inch has four ports, so it’s expected the 14 inch to have those four ports as well.

Also at the same time, m1 is meant to be the more basic kind of chipset. So, for example, you can only connect up. One external monitor to it right now, it’s expected again with m1x to basically plug in two or three external monitors, all at the same time into your macbook pros, and this will be much better than the experience you’re getting with the m1 in the macbook pro right. Now now the last thing i would like to mention, of course, is the price differences. Now i did say it would cost you about 300 us dollars compared to the highest spec m1 macbook pro to the lowest spec m1x macbook pro 14 inch model. Now i would say if you only have a budget of say around about 1 300 us dollars or less yeah still get the m macbook pro right now, it’s still a great machine, but if you can save those few extra 100 us dollars up over the next Couple of months, it’s definitely going to be worth getting yourself an m1x macbook pro. Instead, with that faster chipset inside it more ports, better newer design and it’s going to be amazing, but, like i said, if you still can’t afford to get, it still go and get yourself an m1 macbook pro. They are great machines.